1930 RHS Yearbook - Redfield, (Spink Co) South Dakota
1930 Redfield High School Yearbook

Redfield, (Spink County) South Dakota

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This 1930 Redfield High School yearbook was recently found among my mother's (Edna Siegling) treasures.  She was with the Sophomore class.  My thrill at finding this was tempered with disappointment at discovering many great photos are not identified.  Other photos have names, but apparently not in the order the subjects are sitting.  Others list only last names.  For that reason, only those identified are reproduced here, with the exception of a special Group Photo of the Senior class...as you may be able to  identify your relative by checking the separate Senior photos which ARE identified. 
The Pheasant
1930 RHS yearbook

1930 Pheasant Yearbook -
intro, indexes & photo links

Yearbook Index - sorted by
class, name, & photo location

Yearbook Index -
4-year Alpha sort:  all surnames together

RHS Senior Class -
group photo - non-identified

Senior photo pages contain student info beside each photo
RHS Seniors -
page 1
RHS Seniors -
page 2
RHS Seniors -
page 3
RHS Seniors -
page 4
RHS Seniors -
page 5
RHS Seniors -
page 6
RHS Seniors -
page 7

RHS Juniors -
group photo

RHS Sophomores -
group photo

RHS Freshmen -
group photo

Carolyn S. (Bingham) Rosemore