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**  DE
HARNEY, Ginnethon
(aka Jenethan), Suffolk co., written 7 Feb 1784. Probate 30 Mar 1784.  (FHL film 6,619)
Abstract: Heirs named include wife Isabel; sons William; Eli; Selby; George Washington; [Samuel] Adams;and daus. Nancy; Olivy [Olivia].
Executor: wife, Isabel. Witness: Thomas Harney; Mills Harney; Thomas Harney Jr.
Ref: Reg. of Wills, Liber D, folios 40-41.

HARNEY, Ginnethan, witness to the will of Jesper Aydelott, written 23 Jan 1783. Sussex Co. DE.

HARNEY, Joshua, mentioned as witness to the will of William Dingle, writted 6 Dec 1793. Sussex Co. DE.

HARNEY, Milley [Mills?], mentioned is will of Mary Lockwood, written 1 Aug 1783. Sussex Co. DE.

HARNEY, Thomas Sr., Suffolk co., written 19th Feb 1790.  Probate 26 Apr 1796. (FHL film 6,620)
Abstract: Children named: : Selby Harney; Mary Wise; Mills Harney; Joshua Harney; Hannah Taylor; Nancy West; "Sary" Shanklin; Thomas Harney. Executor: son, Thomas Harney. Witnessed by: Aaron Irons, Nehamiah Howard, John Hazzard. [Note: his son Jenethan had died previously]. Ref. Reg. of Wills, Liber E p.111; folios 89-90.

HARNEY, Thomas, mentioned as witness to the will of John Massey Jr., written 5 Mar 1791. Sussex Co. Delaware.

** IL
HARNEY, Francis M
"Frank", Jacksonville, Morgan co., written 1st Jan 1902 (died 1911). (FHL film 1,317,863).   Heirs: wife Mary; son William F. Harney; and dau Mary E. Moxon; and each of my children "share and share alike". [Does not mention his oldest daughter Eliza M. McAlister by name]. Exe: William F. Harney and Mary E. Moxon. Chart: MDTEG3F.SOU.
HARNEY, Mary (Kitner), widow of Frances M. "Frank"   Harney, dec., Jacksonville, Morgan co., written 28 Mar 1923. Prob. 17 May 1927. Heirs: daughter Eliza Harney McAlister; daughter Mary Elizabeth Moxon; and the children of my deceased son, William Francis Marion Harney; children of my deceased son, namely: Maud Harney Nelson; Lola Harney; Fred Harney; Roy Harney; John Harney; and Kenneth Harney. Exe. Mary Elizabeth Moxon. Chart: MDTEG3F.SOU.

**  KY
, Nicholas co. (FHL film 252,377, p.211) Typed copy.

** MD
HARNEY, Philip
, mentioned as witness along with John Seager & Dennis Mahany, v.4 14-237, Maryland Calendar of Wills
HARNEY, Thomas, mentioned as witness along with Joseph Atkins, v.5, Maryland Calendar of Wills

** NC
HARVEY, Thomas
, 9 March 1805, Pasquotank county.  (FHL film 19,538, Book M, p.116).Abstract: names Josiah Collins and William M. Harvey, as heirs, friends and executors.

HARNY, Thomas
,  February term Probate Court 1844, Pasquotank county.   (FHL film 19,539). Abstract: Heirs named: my niece Julian B. Harny & my nephew Thomas Harny, and my son, Benjamin. "My nephew Thomas Harny will be as a son to my widow and a brother to my children..."

**  TN
HARNEY, A.L., Giles co. TN, written 1861. Abstract: to wife Elizabeth M, all property etc. No children listed. Ref: FHL 976.861 P2pc. Chart:MDTEG4B.SOU.

HARNEY, Elvin Ersken, Giles co. TN, writted 1861. Abstract: to uncle James M. Harney $1000. Balance of estate to brother A.L. Harney, if living. Ref: FHL 976.861 P2pc. Chart: MDTEG4B.SOU. Also see court records below.

Giles County TN Chancery Court (1830-1900), Ref: FHL 976.861 P2w v.1
p.214, File Box B-20, Case 2145 (no date) A.D. Bull, Adm. vs. E.M. Harney et al.   Mrs. Elizabeth M. Harney, widow of A.L. Harney, dec'd, charges that Mr. Bull mismanaged the estate of A.L. & E.E. Harney, brothers and sons of Robert & Eliza Miller Harney. A.L. & E.E. Harney inherited a lot of valuable property from their grandfather, Jacob Miller. Property in Dist. 9 of Giles County, near Elkton. Chart: MDTEG4B.SOU.

p.58, File Box B-29, Case 2334, 1866. Wm P. Boon & wife Eliza H & others vs. James A. Bowers & wife & others. This case involves the Miller lands at Elkton TN. Land belonged to Jacob Miller. At his death went to grandsons E.E. & A.L. Harney. Only heir was wife of A.L. Harney, Elizabeth Bridgeforth Harney, who married James A. Bowers after the death of A.L.  The lands were divided into thirds between: James L. Harney, Eliza Harney Boon, and Elizabeth Harney Bowers. The estate was large and valuable. Chart: MDTEG4B.SOU.

p.61, File Box B-30, Case 2224, 1891. Bull vs. Hanserd & others. A.D. Bull, exe. of will of A.L. Harney who died Dec 1861. A.L. Harney sold to George Foster Phelps a tract of land near Elkton, 1859 (181 acres).  George F. Phelps died leaving widow Martha & children: David J, Frances E. & Viola B. Phelps.   Martha later married Wm. Hanserd (Martha was Martha Bridgeforth before her marriage, likely A.L.'s wife's sister).

p.226. Account of a company (stock holders) of many men including A.L. & E.E. Harney who purchased a steamboat "Steamer Elk" which ran until determined to be losing money (1859). It went to Pittsburg, Paducah, and other places.   Sold to Williams & Company.

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