First Victoria Directory

Victoria, British Columbia 1868 

Adams John R. Douglas Street, W. side

Adams Daniel Fowler, carpenter, Douglas street, E. side 

Adams Robert H. hatter. Government Street, E. side 

Adamson Mrs., road to Cary Castle 

Ah Lohn, cigar manufacturer, Johnson street 

Ah Sam, washing etc. Johnson street 

Aikman H.B. Willson {see Drake, Jackson and Co.} 

Aime Guilloteau, merchant, Wharf street 

Alexander R.H., office of H.Nathan, Wharf street 

Alexander J., at the “Gorge Retreat” 

Allatt Thomas Smith, builder, Cook street and Fort street 

Alport C.A.,Naniamo 

Alport J., Cariboo 

Allsop Thomas, land agent, Government street, E. side 

Alston Edward Graham, barrister-at-law, Government street, E. side;register of deeds, Supreme Court 

Anderson Alex. Caulfield ,farmer , N. Saanich 

Anderson Robert, farmer, Loch End, Burnside road 

Anderson G.J.,farmer, Salt Spring Island 

Anderson Jas. R., office of Findlay and Durham 

Andersnon and Co. E, Clothiers, corner Jolinson street and Oriental alley 

Andrew, John, Office of H.B. Company 

Angela College-Principal, Miss Pemberton; Assistants, Mrs.Hayward Mrs.C.N. Young; for music, Mrs. Nicholles, 

Miss Pitts; Fancy Work, Miss Thain; Drawing.etc. and German, Mr. H.O. Tiedmann 

Archambault A. trader San Juan 

Armstrong W.J. merchant and importer,New Westminister 

Arthur W. &D. liquor dealers Esquimalt town 

Ash Doctor John Office Government st.W. side residence at Fort st. 

Ashe A. St. Nicholas Hotel Goldstream 

Askew Geo. Farmer Chemainus 

Astrico Andrea ,proprieter Pacific Telegraph Hotel 

Astrico Constantine,Pacific Telegraph Hotel 

Attwood Mrs. Teacher of Music ,Johnson St. 

Augur Nicholas ,Burnside Road 

Austen _____ Fort St. North side 

Austen Robert Howe Fort St. N.side 

Austin Joel John deputy sheriff and collector Gov’t St. W. side 

Avons B. “The Willows” Cadboro Bay Road 

Backus Philip M. Auctioneer,Wharf St. residence Cormorant St. 

Bacon O.A. Assay Office ,Bank British north America (O could be C or G?) 

Bagnall Jas. Music and pianoforte dealer Yates St. 

Baily N. C? hotel Langley St. and boarding house late Mrs. Heal, Fort St. 

Bailey Jas. Farmer E. road Lake District 

Baily N. Meares St. 

Baillie Mrs. Margaret ,private boarding Fort St. above Douglas St. 

Baker Geo. Richmond Estate Victoria District 

Baker Geo, Nanaimo 

Baker T.J. accountant Yates St. above Douglas St. 

Bank of British Columbia- Inspector Alex Watson;Manager W.C.Ward, Accountant W.W. Francis;Cashier –E.H.
Jackson Clerks C. S. Jones, J.B. Fisher 

Bank of British North America Manager J.G. Shepard Accountant Jas Gillion Cashier A.G.Gilkeson Clerks G.M.
Staples B.Mackenzie, Messenger ;Whittingham Bales, Jas. Chestney (See Jay and Bales) 

Balls Geo. “Identical” Corner of Yates and Wharf Streets 

Barnard F.J. Express Office Yates St. next Wells and Fargo Co. 

Barnard C. F. Surgeon and Dentist Douglas Street West side 

Barnett Joseph ,at store J. Boscowitz,Yates St. 

Barnett A.J. at store J. blackbourne 

Barry J. bootmaker,Blanchard St. 

Barry Thos. Drayman 

Bartleman Peter,Blacksmith N.Saanich 

Bates Mark ,Nanaimo 

Bayley Chas.Alfred,provision and vegatable dealer Fort St. 

Bawden Alfred ,contractor,adjoining N.Park Street 

Beal Fred store of Moore &Co. druggists 

Beaumont W. Farmer ,Maple Bay 

Beaven Robt. Land agent ,ag.for Phoenix Fire Ass.Of.Gov.St. 

Becker A.(See Vigelius &Becker) 

Beckingham Geo. Wharf St. 

Begg Jon at Geo. Dutnalls ,Albert Head 

Begbie Matth. Bailie,Chief Justice,British Columbia proper 

Beecroft John Birkett,”Gorge Retreat” Victoria arm 

Beck W. View Street 

Bennett A.J. Farmer,N. Saanich 

Beeman S.O. office H.B.C. 

Bentley William ,tailor,Langley St. 

Bell F.. farmer ,Burnside road 

Bell and DeBeck coal dealers,Kavanagh’s Wharf,Government st. 

Bigne J. Proprieter ,Hotel de France 

Bigne V.,Employee Hotel de France 

Bishop Robt. Attorney at Law and Solicitor,Bastion St. 

Bissell J. store of S.L. Kelly ironmonger&c 

Bissett Jas. H.B.C. residence James Bay 

Bismark C. at A.W. Piper’s 

Blackbourne Jos. Butcher,Union Market,Douglas and Fort sts. 

Blane Antoine Oakland Estate,Victoria District 

Bland Jas. “British Admiral” Yates Street 

Blenkarn Mrs. Residence Fort st.above Cook st. 

Blenkinsop Geo. The Gorge Road 

Blessing W. (se Gordon and Blessing) 

Blum Leopold ,Magasin Francais,Johnson street. 

Boardman W. Johnson st. 

Boise Jas.,employee Baileys Hotel 

Bond Willis ,contractor and House-Mover ,view St. 

Bond Geo.,carpenter,H.B.C. Johnson st. 

Bone Thos.carpenter and turner,Fort st.above Douglas st. 

Bonwick___ ,engineer.H.M.S.S. Beaver 

Booth Mrs. Fort st.N.side 

Booth E.A. Fort Street 

Booth Samuel,teamster Brodrick’s wharf 

Booth Geo.H. “Rock Bay House” 

Booth Wm. Farmer residence,Esquimalt Rd 

Booth Jno.P farmer .Saltspring Island 

Boscowitz J. cigar and Tobbaco dealer ,Yates st. near Wharf St 

Boscowitz L. “ditto” residence Fort St. 

Borthwick Ralph ,miner ,James Bay 

Bossi Carlo, retail gro. And pro store,liquor deal,Store st. 

Bossi Giacomo ,store of C. Bossi 

Bossi G. 

Boswell D. baker,Johnson street 

Bosworth C. 

Botterell ____See Reynolds & Botterell) 

Bowden Wm. Sergeant Police,the Barracks 

Bowless F. French grocery,Yates street ,residence James Bay 

Bowman Wm. Geo. Livery stables, Yates near Broad street 

Bowman Mrs. Private boarding, Yates street above Blanchard st. 

Boyce___trader San Jaun 

Brafford E. baker Johnson st. 

Braverman L. cigar and tobbaco dealer,cor Yates and govt st.s 

Braverman Isador & Lowin, cigar and tob. Dealer .cor. Yates st. 

Breban C. house and sign painter,Johnson st. 

Brew Chartres,Stipendiary Magistrate 

British colonist and Daily chronicle ,Proprietors and Editors 

,Higgins & Long,Printers Geo.Norris,F. Waterman Compositors,Thos. Duarberg (?), Jos. D. Sullivan,Jos Davies,
Pressmen, Jas. Murray A.R. Kennedy, Carriers Henry Byne , Alfred Byne 

Brockleman Peter ,Victoria City 

Broderick Richard, feed store and coal dealer,Union city 

Brown Godfrey, office of Janion and Rhodes&Co. 

Brown Henry store of J.H. Turner&Co. 

Brown C.B. Parson’s Bridge Hotel and Halfway house Esq. 

Brown Mrs. Wilson, Church Bank house girls school rae street 

Brown farmer N. Saanich 

Browning Rev. A. Wesleyan Church ,Pandora st. 

Bruce John, miner, Fort St. above Blanchard st. 

Brulau J.B. farmer Sooke Harbor 

Brunn Jacob 

Bryant J.D. farmer N. Saanich 

Brydon P. miller at Bunsters, Johnson street 

Buck Geo. Store of J. Cowper, Yates St. 

Buckley Peter “Orlean’s House” Cormorant St. 

Buckley John residence Orleans house 

Buckner Armstead farmer Salt Spring Island 

Buler Asbury ,clothing ,variety store,Government St. 

Bull W.K. Bee-hive crockery and general store Fort St. 

Bull C. Johnson St. 

Bunster Arthur, brewer and miller. Johnson St. 

Bunte John at J. Sehl Government St. 

Bunting Charles ,cabinet maker Yates St. near Douglas St. 

Burgess F. Topaze Avenue 

Burnaby Robert land Agent Government St. east side 

Burnes T.J. Tom’s Saloon Yates St. 

Burns J. office J. Wilkie and Co. 

Burns W. laborer Works farm Hillside 

Burns J. barman, Eugene Thomas

Burr W. Henry ,Colonial School,Yate St.

Burroughs Wm.Geo. ,tailor Oriental Alley ,Yate St.

Burt Stephen S. retail grocer and bakery Gov't st.E.side

Busheel Fred &Mordaunt A.E. "Blue Posts" and "Theatre Saloon" Douglas St. and Government St.

Butcher M. Esquimalt road

Butler ____ (See Charity and Butler)

Butler Capt. W. ,Union Telegraph Co.

Butler W. back of Union Saloon Johnson St.

Byrne Stewart ,office J.A. McCrea

Byrom P. (late Cleal's Restaurant)

Cabonot Mrs. Francis Richmond Estate Victoria

Caire___& Grancini E. Iron and hardware merchants,Wharf st. west side

Calder_____at Wren's Johnson St.

Callingham W.J. Fort St.

Cameron David residence Belmont

Cameron Thomas farrier and blacksmith, Cormorant Street

Cameron Duncan miner residence James Bay

Campbell A.C. James Bay

Campbell Frank ,cigar and tobacco dealer Yates st.&Johnson St.

Campbell Mrs. Blanchard st.

Camsusa M. office A. Casamayou

Caravella D. Victoria city

Carey J.W. Kane Street 

Carmichael J.H. Telegraph Office Gov't street 

Carr Richard & Weleker ,commision merchants ,Wharf st.

Carr Richard (See Carr & Weleker ) res. James Bay

Carrington Thos. empl. G.T. Seymour

Carswell James, provision store Cowichan

Casemayou Antoine ,merchant importer Yates st.

Castleton? Richard , Porter at J.A. McCrea's

Castle________,at Murray's bakery

Cave Rev. A.C.C. Sapperton New Westminister

Chadwick Thomas "Garrick's Head " Bastion Street

Chamber's Coote Mulloy,agent Barnard's Express Victoria

Charnton R.T dry goods, Government street

Charity C.H. &Butler,bootmakers Gov. st. near Johnson st.

Charles W. cashier H.B.Co. office res. Fort St.

Charteris W.B. blacksmith Wharf St. near Yates street


Child Henry ,farmer, Metchosin district

Christopher Augustus hand-barrow Ellis Point

Christy Stephen,weigher ,Nanaimo

City Counsil-Jas. Trimble M.D. Mayor ; Councilman Yates st. Ward=R. Lewis T.S. Allat;Johnson st Ward Jos
Jeffery J. Crump ;James Bay Ward. M.W. Gibbs,J.G. McKay; Town Clerk,Wm. Leigh;Messenger J. Joseph

Clark W. (See Jenkinson & Clark)

Clarke Wm. Capt. Sir James Douglas Tug

Clarke Chas. Victoria Drama Club

Clarke &Co. G.D. butchers cor. Johnson st. and Wad?Alley

Clayton John ,Nurseryman,moss st.

Cleal Daniel, late restaurant keeper

Clements John Burnside road

Cohen H.M. clothier Yates st. residence Broughton st.

Coleman Edw. librarian Mechanics Institute

Coles Geo.farmer Metchosin district

Collegiate School-Principal Rev. C.T. Woods M.A. Asst Master ,C.N. Young and 2 tutors

Conant T.W. ,baker Johnson street

CONSULS-Allen Francis U. States; Henry Rhodes ,Sandwich I. 

Caesar Randall ,haircutter Yates st. near Langley st.

Cooness Stephen ,Johnson St.

Cooves Gustavus,barkeeper,the"Brown Jug"

Cooper Capt. Jas, Harbour master ,Res. James Bay

Cooper Harry ,Vancouver Coal company,Nanaimo

Cook R. ,Steamer Enterprise"

Copland John ,Attorney at law ,Colonist building

Copeland Solomon ,steward "Enterprise"

Copeland Abraham ,farmer Salt Spring Island

Copeland Richard,

Copeland___James Bay

Corbeniere ? Paul ,retail grocer Broad and Yates st.

Cormack W.E. Public library, New Westminister

Corry John,Variety store Fort st. S. side

Costello W. contractor Humbolt street

Cotsford Thos. Chatham St.

Courtney Henry Classon ,solicitor, Langley Alley

Cowper Jesse ,bootmaker and dealer Yates st. N.Side

Crarey Robt. farmer, W. road Lake

Crate. A. F. Farmer Cowichan

Cranvelli P. , grocer. Johnson st.

Crease Henry Perkins Pellew,Attorney General, New Westminister

Crieghton Geo. Blanchard st.

Cridge v. Rev. E. Dean Rae street.Cridge Miss ,infant school James Bay

Crowther Richard Atkin,painter 106 Yates street

Crowther John A. Painter Yates st. near government st.

Cuthbert W.P. clerk H.B. Wharf

David Jules ,broker, Wharf street,W. side

Davie J.C. M.R.C.S.E. resJames Bay

Davie J.C. jun. M.D. office Government st.

Davie Alex. office Geo. Pearkes

Davies &Co. J.P. Auctioneers &c. Wharf st W. side

Davies Joshua,office of J.P. Davies &Co.

Davies J.C. farmer ,MetchosinDavies Joseph Compositer,Colonist Office

Dalby W. leather dresser,Yates St.S side

Dally Fred photographer,Fort st. s.side

Deans Geo. Oakland Farm ,Victoria District

Deans Jas. farmer ,Victoria District

DeBeck______ (See Bell & DeBeck)

Dearberg Thos. ,Compositor,Fort st.

Deas John Sullivan ,tinsmith ,Yale

DeCosmos Amor .M.L.C. res. Victoria

Dechent Chas. market gardener,Cadboro Bay Road

Deeks Geo,farmer on road S. Saanich

Delite_____ ,trader San Juan 

DeVeuille____, Courtenay street

D'Herbomez,Bishop,R.C. Esquimalt

Demers Rt. Rev. Modeste R.C. Bishop,Humboldt street

Dempster David ,farmer Metchosin district

DeNeuf A. store,J.L. Jungerman ,jeweller

Deniger J. grocer, Johnson St.

Derham Bartholomew,baker,Johnson. st.

Dickerson Dr. Johnson street above Douglas st.

Dickinson &Marshall butchers cor. Gov't and Broughton sts.

Dickinson Edwd. (See Dickinon & Marshall) res. Broad st.

Dickson John ,tinware and stove dealer,Yates st. W. side

Dickson Jas. M.D. Government St. cor. Bastion st.

Dillon Miles ,tanner,empl. W.C. Websters

Dixie Miss. Fort Street

Doane Jos. Homer ,Equimalt

Doane Capt. Adelphi Saloon,Yates and gov't streets

Dobrin Maurice C. clothier Johnson st. w.side

Dodd Francis, contractor, View st. W. side

Dodie Jas. Esquimalt District

Doolan Rev. P.B. Mission Clergyman

Doran W.Park rd. Victoria

Dorman Miner Res. James Bay

D'osier T. Laundryman,Pembroke St.

Doughty B. Central square.Fort Street

Douglas Sir Jas., K.C.B. res. James Bay

Douglas Wm. Drayman

Downie Mrs. douglas St. near Humbolt st.

Drake Jackson and Aikman,Solicitors and notaries public,Bastion st. ,corner Langley st.

Drake Montague,W.Tyrwhitt,(See Drake J.&A) res Rock Bay

Driard Sosthenes,Colonial hotel,Government St.

Drummond Jas. S. tinware and stove dealer Yates St.

Duck and Sandover Carriage builders,Government st. W.side

Duck Simeon (See Duck and Sandover

Duncan William, Metahkathlah Mission Fort Simpson

Dunlop Jno.Thos.livery stable Broad st.

Dunn Jas, farmer Esquimalt district

Dupont Chas ,market gardener and Farmer Cadboro Bay Rd.

Durance John framer,W road ,Lake district

Dutnall Geo. farmer EsquimaltDistrict

Eastman J. Salesman G.D. Clarke and Co.

Eckstein J. (See Leneveu & Eckstein) res. douglas st.

Eden _______waiter, Colonial hotel

Edwards H.V. auctioneer and real-estate agent,N Westminister

Edwards J.E. .stock grower N. Saanich district

Edwards D. Furniture &c. dealer,cor.Douglas and Yates sts.

Elford Robt. market gardener,Cadboro Bay rd.

Elford Wm. at Robt. Elford's

Ella Capt. B. res. Fort st.above Cook st.

Elder Chas. James Bay

Elliott A.C. high sheriff,res James Bay

Elliott W.E. engineer H.B.Co. store ,Otter,Sitka

Elliott Mrs. Anthony res. above Cook st.

ElpinW. James Bay

Elvin Capt. Esquimalt rd.

Emery Wm. H. carpenter & builder cor. Broad and Fort sts.

Engethardt (?) F. office W.&A.E. Siffton Wharf st. (hard to read can recheck for anyone interested)

Estes howard,farmer E.Road S.Saanich

Evans B. "The Willows" Fort st.

Evans Dudley Office Wells Fargo &Co.

Evans W. (See Kent and Evans)

Evans D. farmer E. road Lake district

Everett Patrick? "Horse and Jockey" Esquimalt rd. (again unclear can recheck)

Ewer J. sailor, Courteney st.

Faragon S. fish dealer,Johnson st.

Fardon G.W. photographer Langley st near Yates st. S.E.

Farron W. Yates street Saloon res. Pandora St.

Farwell S. (See Mohun & Farwell)

Fawcett Thomas Lea. upholsterer Go't st res. Kane st.

Fawcett Rowland W. upholsterer Gov. and Kane sts.

Fawcett Edgar ,store Thomas Russell

Feillet A. locksmith Johnson st.N.s.

FEMALE INFIRMARY -President Mrs. Hills :treasurer J.G. Shepard: Secretary Very Rev. E. Cridge

Fell & Finlayson retail grocer Fort st.

Fell James (See Fell & Finlayson)

Finlayson Roderick ,Chief Factor H.B. Co. res. Sannich Rd.

Finnerty John ,vegatable and produce dealer Yates Street

Finnerty Mich. at store J. Finnerty

FIRE DEPT. Chief Engineer S. L. Kelly ; Assistant Engineer ;John Kriemler; board of delegates; President
;John Dickson; Secretary Even C. Holden; Treasurer E.B. Marvin;Delegates,james Gillon,Robert Jenkinson,
W.R. Gibbon, J. Maddon,J. Freeman,S. Harris,Foreman C.G. Bunting U.H.& L. Co. Wm. Lobse,Deluge Engine Co; 
T.J Burns. Tiger Co. Secretaries Wm. T. Leigh U.H.&L. Co. J.G. Vinter,Deluge Engine Co. A.G. Gilkinson ,Tiger

Fish Robt. & Jas. farmers Lake district

Fisher and Lawrence ,farmers Esquimalt district

Fiterre Pierre (See Grelley& Fiterre) re. Pandora st.

Flatt John ,carpenter Montreal st.

Fleming Mrs. Capt. res. Mrs. Kohl,Gordon st.

Flewin Thos. porter P.M. Backus

Flotte P. Oriental restaurant Yates st.

Flotte James "" ""

Foot Wm. farmer Victoria District

Ford Mrs. dressmaker &c at Mrs. Good Cadboro Bay rd. 

Ford Miss res. Mrs. Sparrow N. Park Street

Forman Henry ,drayman ,James Bay

Forsyth John James Bay

Forton Jos. James Bay

Foster Major Geo. F. Esquimalt Rd.

Foster Robt. stone cutter,Rock Bay Bridge

Fowliss A. store of Fellows,Roscoe and Co.

Fox Arch ,brickmaker Saanich rd.

Fox. Geo store Yates st. near Douglas st.

Francis Allen U.S. consul Langley st. res. Pandora st.

Francis W.W. cashier Bank British Columbia

Francis Abner Hunt ,retail grocers and provisions Fort st.

Francis Jas. farmer Lake district

Francis G. livery stables Broad st. res. Courteney st.

Francis Matthew ,farmer Esquimalt distrcit

Frankel A. wholesale furrier wharf st..

Frankenstien Hermann empl. J. Sehl

Franklin Lumley res. James Bay

Frnklyn Wm. Hales res. James Bay

Fraser Donald res. Humboldt st. N. side

Fraser Donald ,farmer, Metchosin district

Fraser Peter at D. Fraser

Fraser Andrew ditto

Fredison C. famer S. Saanich

Freeman thos. Palmer,variety store, Johnson st.

FREE SCHOOL -Principal- John Jessop, res. Douglas st.

FRENCH BENEVOLENT SOCIETY - President S. Driard; Vice President. H.M. Cohen , ;treasurer;P. Tisset;
Secretary J. Merle; Comitee J. Rueff; C. Breban; A. Camsusa

Fried Jos. pro. St. Nicholas hotel gov't st.

Friedman M. bootmaker, Johnson st. S. side

Fry Mrs. res. Queen's Avenue, Saanich rs.

Frye Geo. ,custom house Government st. James Bay

Fuller Sam carpenter San Juan

Gagnon Antione Humboldt st.

Galley Wm. Topaze Avenue ,Saanich Rd.

Gardener Wm. farmer.Cedar Hill district

Gardener Wm. store A. McLean & Co.

Gardener Capt. W. pilot res. James Bay

Garesche F. agent Wells Fargo &Co. res. James Bay

Garret Rev. A.C. Rector St. Pauls Esquimalt

Gastineau John ,civil engineer,Humboldt st.

Gaston John ,see Queen Charlotte Coal co.

Geddes Alex. shipwright,Indian reserve

Gee Wo ,washing &c Fort street

George ______,fisherman, Johnson street


George Capt Wm. trading schooner Nanaimo

George Richard ,miner,Nanaimo

Geiger Thos.(See Hegele and Geiger

GERMANIA SING VERIN -President J.L Jungerman' Vice President L. Vigelius'Secretary,H. Heisterman,
Treasurer,W.Lohae' ;Librarian A Hartaagel

Gerow Gideon C. wheelwright &c. Gov't st cor, Pandorast

Gerrittsen John ,baker&c humboldt st.

Gibbon W.R. saddler at H,T.Mann

Gibbs Miffllin,Wistar,councilman res. James Bay

Gibson Alexander,Victoria

Gideon D. employee Pacific Telegraph hotel

Gieagelmann (?) Chas porter J. rueff

Giffen Edward (See Townsend and Giffen

Gilkenson A.G. cashier Bank British North America

Gilligan Patrick "Mountainer Saloon" Store street.

Gillingham James res. Esquimalt Rd.

Gilmore Alex. tailor.Yates street near Government st.

Gilmore R. steam saw mill Belmont Lagoon

Gillon Jas. accountant Bank British North America

Glassey John general agent Victoria

Girandeau Edwd. empl. Hotel de France

Gleed Thos. farmer Methosin district

Golden Thos. "Brown Jug." cor. Fort and Gov't streets

Golden Barney "Great Eastern"Wharf st.

Goldstone Bros. importers and merchants ,Wharf st.

Goldwich ,waiter ,Colonial hotel

Golledge Richard,Victoria district 

Good H. Berkley farmer Cadboro.Rd

Good Charles B. Assistant Colonial Secretary N. Westminister

Good Rev. J.B. Episcopal clergyman Yale

Goodacre John ,butcher Fort st.

Gorrie Thomas general store Fort street

Gowdie James ,Quadra st.

Gowen Charles ,milliner

Graham Buchanan,office Drake Jackson &Co.

Graham James A. ch. fac.H.B.C. Mouth of Quesnelle

Grahamslaw E carpenter &c

Green Fred ,stagedriver, Esquimalt town

Green Wm. Sanders Sebright,soliciter,Gov't street

Green Fred ,Walter ,surveyor,Broughton street

Green A. Ruperti,office Janion Rhodes &Co.

Green David farmer N. Saanich

Grunbaum & Bros.H. gen. deal. & liq. deal.Johnson Street

Greenwood George sailmaker,Fort st. below Gov't st.

Gregory W. Gardener ,James Bay

Greig John Four -mile house Craigflower

Grelley Prosper&Fiterre,liq.merc and imp. Wharf st.

Gribbell Rev. Frank B. Rector St. john's Church

Griffin Benjamin Pitt "Boomerang Inn" Langley Alley

Gudin James Kanaka Rd.

Guild A. H. merchant James Bay

Gullion Charles ,laborer ,Victoria district

Hall Richard Chatham Street

Hall Phil J. Broad st.

Hamilton Mrs. dressmaker Fort st. north side

Hamilton Christ.Fort st.adjoining gymnasium

Hamley Hon. Wymond, Custom house Gov't street

Hardesty William purser "Enterprise"

Hardesty Jos. H.B.C. British Columbia

Harman John boatbuilder ,James Bay Bridge 

Harnesfeiger L. bootmaker Johnson st

Harnett Legh sub editor "British colonist" res. Broad st.

Harris Thomas Family market Government st. E.side

Harris H. tailor Government st.E. side

Harris Sam ,dry goods dealer,Johnson st.

Harris Sam ,general store Cowichan 

Harrison Eli house and sign painter,&c.Yates st.

Harrison George farmer S Saanich

Harrison Wm. shipwright

Harrison Wm. baker at Murrays Fort st.

Harvey R. res. james Bay

Harvey Wm. empl. H.B.C. Yale

Hastings Hon.G.F. Admiral H.M.S. Zealous res.Esquimalt

Havelock Henry (See rose & Havelock) Yale

Hay Alex. office R. Brodrick

Haynes John ,messenger Gov. buildings bandmaster V.R.V.

Hayman Rev. J. Rector Holy Trinity Church N. Westminister

Hayward John Carpenter res. Fort St.

Hayward Mrs. teacher Angela College

Haure Honore Hotel de France

Heal John ,farmer ,Lake district

Heathorn W. bootmaker,Government st.near Telegraph office

Hebbard & McTiernan ,furniture dealers,Government st.

Hebbard W. (See Hebbard &McTiernan

HEBREW BENELOVANT SOCIETY ;Committee pro. team J.W. Keyser A. Jacobs L. Anthon Sec.

Hegele & Geiger San Francisco Baths ,Gov't st.

Hegele Charles -(See Hegele and Geiger)

Heisterman H.F. land agent Langley st. near Custom house

Helgeson Haus L. farmer Metchosin District

Helmcken Hon. John Sebastion M.L. C. Dr. res. James Bay

Hemmingway Jacob office G. Pearkes

Henley Henry Clover Point hotel 

Hennessy John Drayman

Henderson John' Telegraph office

Herbert James Chemainus

Herron R. Saddler at W. Newburys

Hewlings J.Q. clothier Government st. E. side

Heywood J. ham and pork dealer

Hibben & Co, T. Napier, booksellers&c Mason's building

Hicken B. (See Stafford & Hickin)

Hicks A. Fred, Victoria

Hicks Nath. Milby, William Creek res. Richmond Est.

Higgins David W. & Long Proprieters British Colonist paper

Higgs Geo. N. Saanich

Hildebrand E. tailor Johnson st.

Hillier Wm. Henley farm, Lake district

Hills Miss Sophia Royal hotel Wharf st.

Hills Rt. Rev. George D.D. Bishop of Columbia res.Church res.

Hilton Joseph empl. Victoria house Fort Stret

Hobbs Mrs. Sarah Fort Street S side

Hocken George grocer, Earles Street

Hodges Thomas ,baker Douglas st. near Johnson St.

Hoffmeister George ,merchant San Jaun 

Holbrook Henry ,merchant; Mayor of New Westminister

Holden Even Charles res. cor. View and Douglas St.

Holden J. farmer S. Saanich

Homer James A.R. inspector of weights &c James Bay

Homfray Robert ,civil engineer, Trounce Alley

Hop sing ,washing &c .Humbolt street N. side

Horie John ,farmer.Lake District

Horton Robert James Bay

Howard John Thomas, "Royal Oak" Esquimalt

Howarth Wm. tinsmith at J. S. Drummond's

Hudson G.R. " Coach and horses " Esquimalt Rd. 

HUDSON BAY COMPANY ; =Chief Factors; W.F. Tolmie, R Finlayson, Jas. A. Graham, Mouth of Quesnelle,Chief
traders; Jas. Bissett, W. Charles, J.S. Helmcken, H. A. tuzo, W.A. Mouatt, Fort Rupert, J.M. Wark ;Cariboo

Accountant : A. Munro ;Clerks W.H. Newton; C. Thorne, w. T. Livock, S.O Beeman, J. Andrew, J. Lawson, D,
Work, T, Theobald, Jas. O. Graham , W.P Cuthbert, D. McKay, John Tait, Semilamin; W. Harvey ;Yale

Stations ; -Fort Simpson W. Manson, Fort St. James and Stuarts' Lake, Peter Ogden Clerk Harrison Young;
McLeod's Lake, F. McKenzie; Connelly's Lake--Fraser Lake ,T. Charles, Fort Babines,G. Hamilton; Fort Shepard
and Colville, A McDonald; Fort Langley A. Allard;Yale;J. A. McKay Hope ;in cahrge W. Yates

Hutson John ,farmer Salt Spring Island

Humber M. Bricklayer Courtenay St. 

Hunt farmer Albert Head ,Metchosin

Hurd Edmund, William Creek, Cariboo

Huston Guy , gun and locksmith ,Yates street cor. Com. street

Huxtable Wm. ret. groc, &c. cor. Fort and Blanchard Streets 

Irvine _____ James Bay 

Irvine John ,farmer Moss bank ;Victoria district

Irving Capt. ;stmrs,"Reliance" and "Onward" N. Westminister

Jacobs A. scourer and cleaner Yates St. n. side

Jack H.B.C. steamer "Enterprise"

Jackson Dr. James , Royal Hospital

Jackson Edwd. H. cashier Bank British Columbia res. Hillside

Jackson Rob. Edwin,(See Drake Jackson & Co. )res. Richardson st.

Jackson Mrs. farmer E. Road S. Saanich

Jackson Thos. farmer W. road Lake

Janion R,C. & Rhodes, merchants and importers, Store st.

Jamieson Mrs. C.O ret. grocer corner Fort and Douglas streets

Jamieson W.G. ,watchmaker ,jeweller Government street

Jameson Mrs. wool and fancywork Broad street E. Side

Jacques Geo.Store E. Anderson and Co. clothiers

Jay Geo. & Bales ,seedsmen and florists Yates St. & Springfield Nursery

Jefferson J. boot store,Johnson St. East side

Jeffery Joseph .City councilman

Jeffery John,carpenter &c. Blanchard St.

Jenkins W. H. Union Saloon, Johnson Street

Jenkins J.atN.M. Hicks Richmond Est.

Jenkinson G. & Clark, carpenters, Langley Street

Jenkinson_______Searesby St. ? (hard to read)

Jenns Rev. Percival, Episscop. Church ,Nanaimo

Jesse Robt. New Westminister

Jessop John principal,Free school, Fort St. res. Douglas Street

Johnson Miss, teacher, Church Bank Academy, Rae street

Johnson Adam ,farmer E. road ,Lake

Johnson J. D. Lager Bier Saloon, Store and Johnson streets

Johnson E.C. tanner W. Dalby's Saanich road

Johnston Matthew t. manager Sproat & Co. store street

Johnston Philip T. ( See Mitcell & johnston) res. Foul Bay rd.

Jollibois J. farmer ,Burnside rd. Victoria District

Jones W. ,sash and door factory Cormorant street

Jones Richard , drugstore ,Langley & Co.

Jones C. S. clerk Bank ,British Columbia

Jones H. farmer Saanich Road

Jones John Craven, farmer Salt Spring Island

Jones, J. boat builder at Lachapelle's

Jones j. back of union hotel, johnson st.

Jones Thos. Victoria

Jones D. Victoria 

Josephs J. messenger City Corporation

Jungerman J.L. watchmaker and Jeweller, Mason's building Government st.

IRON WORKS, ALBION-Messrs. Spratt & Kriemler;Machinists: B. Jones, Jos Jaques, P. Bramwell, ;Engineer:
Robt. Simple: Moulder: J. Dougall: Blacksmiths &c. ; J. Robertson, J.D. McMillan; Pattern maker,; Jos. boyd,
Boilermakers: A' Fowler, C. Pollock , Carpenter: J. Gosner: Furnaceman : J. Welsh

Kammerer G. store of T. N. Hibben & Co.

Kaulmans D. Tailor, Yates Street below Gov. Street

Kibblewhite ,Nathaniel farmer, Sooke

Keast Arthur office G. j. Stuart, brewer

Keffier Frank ,schooner , "Sweepstakes"

Keile J. Cooper, Hudson Bay wharf

Kelly S. L. tinware and stove dealer, Ch. Eng. Fire Dept. Yates street N. side

Kelly Mrs. ,res. McClure street

Kennedy J. P. ,pressman Colonist office

Kent Chas & Evans Birmingham house Fort Street.

Keyser J. w. General Store Yates Street N. side

Keyser A. F. & Lowenberg, cigar and tobbaco dealers, cor. Yates and Government streets

King Jos. ,Mousquetaires Saloon cor. Johnson and government streets

King Chr. J. milk ranch ,Foul Bay Gov. road

King Henry, Cedar hill 

King Richard & J. milk Ranch Cedar hill

Kinsman J. bricklayer Saanich Road

Kim Wah washing &c Government st. W. side

Kohl W. res. gordon st.

Kwong Lee & Co. mMerchant and importer Cormorant st. above Gov.

Lachapelle J. boatbuilder ,James Bay bridge

Lafont Thomas , Alhambra Music hall ,Yates street

Laing Robert, shipyard Victoria harbor

Lalere F. carpenter Victoria

Lamb F. h. Suprt. West union Telegraph, Government street

Lange Gustavus, watchmaker Yates st. Oriental Corner

Langley & Co. chemist and drug cor. Langley Alley and yates st.

Larkin Peter ,Victoria

Larman James ,bootmaker , Yates st. near Wharf St.

Lauffester F. employee Hotel de France

Lawless Jos, Salt Spring island 

Lawrence Geo. View Street

Lawson Peter, trader San Juan

Lawson Jas. H. B. C. office

Leclaire Aime, Oakland Victoria district

Leclaire Noel farmer N. Saanich

Lee & Co. farmers Cadboro Bay

Leech ___,Yates st. S. side

Leech Corp. explorer , Employee H. B. C. Co.

Leigh W. town clerk, res, James Bay

Leigh W.T. office F. Weissenburger

Leigh Ernest A. James Bay

Leneven David & Eckstein , seed and feed store , Wharf street

Lester Peter res. Vancouver street

Lester Fred farmer Salt Spring Island 

Leslones Felix Cooper, H. B. C. wharf

Lettuce Thos. house and sign painter, Yates street

Leunenblatt R. H. merchant San Juan

Levy H. E. Arcade Oyster Saloon, Government street

Levi S. D. store A. Mayer, Nanaimo

Levy N. l. dry goods dealer, Johnson street

Lewin h. tobacconist , Yates St.

Lewin M. 

Lewis Richard City Councilman , undertaker & builder gov't st.

Lewis L. P. farmer Saanich road

Lewis Lewis clothier, Yates street, opposite Langley st.

Moss Charles res. Fort st.

Moss William Gardener, Moss st.

Moss James Victoria

Moses Samuel tailor &c Government St.

Mouatt Capt W.A. cheif tra. H.B.C.Fort Rupert V,l

Muir Sr. John farmer and lumber dealer Sooke Harbour

Muir Jr. John    ditto              ditto

Muir Michael    ditto              ditto

Muirhead J. joiner Yates St.

Munro Alex ,accountant H.B.C.

Mull Isaac , farmer Metchosin district

Murphy J. Saloon Johnson st.

Murray John butcher Store st.

Murray Noah ,baker Fort Street

Murray J. Pressman British Colonist Office

Myers James Chemainus District

McCutchan ,Fort Street

McColloch Capt. Res. James Bay

McCaffery _____, tinsmith, Fort st. below Government st.

McCoy Owen a "Metropolitan" Store st.

McCreight J.F. Barrister at law Govt. St James Bay

McCrea Jas. A.   auctioneer ,Wharf st.

McCrea W H. Clerk custom house government st.

McCredy  Mrs. res. View st.

McCready W. store , Edgar ,Marvin

McDonald Mrs. Front st.

McDonald Miss ,teacher of music and organist ,Fort st.

McDonald J. farmer Cedar Hill rd.

McDonald W. famer S. Sannich W. rd.

McDonald James  farmer , Salt Spring Island

McDonnell A.J. tailor &c. cor. Gov. and Broughton sts.

McDougal W. &McNiffe "The Grotto" Gov't st

McDougal _____,cor, Pandora and Vancouver sts.

McFadden James farmer Salt Spring Island

McFarlane R. store A. Gilmore ,Yates st.

McGreavy Mrs. res. Yates above Cook st.

McKay J.W.   H. B.C. Yale

McKay J.G. Liquor dealer,City Councilman  Bastion st.

McKenzie  Kenneth farmer and Navy Contractor ,Road Commis. Lake farm Hill and Craigflower

McKenzie Jr. Kenneth Clerk Paymasters Office Esquimalt

McKenzie George ,millman ,Sawmill R. Gilmore

McKenzie B. Clerk Bank British North America

McKeon   W. oriental Hotel , Yates St.

McMillan Jas. E. Pro and Ed Morning News res. Cormorant st.

McLean Alex Scotch house Fort St.

McNeil W,H. Foul Bay Rd.

McNiffe see McDougal & McNiffe

McTeigh John Drayman

McTiernan Patrick (See Hebbard and McTiernan 




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