Miller Public Schools 1883-2002 - Historical Photos - Miller, South Dakota - 5
Early Photos of Miller, Hand County, South Dakota
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Miller School Through The Ages
Miller, South Dakota
(Circa 1883 - 1910, 1910 - 1995, 1995 - ?)
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L. Miller Grade School
R. New 1883 Miller High School
High School was replaced in 1910
1910 New Miller School - $30,000 cost
Located corner of N. Broadway
E. 5th St.
Note original dome on top. It disappeared in later years.
1910 New Miller School - N. Broadway & E. 5th St.
Left shows west entrance (facing N. Broadway)
Right side shows original south entrance (facing E. 5th St.)
Miller High School - c. 1918
Appears to be a view of the south entrance to the left, and a view of the east door to the right.
Miller School - c. 30's or 40's?
View along E. 5th St. Original south entrance still in use.  In later years this was sealed and west and east doors were used.
Miller School - west entrance, facing N. Broadway
South entrance long ago sealed, and new grade school complex located south and east alongside original 1910 building.  HS closed and was razed in 1997.
~ MHS Today ~
New Miller Junior & Senior High School complex constructed in 1995 next to the Armory complex on E. 4th Street, between 5th & 6th Avenues, Miller, Hand County, South Dakota