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Note about the numbering system:

Johnnie assigned each family group a number beginning with 1 - 12 for the children of Griffith JOHN (1683-1778). She then continued in sequence through all of the generations. She broke her book into 3 sections (generations 1-4, 5-7, and 8-9). In the index, names are listed by section and family number. For example, I'm indexed as 3-495, meaning my family is #495 and I appear in section 3.

A family chart appears at the beginning of each of the three major sections of the book. And the index contains a complete listing. To locate someone use the charts or the index to find the family number. Then locate the family in the appropriate pdf file.



Johnnie spent many years travel across the U.S. and Wales, visiting libraries and archives, and corresponding with John family members. A list of some of her resources appears on page 2 of the book. After every family entry she added the notation, "S&R" - source and reference. These are typically either the name of a family member who gave her the data, or the name of the libray where she found the information. That is the extent of the documentation for the contents of the book. Her research was extensive and generally reliable. But she didn't do a great job of recording the documentaion.