Hague, Warren Co., NY
Military Listings

Date Last Updated: 07/02/2015


Hague men in the American Revolution  (Updated - 07/02/2015)
A quick search of indexes indicates most of the early families who settled in Hague have ties to the American Revolution. This list is a "work in progress" and contains names of the men who served (with sources noted).

Hague men in the War of 1812 (Updated - 07/02/2015)
This list contains the names and source information for the individuals who participated in the War of 1812.



Hague men in the Civil War
The 1865 NY State Census listed the military activities of
family members.

1865 Hague Civil War Deaths
From the 1865 New York Census for Hague (Warren Co.)

1865 Hague Civil War Widows
From the 1865 New York Census for Hague (Warren Co.)

(Offsite) Hague men in the Civil War
(from Town Clerk's Enlistment records)

Local men in the 62nd New York State Volunteers
(AKA: The Anderson Zouaves)

1890 Federal Census for Hague
Eleventh Census of the United States
Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, and Widows,  Etc.



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