JOHN Genealogy
Griffith JOHN: Ancestors and Descendants

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1 OCT 2018

Henry Deemer, 2018

Historical Information


About Uwchlan and Lionville


The John family in the American Revolution   


Welsh and Quaker background information

An Account of the Battle of Brandywine by Joseph Townsend

A young Quaker named Joseph Townsend was an observer of Howe's attack on Washington's right flank on September 11, 1777, and also of a number of subsequent events. He wrote up his observations late in life and they were published after his death. Much of our fact and lore about the battle comes from Townsend's accounts. Joseph's sister, Lydia, married Reuben, son of Griffith John. He was Martha John's uncle


George Washington's Papers

While at Valley Forge, in his General Orders of 28 March 1778, Washington ordered his officers to visit the auditors at the house of Griffith John