1883 Miller, Hand County, D.T. Business & Professionals
LAST NAME   FIRST NAME   BUSINESS/position                        CAME FROM                COMMENTS

Abbott      M.S.         Iowa Saloon/prop
Acklen      Miss Emma    post office manager                      Atlantic, Iowa           held same position in Atlantic
Adams       Frank D.     located Adams gulch..rancher 5 mi sw                              with John D. Campbell
Ahern       John         N.W. Exchange saloon/owns bldg.
Ahern       Matt         N.W. Exchange saloon/prop                Morris, IL Feb. 21, 1882 claim 2 1/2 mi Miller
Arnold      L.W.         harness shop/owner
Arnold      L.W.         member Miller Orchestra
Atkeson     H.A.         carpenter
Barker      Dr. W.H.     dentist                                                           office in Munger's new block
Battray     Frank        Board of Trade Saloon/assist. to [owner] Ann Arbor [MI]           grad school pharmacy
Beasom      George       Moffatt & Beasom hardware/owner 2        Hudson, Michigan         pur. Getzel & Co-Bdwy/2nd St
Boatman     S.           Empire Hall/presides over [owner]
Boatman     S.           ice house
Campbell    John D.      rancher..near Adams gulch 5 mi sw                                 with Frank D. Adams
Carewel     Thomas       plasterer                                                         fa first ch b. Miller 9-12-82
Cartwright  John T.      carpenter
Cartwright  John T.      Commercial House/hotel/prop. 1           Iowa City, Iowa          pioneer hotel of Miller
Clark       Fred R.      boots and shoes, manufacturer
Corbett     Phillip      Corbett & Foster, Attorneys              Indiana May 1882         Hand & Hyde Co interests
Daniels     J.A.         Daniels hardware/owner                   Belle Plaine, Iowa       opened March 4, 1882
Daniels     J.B.         harness shop/owner
Dawson      Lewis        member Miller Orchestra
Dickerson   Isaac        Director Cass Co. Bank, Atlantic, Iowa                            Interest in Hand County Bank
Dickerson   Isaac        Miller Town Company
Dwigans     B.R.         Dwigans & Smith lumber/owner 1           Benton County, Iowa      2 lots Garlicks add.
Emmons      W.W.         coal-bought from F.M. Mead Oct. 10, 1882 & lady Sept 12 Iowa City
Firestone   George C.    Firestone & Weeks/law, loan, real estate Iowa? April 13, 1882     partner with Weeks July 22,'82
Fitzgerald  J.D.         Palace Drug Store/prop.
Foster      Frank P.     Corbett & Foster, Attorneys              Indiana May 1882         Hand & Hyde Co interests
Foster      Rev. A.S.    Presbyterian minister                                             serv in Metropolitian Hall
Gardner     C.H.         Hand County Land Office                                           most familiar business in HC
Garlick     H.R.         City Bakery & restaurant                                          1000 loaves per day
Garlick     ___          prop. Addition to Miller townsite on west                         80 acres
Gass        J.N.         grocery & merchandise/owner
Gray        ___          Gray & White/law, loan, real estate
Gromann     ___          Loew and Gromann's grocery & merchandise
Grumstad    John         40x60 ice house - 400 ton capacity                                Miller pioneer
Henyan      ___          VanHosen, Moon & Henyan, Attorneys [more]                         Metropolitan Hall, proprietors
Herrick     H.E.         carpenter
Hill        A.D.         Hand County Bank,cashier
Hill        A.D.         Miller Town Company
Hubbard     A.A.         Hubbard Bros & Co lumber/mgr Atlantic,IA                          part owner of the co.
Hubbard     R.M.         Hubbard Bros & Co lumber/mgr Huron, SD                            part owner of the co.
Hutson      G.O.         law, loan, real estate                                            east Bwy bet. 1st & 2nd Sts.
Jewett      O.C.         grocery & merchandise/owner
Jones       J.B.         Hand County Bank/vice president
Jones       J.B.         Miller Town Company
Kelley      H.L.         locating agent at C.H. Gardner's office
Kephart     ____         Hand County Press/owner & publisher 3                             took over Nov. 20, 1882
Knapper     D.W.         restaurant and news stand/prop.                                   center Miller business area
Laurence    J.D.         pioneer blacksmith of Hand County                                 Arno Street
Legan       Mrs. ___     millinery/prop. +Mrs. VanHosen                                    in Loew & Gromann's block
Loan        W.J.         livery/owner 1                           Iowa City, Iowa
Loan        Lewis        livery/owner 2                           Iowa City, Iowa
Loew        ___          Loew and Gromann's grocery & merchandise
Macy        (Brothers)   carpenters
Macy        Mr.          photographer at J.N. Templeton studio
Mapel       C.B.         building materials/grain buyer/prop owner                         early settler,property owner
Martz       LA.          grocery & merchandise/owner
McMurray    William      grocery & merchandise/owner
Mead        Mrs. F.M.    millinery/prop.                                                   at residence on West Hill
Mead        F.M.         Pioneer Lumber Yard/prop.1               Carroll, Iowa            opened March 20, 1882
Miller      W.H.         book and stationery store/prop.                                   In post office room
Miller      W.H.         first Postmaster..began October 1881
Miller      W.H.         Hand County Press/owner & publisher 1                             started Jan.4, 1882
Miller      W.H.         Miller Town Company
Miller      E.J.         Hand County Press/owner & publisher 2                             started Jan.4, 1882
Miller      Eudell       locating agent at Miller Town Company
Miller      J.D.         locating agent at Miller Town Company
Moffatt     B.L          Moffatt & Beasom hardware/owner 1        Chicago, Illinois        pur. Getzel & Co-Bdwy/2nd St
Montgomery  W.S.         law, loan, real estate                   Council Bluffs, Iowa     2 drs north Vanderbuilt hotel
Montgomery  B.F.                                                                           [Denver atty - father of W.S.]
Montgomery  M.H.         Agent for Miller Town Company
Moon        ___          VanHosen, Moon & Henyan, Attorneys [more]                         Metropolitan Hall, proprietors
Morse       Dr. S.E.     head of city school/above Loew & Gromann                          school to be built in spring
Morse       Dr. S.E.     physician
Munger      ___          Munger House/hotel/builder & owner                                father of Florence & Ida
Munger      Miss FlorenceMunger House/hotel/prop with sister                               two story - open about 1 year
Munger      Miss Ada     Munger House/hotel/prop with sister                               two story - open about 1 year
Munger      J.V.         plasterer
Myers       L.W.         barbershop/prop. With George Myers                                located on Broadway
Myers       George       barbershop/prop. With L.W. Myers                                  located on Broadway
Newmire     H.           carpenter
Newmire     H.           member Miller Orchestra
Newmire     (Brothers)   Newmire Brothers restaurant PO block                              recently opened
Payne       B.F.         Judge, law, loan, real estate [more]     Gibson, Illinois         2 drs north Vanderbuilt hotel
Persons     Charlie      locating agent at Corbett & Foster
Post        R.A.         carpenter
Prentice    D.W.         carpenter
Pyle        Dr. L.       grocery & merchandise/owner                                       [see New Departure Drug Store]
Pyle        Dr. L.       New Departure Drug Store/presides over                            [see grocery]
Pyle        Dr L.W.      physician
Rank        ___          Flour, Feed & Grain                      exclusive business
Roll        J.L.         Hand County Bank/assistant cashier
Ross        R.N.         carpenter
Rowland     W.E.         livery/owner                             Nov. 1881                opened February, 1882
Sage        S.L.         Dakota State Journal/owner & publisher 2                          purchased Dec. 17, 1882
Sage        S.L.         member Miller Orchestra
Seward      ___          Hand County Press/owner & publisher 4                             took over Nov. 20, 1882
Smith       H.A.         carpenter
Smith       C.E.         Dwigans & Smith lumber/owner 2           Benton County, Iowa      also jewelry business
Smith       C.E.         jewelry store/owner
Smith       J.J.         law, insurance, real estate              DesMoines, IA Aug.6, 1882recent grad Iowa University
Sprague     Johnson ?    Dakota State Journal/owner & publisher 1                          Aug 82/Oct-Dec Sprague & Sage
Stout       W.H.         [no name] restaurant on Broadway/prop.                            recently finished
Stout       W.H.         livery/owner                                                      on Arno Street
Stramm      B.F.         furniture store [no name listed]
Sullivan    C.           general blacksmith & repair                                       Arno Street
Templeton   J.N.         photography studio                                                Second & Arno Streets
Thompson    Dr. O.B.     physician
Thompson    M.A.         Vanderbuilt Hotel/prop.                                           Oct.'82;Broadway &(now)E.1stSt
Torrey      Frank        Willett & Torrey Meat Market-ice/co owner                         ships Wessington-Blunt
VanDusen    F.R.         Board of Trade Saloon/ [owner]
VanHosen    Mrs. ___     millinery/prop. +Mrs. Legan                                       in Loew & Gromann's block
VanHosen    ___          VanHosen, Moon & Henyan, Attorneys [more]                         Metropolitan Hall, proprietors
Warke       Jas. H.      Hubbard Bros & Co lumber/mgr Miller, SD  Atlantic, IA             joined company
Wayne       E.M.         Pioneer Lumber Yard/prop.2               Carroll, Iowa            joined co Sept. 1882
Weber       William      Commercial House/hotel/prop. 2           Iowa City, Iowa          pioneer hotel of Miller
Weber       William      member Miller Orchestra
Weeks       C.H.         Firestone & Weeks/law, loan, real estate Washington, Iowa Mar.4,82[read more!]
Weir        Rev.___      Methodist                                                         serv in Metropolitian Hall
Westcott    J.H.         carpenter
Westcott    J.H.         member Miller Orchestra
Westcott    Prof. W.H.   music & vocal instructor
White       ___          Gray & White/law, loan, real estate
Wilkins     ___          prop. Addition to Miller townsite on west                         80 acres
Willett      R.S.        Willett & Torrey Meat Market-ice/co owner                         ships Wessington-Blunt
Williams    J.D.         Palace Drug Store/builder
Wilson      ___          carpenter
Yetzer      J.C.         Hand County Bank/president                                        Pres Cass Co Bk, Atlantic, IA
Yetzer      J.C.         Miller Town Company
Young       W.B.         carpenter
Young       ___          Flour, Feed & Grain                      exclusive business
Index of Early Businesses of Miller, D.T.
(Hand County, Dakota Territory)

Recorded in the January 3, 1883 issue of the Hand County Press
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