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General William Selby Harney

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Many Harneys in the U.S. have family stories handed down that say they are related to the famous General William Selby Harney.  Indeed this is true - many American Harneys are related to this branch of the family.  But, the key phrase is "related to" the General.  Some folks have misinterpreted this to mean "descended from" the General.  There is only one male  heir, bearing the surname Harney, that is actually "decended from" the General.  He is John M. Harney, born 1924, unmarried (still living, 1998).

It is for those numerous Harney families that are "related to" the General, that this page is dedicated.  It is likely he is your distant cousin.  Hopefully these pages will help you figure out how General William Selby Harney fits into your family history.

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