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The Summer Home of General William Selby Harney, Sullivan, Missouri
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The summer home of General William Selby Harney was located in Sullivan, Missouri. There was originally about 1900 acres of land around the mansion. The mansion was used as a summer home until 1884 when General Harney moved to Florida. It was given to the William S. Harney Historical Society in December 1980, by Mrs. Minerva Hollander and Mr. & Mrs. Paul Blesi. It was listed to the National Register of Historic Places in April 1984. It was the intention of the Historical Society to make improvements to the mansion, however, they disbanded in 1996, and the mansion was taken over by the City of Sullivan.


The eight oldest rooms of the mansion were built in 1856 by Dr. Alson Leffingwell of St. Louis. An addition was added to the original structure in 1872 by General Harney and F.M. B. Builder (initials on the keystone). The addition was built as an exact duplication of the first original structure. The entire structure of the mansion is built of native stone.

How You Can Help

Recently a new group was formed to preserve the mansion. This organization is called Friends of General Harney House, Inc., c/o. Myrl Bledsoe, Treasurer, P.O. Box 398, Sullivan, MO 63080. The group has been given a five year time limit to show substantial progress on the renovating of the mansion. They must raise $500,000 a year for the next four years.    If you have a few dollars to donate, please contact Stephanie Light at the Friends of General Harney House, at the address above.

To view the restoration plan click here.
To view the progress of the mansion restoration through photos click here.

A history of the mansion and "haunting" information can be found here:

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Rare Post Card of the Harney Mansion, from Lorraine Klein.

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