Tips on using this site

Hague, Warren Co., NY
Tips on using this site

Date Last Updated: 01/10/2007

As you move around each page you should notice the mouse pointer will change shape. If you are using default settings it will change from the "arrow" to the "finger". I am using several standard linking methods:

The basic linking method is text that appears underlined with a different font - just click on the text to view the item - use the "Back" button to return to the starting place. A sample:

                            The early hotels of Hague

Some pages will contain graphics that may be a picture, thumbnail, or a button. If it is not text, there is a good chance it will link to another page. Pictures are often displayed in a smaller size when first loaded. Your mouse pointer will change to the standard enlargement pointer (a circle with "+" in it). Just click on the picture again to enlarge it. Remember to use the "back" button to return to your starting place. A few samples:

Page 474

1 (#1650) (this is a large picture)

I have attempted to design the site so it is usable by most browsers. I test with the latest versions of Firefox and MS-InternetExplorer. If you are having problems try using MS-IE.


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