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Generation 1.
Timothy Harney was born circa 1655, in Somerset County, Maryland. Timothy's parents have not yet been determined, as
there were several Harney families in the area at the time. He married Elizabeth Green(e) on 26 December 1682, and
purchased land in the Baltimore 100, called "Timothy's Choice," in 1696. This parcel of land was passed on to his son, Thomas
Harney (b.25 Aug 1686), a lawyer, and then to his grandson.

Generation 2.
Elizabeth Harney. Born 10 January 1683
Thomas Harney. Born 25 August 1686. Married Miss Selby
Elinor Harney. Born 2 January 1688.
Timothy Harney, Jr. Born 2 June 1691

Thomas Harney I, married Miss Selby. She is likely one of the daughters of Daniel or Thomas Selby, who also lived in the
Baltimore 100. Children of Thomas Harney I and Miss Selby are below:

Generation 3.
Thomas Harney II. Born circa 1710. Married Hannah Mills
Ann Harney. Born circa 1712. Married Francis Wharton

Thomas Harney I and Miss Selby had a daughter Ann, who married Francis Wharton, and a son Thomas Harney II
(b.c.1710), who married Hannah Mills, daughter of William Mills. They were active in St. Martin's Protestant Episcopal
Church. Land records show that Thomas Harney II inherited the land called "Timothy's Choice" and also owned other land in
the area. (There was a boundary dispute over whether the Baltimore 100 belonged to Maryland or Delaware, so both records
must be reviewed when searching this family).

Generation 4.
Thomas Harney II and Hannah Mills had nine children, all born in Delaware, including five sons who served in the
Revolutionary War:

Selby (1733-1800 NC), m.Louraniah PADDRICK/PEDERICK; (Chart 2)
Mary (Mrs. Thomas) WISE;
Jenethan (also spelled Ginethan) (b.1736-45 d.1784), m.Isabel MILLS; (Chart 3)
Joshua (d.after 1793 NC), spouse not known; (Chart 1)
Hannah (Mrs. Joshua) TAYLOR, of Kentucky;
Nancy (Mrs. Isaac) WEST, of Kentucky;
Thomas Harney III (1752-1813 TN), married Margaret HUDSON; (Chart 4)
Mills (c.1754-1814 KY), married Nancy RICHEY; (Charts 5 & 6)
Sarah "Sary" (Mrs. John) SHANKLIN.

Thomas Harney left a willl, naming his children. It was written on 19 Feb 1790, and probated 26 April 1796, in Sussex Co.

The children settled in North Carolina and Kentucky. Descendants of this line now live throughout the United States. For more
info on this branch of the family, contact me:

Biographies available on request.

Chart of Timothy Harney and Elizabeth Green
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