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Griffith JOHN, Jr. Family Bible
These are images of pages from the family Bible of Griffith JOHN, Jr. (1729-1812). The pages are at the Gloucester County Historical Society Library, in Woodbury, NJ. They were placedthere by Mary Sullivan of Mullica Hill, NJ, March 13, 1979

Martha JOHN's Sampler

"Made In The 18th
Year Of Her Age
In The Year 1787"

A genealogical record preserved in needlework.

"The modest Meeting House of which I write,
There on a flat topped hill's commanding height,
The Meeting House where Friends once used to meet...
Now fronting South, a gentle slope extends
Just to the road. ...
In sight a farm home still mute the view,...
And farther off the higher hills arise
In massive form to meet beholding eyes."
Under the pen of Eliza John, the history of the John Family becomes the concern of all members of the family. ..In sketching her own life, [she] gives a true and accurate reflection of' her day and her people. She is typical Quaker---God-fearing and God-loving. She had a firm faith in the Life after Death, and she was never frivolous or foolish, although she often enjoyed the simple pleasures which came to those serious minded Quaker folk. Life was real and often grim, especially to one who knew full well what her fate would be. Eliza John knew that she was the victim of the dread disease of cancer. Even as she tried to find a cure, she must have realized that the end was near, as the pain grew ever more acute. The conflict between her strong soul and her failing body is told briefly but surely in the last word of her Diary---"trouble".

NOTE:  The Eliza John Diary is also available at Internet Archive (


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