History of Hague

The History of Hague

March 04, 2007


The earliest records for the area now contained within the boundaries of the town of Hague begin before the American Revolution when the area was part of Charlotte County within the Province Of New York.


This history page will begin with New York "statehood" (From the History of New York on www.iloveny.com):

Existing as a colony of Great Britain for over a century, New York declared its independence on July 9, 1776, becoming one of the original 13 states of the Federal Union. The next year, on April 20, 1777, New York's first constitution was adopted.

Hague was first part of the town of Queensbury, then Thurman, Bolton, and Rochester:

Washington County was organized under its present name in 1784 from Charlotte County.


On March 7, 1788, the state legislature created the town of Queensbury.


The town of Thurman was formed from Queensbury on April 10, 1792.


Bolton was formed from Thurman on March 25, 1799.


Rochester was formed from Bolton on April 6, 1807.

While February 28, 1807 has been commonly used as the date Hague was formed, the Hague Historical Society has provided the following clarification1:

The act that took part of Bolton to form Rochester was passed by the New York Assembly on February 21, 1807 and by the New York Senate on February 28, 1807. It passed the Council of Revision on March 6, 1807. The act stipulated that it was to take effect "from and after the first Monday of April next...", which was April 6, 1807.

Rochester was renamed to Hague by the state legislature on April 6, 1808.


Warren County was formed from Washington County on March 12, 1813.


A part of Hague was taken for Horicon on April 4, 1838.



Compiled by B. De Larm


Sources include:

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Many thanks to the Hague Historical Society for their detailed analysis.

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