DNA Goals


The Hall DNA Project


The Goal

The Hall DNA Project has been created for the purpose of utilizing Y-DNA testing in the hope of answering the many unanswered questions about our ancestry and our possible common ancestor(s). This project is open to anyone having a male relative with the Hall surname from any country or part of our world.

The Objective

The objective of this project is to use Y-DNA testing to identify the various Hall families and to connect those members with common ancestry.

The most important questions to be answered are as follows:

1) Are any or all of our known Hall family groups connected to a common ancestor?

2) Will we discover new family groups?

3) If specific groups are found to be connected, what path of research can be used to prove the paper connection?

4) Will the test results provide us with sufficient clues to identify those earlier and unknown common ancestors?

5) Are there other international Hall families with a common ancestor matching one of our American families?


As Group Administrator for our project, I will not publish, nor will I give out any information regarding the identity of participants without the express permission of the participant.

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