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Name Johann Adam NUNGESSER
Birth bef 1755, PA
Death 1808, Rowan Co., NC
Father Johann Georg NUNGESSER (1703-1762)
Mother Anna Eva ROMICH (1712-)
1 Catherine
Children Christina
Cathrina (~1784-)
2 Elizabeth
Children Daniel I. (~1794->1880)
Julianna Luanna (~1796-)
Johannes (1798-~1875)
Joseph (~1801-~1860)
George Michael (1804-1859)
Notes for Johann Adam NUNGESSER
relocated to Rowan Co., NC by 1790/92
All of Adam's sons changed the spelling of the name. There's an immense variety of spellings, but today the primary spelling is Noonkester with several Noonchesters, and a handful of Nooncasters and Noonkessers. I have a handful of words that have been handed down that seem to be a dialect of German. Several Germans I have asked say that they are probably a dialect from the part of Germany next to Holland or the part of Holland next to Germany. Daniel's grandson said they were from Holland and that Adam and Daniel were the immigrants (can't be - just won't work), John's descendants said Germany, one of Mike's grandsons said Germany, one said England, and one said Scotland (these are all brothers). One of them said they came over on a whaling boat and sneaked into the country. Wouldn't that be a researcher's dream, if true? I'm hoping they're descendants of Johan Georg Nungesser who came over on the ship Samuel in 1732. Is that who yours descend from? Sneaked in indeed. Turkeys. The only consistent story I get (and this from lines that haven't been in touch with each other for a century or so) is that a woman died on the way over and had to be buried at sea.
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