DEEMER Genealogy
DEEMER Genealogy

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28 Jan 2021

Henry Deemer, 2021


For several decades I've researched the records of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania for Deemers.  Because my great-grandfather, Aaron, was born in Lebanon County and his parents were married just over the county line in Berks County, it seemed clear that my ancestors should be connected to the many Deemers in the region.  But then recent DNA results yield information that in fact my great-great grandfather in fact came into Lebanon county from western Pennsylvania.  This leaves me with a lot of unrelated Deemer data that I can share.

Researching the Deemer family in Lebanon County can be frustrating. Lebanon County was Lebanon Township of Lancaster County until 1813.   So many Lebanon Deemers appear in the records of Lancaster.  Several families appear in Berks county just to the east of Lebanon, and also some in Dauphin to the west  and Lancaster to the south.  There are many discrepancies in spelling that result from attempts to interpret handwritten records. There are many records of individuals with the Deemer name or its variants (Diener,Deamer, It is difficult to who belongs to what family

One thing is very clear. In the mid nineteenth century, there were several distinct lineages in Lebanon County. If, and how, these families might be related, and how the long list of other Deemers fit together remains uncertain.

Database of Lebanon County Deemers

Many of the Deemers that appear in Lebanon and northern Lancaster descendants of Simon Deemer.  I've found very little about Simon.  He appears to have been born around 1750 and resided in the area around Brickerville, Elizabeth (then Warwick) township, Lancaster County.  Much information about his descendants is available and appears in the database.  Many of the descendants appear in Schaefferstown, Ephrata, and Manheim

HENRY DEEMER and his wife ANNIE EBERLY are ancestors of a family that centers in Cornwall.  He may be connected to Simon, but I've found no evidence to confirm or deny this.

JOHN DEEMER and his wife ELIZABETH is another couple that may be connected to the Simon Deemer family.  They were born about 1729, lived in the city of Lebanon, and had several children all born in the 1850s.

PETER DEEMER and his wife MARY are a couple that appear on the north side of the city of Lebanon.  They, too, may be connected to Simon.

Lancaster county:
and his wife MARY ANN were both born in Germany around 1832 and both appear in Columbia, Lancaster county, by 1860.  Their son, JOHN FRANK DEEMER was born in Germany in 1854, and their son JOSEPH was born in Columbia in 1857.  So the family clearly immigrated between those two dates.  Two of their grandchildren died in Philadelphia.  The rest of the family remained in or near Columbia.

JOHANN JACOB DIEMER was born in Germany in 1743.  He immigrated to America 1740 and lived with his wife and child in Lancaster where he died in 1760.

Berks county:
arrived from Bavaria in 1838 and settled in Reading, Berks County.  He has numerous descendants.

GEORGE ADAM DEEMER was born in Germany about 1812.  In America he married MARY "POLLY" HESS.  The couple lived in Berks county in the area of Hamburg.

CASPER DEEMER, born in Berks county in 1753, married BARBARA ELIZABETH BATTORF in Christ Lutheran Church, Stouchsburg, Berks county in 1781.  Her parents were born in Germany and came to Pennsylvania sometime before here birth in 1758.

ANNA MARIE DIEMER was a widow when she married Johannes Schmidt at Christ Lutheran in Stouchburg in1787.

Dauphin county:
lived in Lower Paxton township, Dauphin county, when he married Maria Rhodes in Harrisburg's Salem Reformed Church in 1813