Miller, South Dakota Elevator Fire Photos ~ 05-20-2002
Miller, South Dakota Grain Elevator Fire Photos
Hand County loses another landmark in May 20, 2002 fire
photos by CSRosemore
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#1: 05-20-2002 4:00 pm:

Taken from in front of Michelle's (Heartland Cafe - formerly "The Alley")..shooting with zoom, down the alley to the south. I'm about 4 + blocks away. (Just south of W 5th St)
#2 05-20-2002  9:00 pm:

Taken with zoom standing SE corner of Lips.  The reddish building in bottom right is J&J auto.. RR tracks are just on north side of J&J...the silver building is new addition to elevator. Top is all gone here.  Smoke still rising on west side of building.
#3 05-20-2002  9:00 pm:

We're now sitting on W 3rd Ave.  The street where you see the green pickup is W 1st St. Smoke drifting NW and thick. I dumped a couple of shots that were solid gray!
#4:  05-20-2002  9:00 pm:

I think the firemen will have a long nite ahead of them. Fire is flaring up again.

#5 05-21-2002  1:30 pm:

Still burning...grain and debris lay in piles. Taken from hwy 45 on east side of site.
#6 05-21-2002 1:30 pm

The day after.  Behind burned tank (and just across the RR tracks) is shown the back of the Miller Fire Dept. building.
#7 05-21-2002  1:30 pm

The day after!  Taken from the north side (on SW 1st St).  The newer addition to elevator shown still standing.
#8 05-21-2002  1:30 pm

The day after!  Taken from the northwest side (on SW 1st St).  The newer addition to elevator shown still standing to the east.
#9 05-21-2002  1:30 pm

The day after the fire!  A location prespective.  Taken from corner of W 3rd Ave and W 1st St.

Left side of street:  Miller City Street Shop & Miller Manor.  Fire Dept is across the street to the south (right side of street) from Street Shop, and directly in front of the burning elevator.  That's too close for comfort!
Miller Manor
City Street Shop
Miller Fire Dep.
Elevator Fire
Back of Miller Fire Department! >>>>>
Miller Fire Dep.
Elevator Fire
#10  05-21-2002  1:30 pm

Elevator fire scene "the day after".  Fire scene is in the Miller Fire Department's "back yard"!
1929 Miller Photo
Note the "original elevator" in background!

Elevator Gone!