The Virginia Halsteads

The Virginia Halsteads

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This document is a compilation of over 20 years of researching, collecting, and the exchanging of information on the Virginia branch of the Halstead family. It begins in England with the parents of Henry Halstead. Henry arrived in Virginia in 1651 and settled on the West Side of Indian River, south of the Eastern branch of the Elizabeth River in old Norfolk County, Virginia. The graves of some of Henry's descendants are still on this land in what is now known as Plymouth Park, and located in the city of Chesapeake.

Virginia's first Halsteads worked the land and gradually, with each generation spread out over the Southeastern counties of Virginia and the Northeastern counties of North Carolina. Some of the later generations migrated out of these areas. Presently Halsteads can be found in most, if not all, the states.

The records of the early Halstead generations in Virginia are meager. Every attempt has been made to verify the names, dates, and locations of the family data. But the data is only a good as the sources cited. The surname of "Halstead" is used throughout this document, though several spelling variations were found, and are still in use today.

Wherever possible the source of the information presented in this document is cited with superscripts, and presented at the end in the "Sources And Endnotes" chapter. Sources include personal recollections, local histories, cemetery inscriptions, census records, the Social Security Death Index, Newspaper Obituaries, and vital records.

The families of Lemuel Holsted and Simon Holstead are probably connected to the larger Virginia Halstead family line, but we have not found the linkage yet.

This document continues to be a work in progress, and the author welcomes additions and corrections.

Copyright (C) 2007
John A. Halstead
Chesapeake, Virginia

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bullet  Descendants of Henry Halstead
bullet  Descendants of Lemuel Holsted
bullet  Descendants of Simon Holstead
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bullet  Index of Names
bullet  Sources (Bibliography)

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