Early Photos of Miller, (Hand County) South Dakota - 13
Miller, South Dakota
First National Bank
Postal used 1919 - but is a much earlier photo.
Note dirt streets and absence of street lights!
(Located on the Southwest corner of  North Broadway  and West 2nd St.)
Scofield Building to the north.
Both buildings were razed and a new First National Bank was constructed on this site approximately 1967.
Now known as First State Bank
Note 3rd building to the north...  removed and replaced by the brick 2-story in previous photo.
First National Bank
Miller, South Dakota
Identified on side of card as:
Miller Building Company & Bushfield Block
Miller, South Dakota

Shown here as third building north of 1st National Bank on west side of  corner of North Broadway and West 2nd Street

(West 2nd Street may have had different name at the time of this photo)
*Uncertain what businesses were in this building at this time, but believe the south half was Reck Furniture and Undertaking, and north half was Collins & Shaw Drugstore early on.
The Miller Press newspaper was houses upstairs for many years.

Note in photo below: 
A wooden building was removed to make room for this new brick building.

Early Photos of Miller, Hand County, South Dakota
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First National Bank
Miller, South Dakota
c. 1913
Land Office (Charles Carroll ?) upstairs; Scofield Blg to the right (see photo below);
white wooden building behind bank was another land office (Charles Gardener ?)
*Note original south side bank entrance - later bricked in.  Broadway entrance remained until bank was replaced.