Photos - 1940 Redfield High School Graduates - Spink Co., SD
Spink County, South Dakota
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Carolyn S. Rosemore

Redfield, South Dakota

From The Redfield Press Newspaper
Vol LVII - Thursday, May 30, 1940

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Phyllis Wood - Val.

Margaret Hansen - Sal.

Jim Hughes

Robert Reinecke

Eileen Lloyd

Jean Summerside (m)

Kenneth Siegling

Lorraine Miller

Mavis Alexander

Irene Larson

Marie Lovold

Marianna Kroning

Don Beckman

Caroline Wilhelm

George Crellin

Ethel Beatty

Ruth Mayes

Betty Jean Wright

Doris Leonard

Walt Appel

Lorraine Mannings

Charles Robinson

Hilda Anderson

Jim Hardie

Ruth Compton

Lorraine Bennett

Maxine Young

Duane McDowell

John Schalkle

Merwin Ames

Gladys Pearson

Lois Thomas

Lucille Jungwirth

Clarence Muellenberg

Gladys Belcher

Clayton Gallup

Charlotte Hardie

Alvin Crook

Don Nicholson

Alice Erickson

Velda Anderson

Edna Snyder

Evelyn Fleming

Eleanor Fleming

* Not Pictured *
Daryl M. Benning
Lorraine E. Daly
Delford T. Gronholz
Clayton H. Hufteling
Lawrence H. Platte
Clarence F. White
R. W. Gibson

O. R. Felton
Instructor in Journalism and Public Relations Director