The People of Hague

Hague, Warren Co., NY
The People of Hague

Each name on this page is linked to a page containing genealogical information about the family, which resided in Hague, Warren Co., NY.

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Ackerman, Edward T.Ensinger, Ferdinand FOliver, Sarah Elizabeth
Ackerman, Estelle L.  
Ackerman, VilaFish, Charles FOsteyee, Agatha Esther
Andrews, Ann RebeccaFish,  Eliza MOsteyee, Albert S
 Fish, Lilly MOsteyee, Charles Leon
Backus, Effie Osteyee, Edwin S
  Osteyee, Eliza
Baille, Marie EuphrosineFitzgerald, Delia MOsteyee, Esther
 Fitzgerald,  EricOsteyee, Francis
Baird, Irene EFitzgerald, Ethel SophiaOsteyee, Francis Xavier
 Fitzgerald, George LOsteyee, Henry
Balcom, AmyFitzgerald, Frank COsteyee, Julia D
Balcom, Abigail FitzgeraldHugh Osteyee, Louis A
Balcom, BetseyFitzgerald, IrvingOsteyee, Lucy A
Balcom,  CalebFitzgerald,  JamesOsteyee, Margaret
Balcom, CalebFitzgerald, James HenryOsteyee, Moses J
Balcom, Chauncey MFitzgerald, John L 
Balcom, CurtisFitzgerald, Lillian Ostigui, Francois
Balcom, ElizabethFitzgerald, Martin H 
Balcom, HannahFitzgerald, Mary CPalmer, Eugene A
Balcom, IsaacFitzgerald, Robert 
Balcom, John Peria, Jane L
Balcom, Joseph GForte, Anna 
Balcom, Leroy Perry, Nancy Jean
Balcom, MaryFrasier, Harry 
Balcom, Matilda Peterson, Agnes
Balcom, MicahFrey, Benno Leopold 
Balcom, RoxannaFrey, Leopold Ferdinand Phillips, Orville
Balcom, SallyFrey, John Phillip  
Balcom, Stephen Pratt, Asa
Balcom, UriahHayes, Charles S.Pratt, Edson
Balcom, UriahHayes, Edith E. 
 Hayes, Ethel C.Rand, Arthur E.
BartlettEliza Hayes, Leslie D.Rand, Catherine
 Hayes, Mildred V.Rand, Cecil A.
Beaudry, Alice CareyHayes, Sidney DRand, Cynthia
Beaudry, Arthur L Rand, Edwin C.
Beaudry, Celeste AimeeHayford, AlbertRand, Fanny
Beaudry, Charles AaronHayford, AlvinRand, Harry Arthur
Beaudry, Charles FHayford, Edwin FletcherRand, Harvey E
Beaudry, Clara EmmaHayford, Ellen SusanRand, Hazel
Beaudry, Domithilde CarolinaHayford, Erastus AlvinRand, Hiram A. (Jr.)
Beaudry, Dorothée  Hayford, Fidelia JaneRand, Hiram (Sr.)
Beaudry, Edouard Elie "Eli"Hayford, Harriet MariaRand, Isabell
Beaudry, Edward AndrewHayford, Irving ManlyRand, Iva J. C.
Beaudry, EliHayford, James LewisRand, Jane E.
Beaudry, Elie Hayford, Keziah EvelineRand, Julia A.
Beaudry, Elmer BrownellHayford, Levi WilbertRand, Kenneth
Beaudry, EndoreHayford, LucindaRand, Mary A.
Beaudry, Ernest GarfieldHayford, Mariette LavinaRand, Reginald
Beaudry,  Eva CHayford, MarionRand, Roger
Beaudry, Eva RoseHayford, MyronRand, Sheridan
Beaudry, Eva SophiaHires, Jessie B. 
Beaudry, Flavia  Remington, Hosea
Beaudry, Flavia PriscillaGallipaux, Celeste Caroline 
Beaudry, George Frederick Reynolds, Alice J
Beaudry, Hattie MabelGarrett, Joseph B 
Beaudry, Hubert "Abel" Rising, Edna M
Beaudry, Ida CelesteGoguet, Marie EmilieRising, Minnie Jane
Beaudry,  Ida Mae Rising, Joel
Beaudry, Jean Baptiste   Goodfellow, Donald Munro Rising, Rufus
Beaudry, Jean Baptiste, JrGoodspeed, Marinana 
Beaudry, Jean Leon Robbins, Orrin
Beaudry, John SchermerhornGordon, BerthaRobbins, Solomon
Beaudry, Joseph May  
Beaudry, JulianaGraham, IolaRobertson, Jean
Beaudry, Julie Philomine  
Beaudry, JulietteGreen, SarahRoss, Amos H
Beaudry, Laura Ross, Edward S
Beaudry, Linda FGriffin, RuthRoss, Emma Anna
Beaudry, Leonard William   Ross, Henry
Beaudry, Louis CharlesGuyette, JerryRoss, Minnie Jane
Beaudry, Louis Lafayette Ross, Wilford Cameron
BeaudryLouis Napoleon Hall, Catherine 
Beaudry, Lyutre Andre Russell, Frances
Beaudry, Marie EstherHarrington, KatherineRussell, James M
Beaudry, Marie Helene [Ellen]  
Beaudry, Marie Zoe Harrison, John LSalmon, Mary J
Beaudry, Mary Angeline  
Beaudry, Mary DaphineHiggins, Nellie JosephineSalter, Julius C.
Beaudry, Mary Elizabeth  
Beaudry, Mary SelenaHolland, Maria LSchermerhorn, Pearlie Rosetta
Beaudry, Maude Nadeau  
Beaudry, Minnie LuollaHudowalski, EdwardSellingham, Frank
Beaudry, Moses J  
Beaudry, Pearlie EstelleJenkins, Alma AShattuck, Ethel Mary
Beaudry, Roland RJenkins, Alma C 
Beaudry, Una PearlieJenkins, Hannah LShattuck, Harriet
Beaudry, Victor LincolnJenkins, John  
 Jenkins, John BSibley, Bertrand Fay
Bemis, EllaJenkins, John LSibley, Verner H
Bevins, EuniceJohnson, EdithSkinner, Mary Jane
Bolton, VirginiaJohnson, PerrySmith, Melissa
 Johnson, Rebecca JaneSmith, William A
Bouthillier, Charles  
 Jones, DianthaSlocumb, Esther
Brace, HoldenJones, Doris 
 Jones, Harriet ASpencer, Mary W
Bruce, Christopher DanaJones, William 
  Sproule, Joseph Thomas
Burgess, Lewis Keenan, Honora 
  Stevens, Henry E
Burt, LouisaKelly, Emeline M 
 Kelly, Jesse M Stowell, Carrie M
Carpenter, Richard SKelly, Marion 
 Kelly, Marshall Henry Vaughan, Keziah Lewis
Champagne, EdwardKelly, William 
  Vradenburgh, Thomas
Chappell, Alvin BKill,  Clyde Emory 
  Waite, Bruce C
Cilley, Wellington FrankKing, MarjorieWaite, Derward Franklin
  Waite, Patricia A
Clarke, William Churchill Leach, Grace Dolbeck 
Cook, Mary AnnLeach, James CasperWaters, Francis H
 Leach, James Casper Jr 
Crawford, MatildaLeach, Nora JaneWatts, Dorothy M
  Watts, Edward G
David, HenrietteLeBounte, LouisWatts, Ethel Mary
  Watts, Henry Walter
Davis, Sophia JuliaLewis, Andrew Watts, John J
 Lewis, Julia Belle Watts, Ruth M
De Larm, AmandaLewis, MckenzieWatts, Walter G.
De Larm, Cecil "Zeke" WLewis, WilliamWatts, Walter L
De Larm, Dulcie L  
De Larm, Edith Elizabeth Lyon, Martha AnnWheeler, Lucy
De Larm, Gertrude Edith  
De Larm, Grace EMallon, James HenryWhitcomb, Annette H
De Larm, James Whitcomb, Susan Evaline
De Larm, John CMalony, Bridget  
  Wood, Margaret
De Larm, Kenneth OlinthMarr, Francis L 
De Larm,  Leola Maud  Woodcock, Belle
De Larm, Mona MMattison,  Earl R 
De Larm, Richard Young, Clarissa
De Larm, Rollin KeithMcClanathan, Charlotte  
De Larm, Verner KMcClanathan, Delia 
De Larm, Wardner ErnestMcClanathan, Edith  
De Larm, William KeithMcClanathan, John  
De Larm, William WilderMcClanathan, John 
 McClanathan, Maria 
Delorme,  Joseph LMcClanathan, Sophia 
Densmore, Benona McCullough, Leah 
Densmore, Charles   
Densmore, Cynthia, McGowan, Euphemia 
Densmore, Francis A   
Densmore, JessieMcIntyreAlice May 
Densmore, Lorana  
 McKee, Arthur James 
Densmore, William A  
 McLaughlin, ? 
Dolbec, Gabriel Archangel  
 Meyer, Ester 
Dolbeck, Albert Burton Cliff  
Dolbeck, Alfred Bradford CharlesMurdock, Philip S 
Dolbeck, Alice Luella  
Dolbeck, Allan B. C.Nadeau, Juliette Marie 
Dolbeck, Allen B. C.Nadeau, Joseph 
Dolbeck, Alma Lizzie  
Dolbeck, Almond B. C.Newton, Levi 
Dolbeck, Alta Lucy  
Dolbeck, Alvey Benj. ChristopherNorton, Ali  
Dolbeck, Alvin Byron Clarence  
Dolbeck, Clayton CasiusNye, Sadie E 
Dolbeck, Cleophus L  
Dolbeck, Louis Nelson   
Dolbeck, Nelson Peter    
Doolittle, Alice P  
Doolittle, Salome  
Dunning, Mecleta E  
Durling, Albert   

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