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The following article was reprinted in the May 16, 1913 edition of the Hand County News newspaper, published at St. Lawrence, South Dakota.  Because it contains several surnames, those researching in Spink County may find this of interest.


Merchants From All Sections Will Get Together and Talk Shop
Sioux Falls, S.D.  May 9, 1913 ---  The work of preparing the program for the 16th annual convention of the South Dakota Retail Merchants' and Hardware Dealers' Association has been completed by N.D. Tyler, of this city, secretary of the association.  The convention willl be held at Redfield on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Mary 20, 21, and 22.  It is expected that several thousand merchants from all parts of the state will be in attendance, as this is one of the big associations of the state.  The sessions will be held in the Armory hall.  On the opening day the delegates will be welcomed to the city, a meeting of the board of directors will held, the various committees will hold meetings, the opening day's proceedings terminating with a band concert in the evening.  The program for the remaining two days is as follows:

Wednesday, May 21 --- 9 o'clock a.m., meeting of the Retail Merchants' Fire Insurance company, at which President
P.F. Wickhem, of Alexandria will preside.  Reports will be made by the secretary and treasurer, covering the business for 1912.  The auditing committee will make a report, there will be general discussion by the members and the election of directors.  At 1:30 in the afternoon the retail merchants' convention will be called to order by J.T. Hansen, president of the association.  Mayor Randolph of Redfield will make the address of welcome, and P.F. Wickhem will make the response in behalf of the association.  J.T. Hansen will make his annual address as president of the association, and annual reports will be submitted by Secretary N.S. Tyler and Treasurer Gus Meyer.  The finance, legislative, grievance, purchasing, power, press and business literature committees will make their annual reports.  A question box will be opened, in charge of O.L. Schutz of Minneapolis.   Address on important topics will be made by Guy G. Frary, of Vermillion, state food and drug commissioner of South Dakota;  State Senator W.H. McMasters, of Gayville;  W.J. Pilkington, of DesMoines, Iowa.  Late in the afternoon the business men of Redfield will entertain all delegates with an automobile ride.

Thursday, May 22 -- At the morning session an address on mutual fire insurance will be made by
H.P. Packard of Redfield.  Store efficiency will be the subject of a paper by W.L. Ware, of Clark.  A question box will be opened and there will be general discussion of topics of the utmost importance to all retail merchants.  At the afternoon session, opening at 1:30, F.H. Packard, of Redfield, will make an address on the "Value of Local Organization."  C.L. Damuth, of Redfield, will present a paper on "What Makes a Man Buy."   "What is Back of a Dollar," will be the subject of an address by C.R. Robinson, of Redfield.  Following the addresses, a question box will be opened and there will be general discussion.  The committee on resolutions and nominations then will make its report.  Following this, officers will be elected for the year.  Unfinished business will then be disposed of, and following the selection of the place for holding the next annual convention, the convention will adjourn.