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DEEMER Genealogy

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Researching the Deemer family in Lebanon County can be frustrating. There are many discrepancies in spelling that resultfrom attempts to interpret handwritten records. There are many records of individuals with the Deemer name or its variants (Diener,Deamer, It is difficult to who belongs to what family

One thing is very clear. In the mid nineteenth century, there were several distinct lineages in Lebanon County. If, and how, these families might be related, and how the long list of other Deemers fit together remains uncertain.

Database of Lebanon County Deemers



The first family, clearly named DIENER, came to America in 1751 from Hesse, Germany. Their ancestor, Johannes, remained in Germany and died there in 1752. His son, Henry Gerhart Diener was born in Germany in 1720. Henry settled in Berks County and died in 1772. Henry's son, Johann (1747 - 1825), was also born in Germany. Johann lived in the Boyertown area. Johann, his son Peter (1753 - 1798) and his grandson John (1776 - 1851) remained in Berks County. .

By the time of the 1850 census, the next generation of this family owned land in Union Twp. in northern Lebanon County. John's (1776 - 1851) son John Diener (1800-1879), his wife Catherine Sterner (1803 - 1890) and their descendants appear in numerous records, especially land transactions, in Jonestown and Union Twp.into the early twentieth century.



A second John (1810 - ?) and Catherine (1812 - 1885) DEEMER are listed in the 1850 census. This family lived in Bethel Twp., near the Union Canal. A nearly complete list of the descendants of three of their eight children, Adala, Aaron, and Catherine, is known. (The author of this text is Aaron's descendant.) Family tradition indicates that several of the other children may have been killed during the Civil War.

No clear references to this couple can be found in Lebanon County either before 1840 or after 1850.



Elias DEEMER (1838-1902) and his family appears in many records of Lebanon City during the last halfof the 19th century. His father, Peter DEEMER (abt 1802 - 1888) was born in New Jersey. he had a sister, Sarah. Jacob DEEMER (1840 - ), born in Phillipsburg, NJ, was probably his brother. Elias' family is confusing. Apparently he married three times, first to Mary, then Amanda. and Minnie. After his death it appears that Minnie married Frank DEAMER.



The 1850 census lists another family residing in Heidelberg Twp. This family descends from Peter DEEMER (1824 - ?) and Mary (1824 - ?) ECKERT. The couple was married at Zion Lutheran in Lancaster and is buried at Brickerville in Elizabeth Twp., Lancaster County. Thereare several Deemers living in the Lancaster and Ephrata areas who descend from Peter and Mary.

Another Heidelberg family descends from Jessiah DEEMER (1797-?) and Sussannah STOVER (1799 - ?) Records show they had four children: Susan (1829 - 1908), Henry (1831 - ?), Jacob (1834 - ?), and Polly (1837 - ?). Susan married and lived in Manheim. She has living descendants in the Lancaster area.

Henry DEEMER (1836 - 1883) is buried at Schaefferstown. His children were Jacob, Henry L., Christian, Mary Delila, and Agnes.



How are all these people related? Maybe they aren't! Coincidences of geography (see map) and time make it easy to speculate:

The John (1810 - ?) and Catherine DEEMER family moved around. They appear around Stouchsberg in Berks County around 1840, near Myerstown just north of Heidelberg Twp. in 1843, and in Union Twp. in 1850. One of their children was born in Lancaster County around 1851. The Elias DEEMER (1838-1902) family lived in Lebanon City, just north of Heidelberg. The proximity of the locations (see map) suggests a possible connection.

John (1810 - ?), Heidelberg's Peter (1824 - ?) and Jessiah (1797-?), and Elias' father Peter (abt 1802 - 1888) were contemporaries. Could they have been brothers?

Elias is buried with Jacob (1840 - ), possibly his brother. Peter (1824 - ?) had a brother Jacob. Are these Jacobs the same?

Elias' possible brother Jacob (1840 - ) was born in Phillipsburg, NJ. Their father Peter (abt 1802 - 1888) was also born in New Jersey. Phillipsburg is very the Nockamixon/Durham area where the Bucks County Deemers settled. Does this suggest a relationship?

Was the DIENER name somehow changed to DEEMER? If this is the case, are the Lebanon County DEEMERS also descendants of JOHANNES DIENER of Hesse, Germany? Perhaps when John DIENER (1800-1879) moved from Berks County to Lebanon County he wasn't alone.