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This site contains information from birth records with birth dates of over 100 years of age as required by South Dakota Codified Law 34-25-8. South Dakota's Vital Records System was started in July of 1905. Individuals who were born before its inception were given the opportunity to file their records after 1905.
Although many records from the 1800s and early 1900s have been filed throughout the years, the
records before 1905 are not complete. This site contains all of the birth records the Department of Health has on file with dates of birth over 100 years of age. If you do not locate the record on the site, we are sorry, a record has never been filed with our office.
Hand County, South Dakota Birth Records
1881 - 1904

Hand County, South Dakota Genealogy & Family Research Center.
These Hand County birth records have been extracted from the SD Dept of Health 100 year-old records, and sorted both by child's surname and mother's maiden name - (which in some cases, was given as her married name by mistake).

Typos & info corrected where known through personal knowledge, referenced in Bring On The Pioneers, St. Lawrence Then & Now etc.  Check your ancestor's record with the SD site to compare changes. I found many data entry mistakes there. Where names disagreed and couldn't be confirmed, I've left all spellings. A " ? " or an " * " is a heads-up for you. <g>
Delayed Birth Records by Child's Surname
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Delayed Birth Records by Mother's Maiden Name
There are 1641 1881-1904 Delayed Birth records now in one LARGE database-page. Use FIND to speed your searches. More corrections have been made with this revamp, including the misalignment of columns reported.  Sorry for the previous confusion.
This page contain the same information but are sorted by Mother's MAIDEN name. This should help you located relatives even easier.  Happy hunting!
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1905 Birth Records
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