Hargrove Family Tree !

Hargrove Family Tree

My Name Is Karen, This is my family tree . It is correct to my knowledge. I have not included any dates because of privacy to the still living. If you visit my page and think you are a member of my family feel free to email me . I will include my address at the bottom of this page. For any questions also.

I will begin my family tree with my father.

Winfred Curtis Hargrove Born In Tennessee

Married Linda Gail Craig

Children :

1.Tina Denise Hargrove born in Giles co Tn

2.Martin Curtis Hargrove Born in Giles co Tn

3.Karen Lynn Hargrove Born in Kingston Jamaica


Martin Lonnie Alonzo Pettus Hargrove {TN}

Married : Emma Magnusson


1. Laurine Monroe Hargrove {TN}

2. Sadie Louise Hargrove {TN}

3. Thomas Harry Hargrove {TN}

4. Deward Clark Hargrove {TN}

5. Francis Alberta Hargrove

6. Lonnie Melvin Hargrove

7. Doris Beal Hargrove

8. Mavis Ann Hargrove

9. Winfred Curtis Hargrove


Alonzo Pettus Hargrove

Married : Cynthia Beal Rochelle


1. Emma Octavia Hargrove

2. Thomas Goodman Hargrove

3. Zoe Anna Hargrove

4. William Cardwell Hargrove

5. Henry Herndon Hargrove

6. Azy Berry Hargrove

7. Mary Elizabeth Hargrove

8. Martin Lonnie Alonzo Pettus Hargrove

9. Cleo Calvin Hargrove

(^^I got the information from top to here from family records and cemetary records)


William Alonzo Hargrove

Married : Nancy Slaton

Children :

1.Sara Elizabeth Hargrove

2. Alonzo Pettus Hargrove

3. Cassy A, Hargrove

4. Mary Jane Hargrove

(^^This info was derived from Giles County Tennessee 1850 census.)


John Garland Hargrove

Married : Sarah Bibb

Children :

1. William Alonzo Hargrove

2. Charles S. Hargrove

3. Thomas James Hargrove

4. Benjamin Hargrove

5. Abner Hargrove

(^^This Information and hereafter I am unsure of and can't guarantee it is correct.)


As I find more information i will be adding it to this page.I am still editing it so be patient with me.

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