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Harney Family In Australia and New Zealand

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Bibliography of Harneys in Australia & NZ
Births & Christenings
Deaths & Burials
Other records

CHARTS showing branches of the Harney families that settled in Australia & New Zealand.

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These records were obtained from personal research of microfilmed files, and from correspondence and research of Dora Harney Maguire and Mary Hansen, both residents of Australia (and Harney descendants).

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In the past, those who opposed British rule in Ireland were often arrested and, as political prisoners, sent to the penal colonies.  The following Harneys were sent to New South Wales:
1828, Thomas, age 35, on ship "Eliza" to Parramatta;
1831, Jeremiah, age 20, on ship "Waterloo to Patricks Plains;
1832, Catherine, age 29, on ship "Surry" to Sydney;
1832, Patrick,, age 35, on ship "Eliza" to Appin;
1835, Daniel, age 29, on ship "Forth" to Penarith;
1836, John, age 30 on ship "Waterloo" to Port Stephens.

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ASSISTED IMMIGRANTS ARRIVING IN QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, 1860- 1869  -From a book by the same name, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah

HARNEYs arriving at Brisbane:
1862, 12 August, John, age 25, on ship "Young Australia";
1862, 02 November, Derby, age 36, on ship "Prince Consort";
1865, 15 October, Thomas, age 21, on ship "Venilia" (also spelled Venelia);
1865, 02 July, Catherine, age 36, on ship "Lobelia". 
With Catherine are the following: Michael, age 16; Winifred, age 14; Bridget, age 10; Mary, age 9; Thomas age 7; and Catherine

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In 1993, James Gregory Harney is one of three people of Irish nationality on a deportation list printed in the Herald Sun newspaper, 2 June 1993, Melbourne.  He is reported to have been born 18 May 1963 in Ireland, and arrived in Australia on 15 January 1989.  No reason for deportation was given.  The article indicates enquiries can be directed to: Dept of Immigration & Ethnic Affairs, 55 King Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000.

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** Convicts

Harney Catherine 1832 Sydney New South Wales

Harney Daniel 1835 Penrith New South Wales

Harney James 1846 07 Mar
Harney James 1853 08 Mar
Harney James Jr 1846 07 Mar
Harney Jeremiah 1831 Patricks Plains New South Wales
Harney John 1836 Port Stephens New South Wales
Harney John 1846 07 Mar

Harney Patrick 1832 Appin New South Wales
Harney Patrick 1846 07 Mar
Harney Philip 1844 04 Mar

Harney Thomas 1828 Parramatta New South Wales
Harney Thomas 1846 07 Mar
Harney Thomas 1853 18 Jun

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** Other - Miscellaneous records

Harney Adelaide (Mrs) 1881 -- Jun Victoria

Harney Bridget 1861 -- Mar Victoria
Harney Bridget 1868 31 Jul New South Wales

Harney Daniel 1864 n/a Victoria

Harney Ellen 1859 01 Jun Victoria

Harney Honora 1863 22 Mar New South Wales

Harney, James, age 22, labourer from Tullaghobegley, Co. Donegal, arrived on ship 'Caribou', at Sydney, 4 Oct 1859.
Harney Jo. 1881 -- Jun Victoria
Harney Johanna 1863 22 Mar New South Wales
Harney John 1861 -- Oct Victoria
Harney John 1948 circa Freemantle Western Aust.
Harney John Jr 1852 -- Oct Victoria

Harney Kei?? 1865 11 Oct Victoria

Harney Margaret 1849 26 May Victoria
Harney Mary 1863 09 May New South Wales

Harney Pat 1853 -- May Victoria
Harney Patrick 1867 -- Dec Victoria
Harney Patrick 1880 -- Dec Victoria

Harney Richard 1852 -- Oct Victoria

Harney S 1882 n/a Victoria
Harney Sean 1993 Freemantle Western Aust
Harney Sopia 1871 -- Apr Victoria

Harney Tho 1866 -- Feb Victoria
Harney Thomas 1842 17 Feb Victoria
Harney Thomas 1858 06 Apr New South Wales

Harney William 1854 -- Mar Victoria
Harney William 1863 -- Apr Victoria

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