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The Newberry Family
     The Newberry Family - Saga of a Clan
   In 1995 I began researching  my Newberry family line because I was interested in learning about
   the tribal roots purported to exist.  The search began under the pretext of wishing to know more
   about a woman, a necklace, and a culture. What I found was more than I bargained for and not  
   what I expected.

   I learned of a whole family whose saga began in Connecticut. They migrated like birds across this
   great country moving in intervals of decades, through two centuries. Their reasons are unclear; but
   as with all the eras of our country's history, it appears they were enfolded in the spirit of manifest
   destiny, having given up on the agrarian, woodland lifestyle of their forbearers either through force
   or personal desire.

   If there is documentation to prove their ethnicity, it is gone with the sands of time. Persecution and
   shame of their native roots reduced the proof to innuendo, family lore, and photos of people whose
   ethnicity echoes in their features.  Their forbearers are shown in a genealogical table of family members
   who have connected them to the  Puritans, Baptists and in my line, the Mormons. Somewhere along
   the way a Native woman bore a child who carried the precious Native American story to us in the

   My search began with my Great Great Grandmother Hannah Maria Newberry, daughter of James
   and Mary Smith Newberry of Warwick, N.Y.  Where it ends is anyone's guess. I invite you on a
   journey into the past beginning with
a woman and her necklace.

  Short list of Allied Families  
Blackman/Benedict/Burch/Holley/ Morris/Newberry/Smith/Stephens/
Rose / Dodge/ Haskins/ Wixon / Smith/ Stephens
check the genealogical table for addition surnames.

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Bulletin Board
Traffic on this site has picked up in recent months.  If you are a Newberry or Morris cousin,
please be aware there are other private sites for these two families which are by invitation only. 
We would be especially pleased to have some new membership in both.  If you are interested in
participation,  please email me for further information.  I am especially interested in connecting
with cousins who are affiliated with the colonial Newberry family in New York, Connecticut, 
and Pennsylvania.  Click on the link at the bottom of the page which says, "say hello" to contact me.


The Real Beginnings of Thanksgiving
Because some of the people in my collateral family lines, and perhaps even early main lines were
thought to have been descended from the Wampanoag Tribe, I have dedicated a page to this
history written by Roy Cook.  He has generously granted me permission to use his article and
link to the  American Indian Source web site. His article provides some compelling history in
a nutshell, which I am sure you will find fascinating.  It is a history that is appropriate and
provides a better understanding of European and Native history in early times.
Thanksgiving Revisited - a Day of Mourning


CONTENTS/ site map           

 To get the most from the website it is suggested that you follow numbered topics chronologically.

  I.    Beginning Research on Hannah Maria born March 13, 1823
             Genealogical table of Newberry's covered on this site.
             Native people in the LDS Church Tribal names and affiliations

 II.   Newberry family in Connecticut circa 1740  John Newberry ( I ) born August 16, 1710  Groton, Connecticut
             Exodus to New York from Connecticut
             John Newberry ( II )  born September 3, 1746 Connecticut or Duchess County, N.Y. (modern Patterson)
                    The Revolution
                    Jonathan Newberry Bible  Brother of John Newberry ( II )
             Old School Baptist Church  First Baptist Parish west of the Hudson River established 1762 by James Benedict  
                   Samuel Smith family and Samuel Smith Farm

Native people in New England Tribal names and affiliations - studies in descendant surnames
                  NEW - September 2006
                   Newberry Homestead in Warwick, N.Y. Home built circa 1773

 Follow the James Newberry family across America

III.      1.  James Newberry son of John ( II ) father of Hannah Maria  marries Mary Smith daughter of Samuel Smith
                  and Jane Stephens Aug. 24, 1811 starts migration to Ohio via Pennsylvania.
             2.  Missouri Period with the Mormons  Joins Joseph Smith 1831 and moves to Jackson Co. MO.
                    Half Breed Tract  in Lee Co. Iowa  ca. 1838
             3.  Illinois Period before death of Joseph Smith 1839-44
             4.  Nauvoo collapses  Power struggle to 1846
                    Dissident factions create friction  Family politics among the larger factions
                    Exodus to Utah - James remains in Iowa
             5.  Flight to Southwest Iowa  Staging area for the Great Basin and west.
             6.  Death of James Newberry July 10, 1880 Buried in the Old Mormon Cemetery, Grove Township, Iowa.
             7.  Wives and Families of James Newberry summarized     

             NEW!!! Iowa Family Album pages
                                Photo Comparison - James and James and Abraham.

 Hannah and George Follow Brigham Young - while oldest siblings stay behind in Iowa

 IV.  Exodus to Utah for George and Hannah
             Hannah Maria Newberry   perils of Utah
             Hannah's Children
             The Morrisites


Problems in the Colonial Newberry Genealogy  - New August 2006

 V.   The Newberry Genealogy before 1710 may be compromised.

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 Stage 1
/Connecticut / New York / More Newberry's in New York Samuel Smith / Smith Farm / Revolution /Old School Baptists /
 Native people in New England
/ Stage 2 / Ohio / Missouri / Illinois & Iowa / Nauvoo / Flight to SW Iowa / The Half Breed Tract /
 Cutlerite membership
/ dissidence in NauvooDeath of James Newberry / Wives and Family / Children who Went west /Stage 3 /
 Exodus to Utah
/ Utah Morrisites / Hannah's Children / Hannah's Necklace / genealogy table / Addenda /Newberry Brick Walls
 Whispers - beginning the search
/ Bibliography / Family Album / Jonathan Newberry Bible /

NEW!!!     I have recently published a book about the Newberry Family - click here for details.
                             the quiet patriarch, the life of James Abram Newberry, Native American Pioneer.

    Copyrightę Sue Simonich 2005

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