1923-24 Ree Heights High School Enrollement - Hand Co., South Dakota
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Ree Heights, (Hand County) South Dakota
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The following names were listed in the Ree Heights Review, published September 21, 1923, and reprinted in Stella Conerton's retrospect column called :kcaB gnikooL (Looking Back) in the Miller Press in 2003.

Please note  it said, "There are 33 students enrolled in high school this year."  However, by my count, there are 32 names.  Therefore, either "33" is a typo, or one name was omitted at some point. Just FYI.  csr

~ 1923 Ree Heights High School Enrollment ~

Hammill, Ella
Hammill, Ethel
Hardwick, Eva
Hickcox, Wallis
John, Glen
Lauzon, Henry
Nicholas, Hoyt
Paine, Florence
Ruggenburg, Donald
Rugenburg, Harold
Waring, Donald
Waring, William

Johnson, Theodore
Mead, Alice
Nicholas, Gladys
Rhodes, Dorthy
Schwab, Fern
Watkins, Erma

Clemens, Clifford
Clemens, Milbert
Hickcox, Howard
Leach, Mabel
Ruggenburg, Clara
Waring, Thelma
Willett, Nola
Wiren, Mamie

Beck, Hazel
Beranek, Bessie
Blaseg, Josephine
Connely, Marie
Ewing, Hazel
Meehan, Gerald
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1923 Ree Heights High School Enrollment