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DEEMER Genealogy

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William A. DEEMER

William was born 6 February 1849.  On 8 May 1863 he enlisted, clearly lying about his age.  He joined his brothers in Co. G of the 9th PA Cavalry.  He was captured and held prisoner for 64 days in Libby Prison at Richmond, VA, 19 Mar - 2 Apr 1865. William was discharged at Camp Parole, Annapolis, Maryland, by general order, 12 June 1865.

After the war William's name appears along with his brother, Aaron, John, and Elizabeth, probably the couple that appear in the 1860 census as John and Eliza Demars.  Newspaper articles in the Harrisburg Telegraph reveal that Aaron had a tavern license in Harrisburg's fourth ward in 1869.  In 1869 all three, along with an Elizabeth Deemer, were charged and found guilty of assault and battery.

William married Annie Moriah Keller before 1867.  They had four children.  He appears in the 1870 census as an engine builder in Shamokin, and in 1880 as a coal miner in Shamokin. 

He moved to Elk county where DATA/ps02/ps02_128he was appointed postmaster of Corduroy, PA 18 Jan 1899.  In 1900 he was a day laborer at Highland, Elk county, and in 1910 a laborer in a lumber mill, living at Jenks in Forest county.

From December 1917 through March 1918 he was at the National Home for Disabled Veteran Soldiers in Dayton, Ohio. 

He died 25 Nov 1922 in Kane, McKean county, PA, where he dropped dead in the restaurant of the Windsor Hotel.  He was buried in the North Forest Cemetery, Marienville, Forest county, PA.

William and his two granddaughters