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Welcome to our page of Harmon ancestry. I have provided as much
information as I can at this time. Of which I have gone to great lengths
to prove my lineage to include names, dates, locations and lines. I have
also provided links below for additional pages of actual lineages for
Harmon Genealogy.
I am more than happy to communicate with anyone having a connection
to our line. We look forward to meeting additional family and hope that by
creating this page, we have been able to shed light on incorrect data currently
on the Internet.


The Harmon Coat of Arms was granted to John Harmon, Bishop of
Exeter. Harmon was born about 1465, at Sutton-Codfield, Warwichshire, England, and died there in More Hall on October 23, 1554. He was buried on the north side of the chancel of the church at Sutton where a memorial was erected to his memory.
On an escutcheon over the east window of the south aisle of the church are the Bishop of Exeter\rquote s coat of arms. The same arms are under the kings arms on the south wall of the north aisle and on the north wall of the south aisle. (by Wm. Dugdale 1730)
[See: Harmon Genealogy of Artimus Harmon 1921]


The First Harmons in New England

John Harmon of Plymouth, Mass. in 1636.
Nathaniel Harmon of Braintree, Mass. in 1640.
John Harmon of Springfield, Mass. in 164044.
James Harmon of Saco, Maine in 1665.
John Harmon of Kitery, Maine in 1667, Wells Maine and Scarborough in 1726.
John Harmon of Saco, Maine in 1670, York Maine 1770.



The Scarborough Maine Branch
George Harmon 1803-1876
Margaret DeRose Harmon Ancestry



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