Vital Records for Hague, Warren Co., NY

Hague, Warren Co., NY
Vital Records

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Editor's foreword:

The difficulty level for searches of Vital Records gets harder as the families follow the wave of colonization across America.  While some religions practiced good-to-excellent record keeping of the vital information, it was often up to the state's legislature to mandate record keeping at the local level.  For example in northern NY:

While records (census and others) show families started settling in the Hague area just after the American Revolution (1790s and later), the NY State Legislature did not mandate Town Clerks to keep records until 1880.

Combined with a slow roll-out of the laws, this leaves a gap of more than a century of births, marriages, and deaths that may not be contained in official records.

However, there are a number of places for family researchers to obtain data as good as officials records. It may take a number of unofficial documents to corroborate each other.  The early records were hand-written and were often passed to the local officials - often years after the actual date.

At each transfer from one source to another errors tend to creep in. We should also keep in mind even official records can contain errors. For example:

While the Town of Hague has not been large enough to support a hospital on its own, a neighboring town, Ticonderoga, does. It became common practice for folks Hague to seek medical care in Ticonderoga.  I am aware of a child born on a farm in Hague with it's birth reported in Ticonderoga .Further complicating the issue, Hague is in Warren County and Ticonderoga is in Essex County.

We must always keep an open mind about the validity of even Official Records and strive to have multiple documents supporting our data.


Historians for the local towns and counties have resources at their offices and on the internet. Some are listed below:

The Town of Hague began to officially maintain birth, marriage, and death records in 1887 as required by the State Legislature (circa 1880).

The Hague Historical Society has a collection of Historical Artifacts and maintains some genealogical information at the Hague Historical Museum.

The town of Ticonderoga's Clerk may be accessed at The Town of Ticonderoga.

Warren County also has a collection of records that are useful for researchers.  If you cannot visit their offices, Warren County, New York Genealogy and History contains a number of transcriptions.

Essex County's genealogical website: ESSEX COUNTY, NY.

A few notations for vital records are in the Hague Town Minutes 1807 - 1821.

An extract of birth dates from the 1904 Hague School Records . (10/01/16)

An extract of birth data from the U S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007 (, for Individuals Born Before 1901 in Hague, Warren County, NY. This extract includes the parents' name for many individuals. It also contains the marriage surname for some of the women.  (New 11/28/17)

An extract of men listed as Born In Hague, NY: Extract from: Hague, Warren Co., NY Town Clerks' Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War. (04/02/16)

The US Federal Census data for 1850 through 1880 contained mortality schedules for the year preceding the official date of the census. Transcriptions of these records can be viewed on the following pages:

1850 Federal Census Mortality Schedule for Hague, Warren Co., NY

1860 Federal Census Mortality Schedule for Hague, Warren Co., NY

1870 Federal Census Mortality Schedule for Hague, Warren Co., NY

1880 Federal Census Mortality Schedule for Hague, Warren Co., NY

The New York State census data, similar to the Federal records, has data for specific years. Data Extracts and transcriptions can be found at:

Marriages from the 1865 New York State Census for Hague, Warren Co., NY

Non-Military deaths from the 1865 New York State Census for Hague, Warren Co., NY

Military deaths from the 1865 New York State Census for Hague, Warren Co., NY

Marriages from the 1875 New York State Census for Hague, Warren Co., NY

Deaths from the 1875 New York State Census for Hague, Warren Co., NY

US Federal Census and NY State Census data can establish the time frame that the family resided within the town. But generally this data is viewed as "on that day".  The 1855 New York Census for Hague, Warren Co is different as it contains a field for entering how long the person has resided in the town. This can be very helpful for establishing the birth year for the resident with a high degree of certainty.

Newspapers published birth, marriage, and death notices on a regular basis. Obituaries are an outstanding source for this information. The Northern New York Library Network has placed searchable copy of many of the early newspapers of northern NY on the internet at   The Ticonderoga Sentinel (1874 - 1950) is one of the several papers available on this site. Theses newspapers also publish local family "soundings" that can also help tell your family's "story".

Often the Town Historian can provide information (official and unofficial) passed down from their predecessors which can be invaluable. In the mid 1940's a college student, Joseph Keenan, compiled an extensive genealogical study of the town of Hague families. He submitted this work as his thesis for graduation. He also presented a draft copy of the thesis to Vila (Ackerman) Fitzgerald. Mrs. James Fitzgerald added some entries to the body of work, further enhancing its value.  This unofficial repository is generally referred to as The Joseph Keenan Book. (03/08/16)

Note: 1179 entries have been transcribed listing the names of couples found in the genealogical data (including the maiden names for all but a handful of entries).

The Births of Hague, 1800-1899 contains 389 individuals (from 116 families) most likely born in Hague. Sources are noted. The families for most of these folks can be found by linking to The Early Families of Hague and Some of Their Descendants.


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