Harney Military Records

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INDIAN WARS - 1754-1811
War of 1812 - 1812-1815
More Indian Wars - 1815-1858, & pensions
MEXICAN WAR, 1846-48
CIVIL WAR - War of the Rebellion, 1861-65
Spanish American War, 1898-1899

WW I -  includes draft registration, U.S.A.

World War II   your help is needed!

Military Pension records US - lots of info here !

Soldier's Home Records

WWI - British records  includes Aust. & N.Z.
WWII-British records includes Canada, Aust, NZ


There is a great deal of information here, but these records are by no means complete.  This is an on-going project.   Donations of Harney military records are graciously accepted.  The following records were copied at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, and at the National Archives in Washington D.C.  Additional notes have been added where additional information on the person is known.  References to Charts (MDTEG.SOU, etc) are connections of this individual to family charts maintained by me.  Contact me for further details.  Linda Harney MacDonald, Email: harneyfamilyresearch@yahoo.com

Information from this data base is free for private use in your personal Harney family research.  Please reference where you obtained this information.


Muster Rolls & Land warrents & Misc.
Harney, Genethan, 1st Lieut. [MDTEG3.SOU]
Harney, Geo, private
Harney, John, of DE
Harney, Joseph, of PA
Harney, Joshua, private. [MDTEG1.SOU]
Harney, Louis, Sergt
Harney, Michael, of VA
Harney/Harvey, Moses, of MA
Harney, Patrick
Harney, Richd, private
Harney, Selby, Lt Col. of NC [MDTEG2.SOU]
Harney, Thomas, Major. [MDTEG4.SOU]
Harney, William, Corpl
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Tradition states that Mills Harney also served in the Revolutionary War, but records to support this have not yet been found. [MDTEG5.SOU]

Records copied 30 April 1995, at the Family History Library, by Linda Harney MacDonald.                                 Back to top

French & Indian War, 1754-1763
Pvt. Samuel Harney, taken sick 18 July 1755 thru 12 Dec 1755, John Fry Company, Willard Regiment. From John D. Bowen, Jan 2004.

Film 1,205,440 1784-1811
Index to COMPILED SERVICE RECORDS of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served from 1784 to 1811.

HARNEY, Selby, Also spelled HARNY, Selby.  Russell's Regiment, Cavalry, Kentucky Volunteers, 1793. private. [Chart MDTEG2A.SOU]
HARNEY, William, Also spelled HARNY, William.  Russell's Regiment, Cavalry, Kentucky Volunteers, 1793. private.

Rolls of CT Men in the French and Indian War, edited by Albert C. Bates, Hartford, CT 1903,1905 (2v);10-95
HARNEY, Elisha, 173? CT

WAR OF 1812     (1812-1815)
Harney, Benjamin, pvt, 1st Regt VA Militia (Yancey's)
Harney, Benjamin F, Surgical Mate, 1 Regt U.S. Volunteers
Harney, James, pvt, E TN Militia, (Allison's Regt)
Harney/Harvey, Jesse, pvt, TN Infantry
Harney, John W, pvt, 2nd Regt Mtd KY Vols. (Thomas')
Harney, Mills, pvt, 10 Regt KY Militia (Boswell's)
Harney, Mott, pvt, 1 Regt W. TN Mil. (Pipkin's)
Harney, Robert, pvt, TN Vol. Infantry (Hall's)
Harney, Robert, Sergt, Capt. Deaderick's Co., Art'y, TN Mil.
Harney, Samuel, Sgt, in Capt Duval's Co, US Infantry. Widow Emilia, resides Illinois.
   Service records (Nat'l Archives):  SO 6198; SC 3102; WO 29706; WC 21366.
Harney, Selby, pvt, 3 Regt Mtd KY Vols (Poage's)
Harney, Thomas, pvt, TN Vol. Cavalry  (Coffee's Regt) -  "over-age and no horse"
Harney, Thomas, pvt, 10 Regt KY Militia (Boswell's)
Harney, Zachariah, pvt. 1 TN Vol. Mtd. Gunman (Dyer's).

These records are not complete. More research is needed.



HARNEY, Daniel, alias DOYLE, Daniel, alias CULLIN, Andrew.   Enlisted 1871, discharged 1876. K 20 US Cav. Additional service: A 13 US Inf., B 14 US Inf. 1863-65.  Filed: 31 Mar 1917. Class: Ind. Surv. Appl No. 10482. Act: 4 Mar 1917. State: Arizona. Remarks: ID 1061134 (5 + 20). FHL film 821,614.

Film 882,768 (1815-1858)

HARNEY ---, Walker's Regt (Friendly Creek Indiana), Creek War. Private.
HARNEY, Alfred G, Captain Henry's Company, 1 IL Mounted Volunteers, Duncan's Brigade (Sac & Fox War), private. [Chart MDTEG3B.SOU]
HARNEY, Archibald Original file under HAINEY, Archibald  Co. McElroy's? 1st FLA Mtd Mil, 3 mos. 1840-1, Florida War, private.
HARNEY, John, Lills Co., 1 Warren's Florida Mtd. Mil, 1839-40. Florida War, private.
HARNEY/HORNEY, Lemuel, private, Duncan's Brigade, 1 IL Mtd. Vol, Capt. Hart Fellow's co.
HARNEY, Manlove Original file under HORNEY, Manlove.  Capt Hart Fellow's Co. 1 Ills Mtd Vols. Duncan's Brig. (Sac & Fox War), Private.
HARNEY, Morris, Walkers Co., Smith's Co., Pennsylvania Vols. Florida War, private.
HARNEY/HORNEY, Samuel, Capt. Hart Fellow's Co. 1 IL Mtd. Vol., Duncan's Brig. (Sac & Fox War) Appt. Quarter Master Sergent 20 June 1831.
HARNEY, Owen, Original filed under HANEY, Owin.  Co. McElroy's? 1 Fla Mtd Mil, 3 months, 1840-1, Florida War, Private.

HARNEY, Elisha, served in the French and Indian War (1755-1762) from Connecticut colony. - From CT Soldiers, French & Indian War, p.95.

MEXICAN WAR, 1846-48
Records copied 6/15/96, at the Family History Library

MEXICAN WAR. Surname HARNEY . Film 1,205,344
Andrew, Pvt, Markham's co., Baton Rouge, LA, Militia
Benjamin, Pvt, Co. I(?), 4 Kentucky Infantry
James F, Sgt, (Also James H. Harney), Co. K, F & S, 1 Indiana Infantry.
John, Pvt, Bell's Regt, Texas Mounted Vols.
Thomas, Pvt, Co. H, 4 Tennessee Infantry
Thomas, I., Pvt, Co. H. 4 Tenn Infantry (Also Harny)
William Selby (not on film- see below)

Benjamin, Co. A 4 Kentucky Vols. Filed 8 Oct 1890. Appl.23,108. Cert.19,277. Act. 29 Jany 1887. KY.
James F., PSrgt, Co. K, 1 Indiana Vols. Dependent America L. Harney, widow. Filed 2 May 1904. Class: Mex Sur. Appl.8780. Cert 4339. Widow           Appl.17,592. Cert. 13,637. Act. 29 Jan 1887. Indiana.
William S., Colonel, 2 U.S. Dragoons. Brig. General. Filed 14 March 1888. Class Mex Sur. Appl. 18,785. Cert 17,762, Widow Appl. 9441. Cert. 8022. Act 29 Jan 1887, State "Miss.".     Another card filed 7 Oct 1890. Same info, but State "Mo", Widow, Mary E.  [If requesting these records refer to both numbers].

CIVIL WAR - WAR OF THE REBELLION, 1860-65                      flags.gif (4424 bytes)
Includes Harneys in both Union (North) andConfederate (South) forces

** Union
Harne Mills 6 MI H. Arty. G
Harnett Garrett 12 MA Infantry n/a
Harney Albert 1st NH Cavalry C
Harney Albert 110 US Colored Infantry K
Harney Alexander S. 84 IL Infantry I
Harney Andrew J. 9 MO S.M. Cavalry K
Harney Andrew J. 6 MO Inf 9 MO S.M. Cavalry D,K
Harney Anthony 110 US Colored Infantry K
Harney Barton H. 76 IN Infantry C
Harney Benjamin 110 US Colored Infantry K
Harney Benjamin A. 82 NY Infantry 59 NY Infantry C,E,A
Harney Benjamin F. or M.3 IN Cavalry F
Harney Benjamin M. 9 KY Cavalry A
Harney Bryan 11 MO Infantry F
Harney Charles 3 Batty CT Light Arty n/a 26 Sep 1864
Harney Charles, 18 82 OH Infantry 1 OH Inf F,A 08 Aug 1861
Harney Charles E. 198 PA Inf. E 30 Aug 1864
Harney, Charley, 100 US Colored Infantry B
Harney Chris R, 21 15 OH Inf H 07 Sep 1861
Harney Clarance E. 3 AR Cavalry F
Harney Daniel 34 IL Infantry 104 IL Infantry 11 Apr 1865 C
Harney Daniel H. 8 OH Cav K 4 Feb 1862
Harney David 3 RI Cav E 30 Dec 1863
Harney David 11 RI Infantry F 15 Sep 1862
Harney David, 21 77 OH Inf D 23 Oct 1861
Harney David M.6 MO Infantry D
Harney David M. 9 IL Infantry G 19 Apr 1861
Harney David R. 1 IN Heavy Arty. 21 IN Infantry E
Harney David S. 14 NH Infantry E
Harney Dennis 2 RI Infantry H 18 Feb 1865
Harney Edward, 21 5 NY Heavy Art'y U 01 Mar 1864
Harney Edward 23 KY Infantry C
Harney Edward 104 IL Infantry E 14 Aug 1862
Harney Edward P. 10 RI Infantry 10 RI Light 26 May 1862 Arty L
Harney Ellis 75 US Colored Infantry F
Harney Fenton, 26 7 NY Heavy Art'y 7th with Irish Brigade. 04 Aug 1862 GrB
Harney Francis 73 NY Infantry F
Harney Francis W. 8 NJ Inf 210 Batty, NY 08 Aug 1864 H.Arty. B
Harney Frank MA Light Art'y 6 Batt
Harney Frank 1st WV Cavalry
Harney G.H. or G.W. 182 NY Infantry I
Harney George, 35 147 NY Inf 1st Army Corp. 13 Aug 1862 1st Div. B NY
Harney George 3 NH Vol. Infantry F 17 Dec 1864
Harney George 28 US Colored Infantry J
Harney George 110 US Colored Infantry K
Harney George D. 1st ME Cavalry I
Harney George W. 82 PA Inf. F 23 Aug 1861
Harney George W. 17 PA Inf. (3 mos.) K 25 Apr 1861
Harney George W. 19 PA Cavalry B,H 05 Sep 1863
Harney George W. 60 PA Inf. Mil. B 19 Jun 1863
Harney George W. 51 OH Infantry 90 OH Infantry C
Harney Gideon 42 US Colored Infantry K
Harney Granville 4 MO S.M. Cavalry E
Harney Harrison A. 25 WI Infantry I
Harney Henry C. 10 MO Infantry VRC, 98 Co. 2 Battn.
Harney Hiram P. 8 VT Infantry B
Harney Israil 12 US Colored Infantry D
Harney Issac F. 2 MA Cavalry I
Harney J. 196 PA Infantry 186 PA Inf. D 16 Jul 1864
Harney Jacob 59 US Colored Infantry C
Harney James 77 MA Infantry 45 MA E
Harney James 26 NY Cavalry D
Harney James 11th MA Inf D 13 Jun 1861
Harney James 17 MA Inf E 05 Sep 1862
Harney James 1 MA Batt Cav D 31 Dec 1864
Harney James 5 RI Heavy Arty C 08 Aug 1863
Harney James Veterans Reserve Corp VRC A
Harney James 10 IA Infantry G
Harney James 122 OH Infantry E
Harney James 4 MI H. Arty. 6 MI Inf I 15 Feb 1864
Harney James 3 IN Cavalry I
Harney James 3 IL Cavalry A
Harney James 65 IL Infantry B
Harney James 39 US Colored Inf.US Navy C
Harney James A. 3 KY Infantry F
Harney James B. 108 NY Infantry F
Harney James F.11 MA Infantry 2 MA Cavalry D 06 Jan 1863
Harney James F. 2 MA Cavalry I
Harney James H. 13 OH Infantry F 05 Jun 1861
Harney James H. 56 US Colored Infantry 3 AR Colored Infantry E
Harney James M. 5 MA Mil.Infantry D 09 Jul 1864
Harney James P. 32 IL Infantry K,H 14 Sep 1861
Harney James W. 51 OH Infantry 90 C
Harney Jeremiah H. 1 MA Heavy Art'y C,M 01 Nov 1864
Harney Jethro 136 OH Infantry H
Harney John 38 MA Infantry B 04 Aug 1862
Harney John 2 MA Heavy Art'y F,C 12 Sep 1863
Harney John 28 MA Infantry 28th with Irish Brigade 19 Mar 1864 G,E
Harney John 2 MA Heavy Art'y F,C 12 Sep 1863
Harney John 102 NY Infantry AC
Harney John 63 NY Infantry 63d with Irish Brigade 08 Sep 1861 A,D
Harney John 79 NY Infantry I,D 24 Aug 1861
Harney John 63 NY Infantry 63d with Irish Brigade 01 Oct 1861 K,B
Harney John 4 NY Cavalry 6 CT Infantry 19 Jan 1863 M,C,A
Harney John 1 NY Light Art'y. n/a
Harney John 2 IL Light Art C 18 Aug 1862
Harney John 2 NY Veteran Cavalry K 29 Oct 1863
Harney John 29 PA Infantry H 16 Jan 1865
Harney John 82 PA Infantry n/a
Harney John n/a n/a 04 Aug 1862
Harney John 3 MA Heavy Art E 18 Jul 1863
Harney John 22 CT E 22 Aug 1862
Harney John 7 OH Cavalry F
Harney John 12 OH Cavalry D 01 Oct 1863
Harney John 112 OH Infantry 63 OH Infantry B
Harney John 114 OH Infantry 120 OH 09 Oct 1862 G
Harney John 2 MO L. Arty. D
Harney John 2 MO Cavalry I
Harney John 4 MO Cavlary I,A
Harney John 7 MO Cavalry n/a
Harney John, age 30, 8 MI Cavalry 11 MI Cavalry 22 Oct 1863 K,J,F,I
Harney John 11 IN Cavalry A
Harney John 12 US Infantry, C [aka Haney]
Harney John 14 US Colored Infantry H
Harney John 110 US Colored Infantry I
Harney John 174 NY Inf G 27 Nov 1862
Harney John A. 24 MA Infantry A,K 07 Oct 1861
Harney John F. 1 MA Infantry I 24 May
Harney John F 16 IL Inf H May 1861
Harney John G. 6 IN Cavalry 71 IN Infantry? C
Harney John H. 1 NY Engineers n/a
Harney John M. 16 IN Infantry H
Harney John M. 86 OH Inf E 03 Jun 1862
Harney John W. 44 OH Inf Band 08 Oct 1861
Harney John or Jacob 1 TX Cavalry B
Harney Jordell A. 4 IA Infantry B
Harney Joseph 101 PA Infantry E 05 Nov 1861
Harney Joseph 119 PA Infantry C 01 Sep 1863
Harney Joseph 1 OR Cavalry D
Harney Joseph 12 US Colored Infantry D
Harney Joseph 5th NY Heavy Art U 17 Jul 1862
Harney Joseph J. 26 NY Inf G 02 May 1861
Harney Joseph M. 106 IL Infantry H 11 Aug 1862
Harney Joseph W. 67 NY Infantry I 01 May 1861
Harney Joseph W. 3 MD Cavalry G,K 24 Sep 1863
Harney Joshua T. 21 IN Heavy Arty. E
Harney Leonidas 10 MO Infantry n/a
Harney Lewis 12 US Colored Infantry D
Harney Lewis C. 1 IN Heavy Arty. M
Harney Martin 40 NY Infantry 11 & 20 US 14 Jun 1861 C,D
Harney Martin 25 NJ Infantry G 02 Sep 1862
Harney Martin L, 26 KY Vol. Inf. D
Harney Mathew 69 NY Infantry 69th with Irish Brigade. G
Harney Mathew 35 IN Infantry K
Harney Michael MA Light Art'y 13 Indep. Batt'y.
Harney Michael 38 MA Infantry VRC, 37 Co. 2d 09 Jul 1864 B
Harney Michael 61 MA Infantry H
Harney Michael 73 NY Infantry 4th Excelsior
Harney Michael 4 NY Heavy Art'y. 4th with Irish Brigade. 18 Jan 1864 B
Harney Michael 73 NY Infantry DHF
Harney Michael 67 NY Infantry 65 NY Infantry 01 Sep 1864 & 93 NY GD&B. d.1897 Ohio.
Harney Michael 38th MA Inf VRC B 08 Aug 1862
Harney Michael 61 MA Inf H 27 Dec 1864
Harney Michael 13th MA Light Inf 03 Jan 1865
Harney Michael 15 NJ Infantry 2 NJ Battn. (or NY)18 Mar 1865 H,K
Harney Michael Navy: USS Vandalia, USS DeSoto, Zouave. 12 Dec 1864.
Harney Michael 67th NY Inf G 03 Jun 1861
Harney Milton M. 2 NE Cavalry B
Harney Morton L. 26 KY Infantry D
Harney Nathaniel 2 MD Inf. [ES] E 20 Jan 1862
Harney Noah 2 US Colored Infantry B
Harney P. J. 133 NY Infantry K
Harney Patrick 182 NY Infantry C
Harney Patrick 182 NY Infantry E
Harney Patrick 121 NY Infantry n/a
Harney Patrick 1 NJ Infantry H,K 03 Jun 1861
Harney Patrick 13 IA Infantry F 07 Nov 1864
Harney Patrick 101 IL Infantry F 08 Oct 1862
Harney Paul 110 US Colored Infantry K
Harney Peter 8 NJ Infantry D 06 Feb 1865
Harney Peter Veterans Reserve Corp VRC 13 NY Calvary Unassigned
Harney Peter 2 CA Infantry H 15 Sep 1864
Harney Peter 44 IN Infantry A
Harney Peter 10 US Colored Infantry 77 US
Harney Peter J. 13 NY Cavalry E 25 May 1863
Harney Peter J. 69 NY Infantry 69th with Irish Brigade. F
Harney Philip 3 Potomac Home Bg MD Inf. B
Harney Rees 94 IL Infantry C
Harney Richard 30 MA Infantry 48 MA Inf G,H 13 Sep 1862
Harney Richard 29 MA Infantry 29th with Irish Brigade. 19 Apr 1861. A. Killed 27 Jun 1864.
Harney Richard 48th MA Infantry (9 mos) H 28 Sep 1861
Harney Richard H. 72 IN Infantry E
Harney Robert 62 MA Infantry A Potters 05 Apr 1865
Harney Robert D. 101 IL Infantry F 13 Aug 1862
Harney Robert F. 5 NY Heavy Art'y 2 CT Infantry & 62 NY Inf. 10 Aug 1861. I,H,G
Harney Robert F. 55 PA Infantry A
Harney Robert K. 2 CT Infantry H 23 Apr 1861
Harney Robt F. 62 NY Infantry G
Harney Roger 16 NY Cavalry K 04 Sep 1863
Harney Samuel Balt.Batty, MD L.Art'y n/a
Harney Samuel J 53 Inf I 28 Jan 1864
Harney Sarchfield M. 7 IL Infantry A 22 Apr 1861
Harney Selby 34 KY Infantry 1 Battn. KY Vols. F,S
Harney Sylvester 82 PA Inf F 23 Aug 1861
Harney Terrence 57 IL Inf I 16 Oct 1861
Harney Thomas 199 PA Infantry n/a
Harney Thomas 2 RI Infantry n/a
Harney Thomas 16 VA Infantry H
Harney Thomas 2 MN Infantry 2 US Arty. E,I 05 Jul 1861. Re-enl. 26 Dec 1863, Missionary Ridge.
Harney Thomas 153 IN Infantry F
Harney Thomas 47 IL Infantry 2 US V.V. 16 Aug 1861. D,F
Harney Thomas E. 10 NJ Infantry F 31 Aug 1862
Harney Truman G. 9 NY Heavy Art'y A
Harney William MA Light Art'y. 14 Indpt. Batt'y.
Harney William 9 MA Infantry B
Harney William 69 NY Infantry 69th with Irish Brigade. G
Harney William 9th MA Inf B 11 Jun 1861
Harney William 8 US Colored Troops E 14 Jan 1865
Harney William 54 PA Infantry D,G
Harney William 14th MA Light Inf 11 Jul 1864
Harney William 13 NJ Infantry K 29 Oct 1864
Harney William 12 CT Infantry K 10 Dec 1861
Harney William 4 KY Cavalry L
Harney William 12 KY Cavalry B,A
Harney William 38 IL Infantry A 15 Jul 1861
Harney William 11 OH Inf 11 Battn. A,E 20 Jun 1861
Harney William D. 48 MA Mil.Infantry K
Harney William E 31 USV Inf C
Harney William G. 26 KY Infantry D
Harney William H. 14 NY Heavy Art'y B
Harney William H. 1 MO Cavalry n/a
Harney William H. 54 IL Infantry H 01 Dec 1861
Harney, William H, 12 KY Vol. Calvary
Harney William M. Balt.Lt.Inf. MD Vols. A
Harney William S. 10 IA Infantry A 21 Aug 1861
Harney Winfield 45 IL Infantry F 11 Jan 1862
Harney Winfield 110 US Colored Infantry K

Harny John NY Nat'l Guard F
Harny Joseph 11 IA Infantry A
Harny Richmond 11 KY Infantry K
Harny William H. 7 TN Cavalry C
Harney A. T. 8 (Smiths) TN Cavalry 18 A,H
Harney Barney 15 TN Infantry C
Harney C. M. 1 MO Cavalry F
Harney Charles K. 1 (Nelligans) LA Inf D
Harney Daniel 2 Battn MD Infantry D
Harney E. C. 22 NC Infantry Formerly 12 NC Inf, Vols. L
Harney E.  P.22 NC Infantry E
Harney E.  S.18 SC Infantry B
Harney Edward, age 22, LA (killed at Manassas) * Also see Edward T, below.
Harney Edward Benavides' Regt. TX Cav.K,H,C
Harney Edward 8 TX Cavalry (Hobby's R.) 24 Battn TX Inf. I
Harney Edward T. 6 LA Infantry E - Enlisted 4 Jun 1861, Camp Moore. Killed 29 Aug 1862, Manassas. Born Ireland. Age 22. Res. New Orleans. * Same as Edward, age 22, above.

Harney Frank M.  8 LA Regt. C.S.A. Hays Brigade. Enl. 19 June 1861, Camp Moore. Transfered to QM Dept as Regtl AQM 1863. Transfered to Trans-Miss Dept 1864. Born Ireland, age 46, single, res: New Orleans.
Harney Frank M. 14 NC Infantry Formerly 4 NC 03 May 1861 F
Harney Frank N. 8 LA Infantry D
Harney G. 34 VA Infantry D
Harney George E. 40 VA Infantry K
Harney George W. 22 Battn TN Infantry 2 Murray's) Battn D
Harney H. W. 45 NC Infantry K 01 Oct 1864
Harney Henry 1 VA Inf.(Williams Rifle)Asst Comm.of Subs. D,F,S
Harney Henry 43 TN Infantry 5 East TN Vols Gillespie B
Harney I. H. 16 NC Infantry n/a
Harney Isaac S. 36 MS Infantry A
Harney J. C. Murphy's Battn AL Cavalry 15 Confed. Cav., Co. H C
Harney J. C. 13 LA (Partisan Rangers) B
Harney J. F. 18 SC Infantry B
Harney J. J. 42 AL Infantry B
Harney J. L. 27 AL Infantry D
Harney Jacob 8 AR Infantry New B
Harney Jacob KY Cavalry D
Harney James TX Light Arty. 1 TX Heavy Arty. (Cook's) A, Capt. Jones Co.
Harney James 36 AR Infantry H
Harney James 18 Batty VA H.Arty. B
Harney James Navy: Gunboat Resolute
Harney James A. 39 GA Infantry E
Harney James J. 16 TN Infantry Became Consol'd TN Inf. A
Harney James R. or B. 12 SC Infantry F
Harney John 27 TX Cavalry 1 TX Legion,Whitfield's L,K
Harney John 18 GA Infantry G 01 May 1861
Harney John 14 LA Infantry, 27 May 1861
Harney John MO Light Arty. Capt. Walsh's Co.
Harney John 21 TN Infantry Became (5)Rgt.Conf.Inf. E
Harney John Tucker's Regt. Conf. Inf. 1st Foreign Battn.Confed. F
Harney John J.1 Regt. AL Infantry K
Harney John R. 1 KY Cavalry (Butler's) 1st 22 Oct 1861 Battn KY Mount Rifles G,D
Harney Joseph 8 LA Infantry I
Harney Joseph 18 NC Infantry K
Harney Julius 1 MO Infantry K
Harney L. B. 45 NC Infantry K
Harney L. D. 1 AR Infantry (Colquitts) H
Harney Lawrence 9 Battn NC Sharp Shooters 1 22 Apr 1863 B
Harney Lawrence [22 Apr 1863]
Harney, Lawrence, 1st (Nelligan's) LA Inf. C, Enl. 27 May 1861, New Orleans. Discharged to join the Merrimac 1862.
Harney Levi B 45 NC Inf K 24 Oct 1864
Harney Logan Navy
Harney M. A. 56 GA Infantry I
Harney Nathan 1 MO Cavalry A
Harney P. P. 1 NC Infantry A
Harney Patrick 1 MO Infantry 1 & 4 Consol'd MO Inf. A. Killed on 16 May 1863
Harney R. 45 NC Infantry K
Harney R. A. 7 VA Infantry F
Harney Robert H., age 17, 45 NC Inf K 01 May 1864
Harney Rufus F. 39 NC Infantry C,G
Harney S. M. 1 City Battn GA Infantry A
Harney S. M. 3 AR Infantry Formerly 18 AR Inf. B
Harney T. J. 30 AR Infantry G
Harney T. M. C.S.A. n/a
Harney T. W. 11 GA Militia n/a
Harney Thomas 3 Battn. GA Infantry G
Harney Thomas F. 6 MO Infantry F
Harney Thomas F. 3 Battn. MO Infantry D
Harney Thomas F. C.S.A. Engineers
Harney Thomas J. 1 Battn. KY Mtd. Rifles D 22 Oct 1861
Harney W. 45 NC Infantry K 15 May 1864
Harney W. A. 27 NC Infantry B
Harney W. B. 45 NC Inf K 01 Oct 1964
Harney W. C. 8 AR Regt. New K
Harney W. C. 23 TN Infantry A
Harney W. T. 45 NC Inf K 01 Oct 1864
Harney William G.1 Battn KY Mtd. Rifles 3 Bn 22 Oct 1861. Co. F,D
Harney Willoughby 3 KY Battn F 23 Nov 1862

Harny John L. 6 TX Cavalry 2 TX Cav. Stone's Regt. C

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Harney, Carey W, private, 3rd Regt. NC Volunteers. From Elizabeth City, NC.
Harney, George, 55th Iowa Vol. Reg., Co. I  (from his death record). [Chart: ROHCL2D.IRE]
Harney, Owen S, b. Louisiana, resided in Dallas, TX. Unit unknown. [Chart: SUEMAW.MAS]

By no means complete!  Further research must be done.  Your help is appreciated.

List of Officers of the Regular Army (from its organization 29 Sep 1789, to 1903) Who Were Killed or Wounded in Action or Taken Prisoner.
p.24, HARNEY, Benjamin F, surg. 6 June 1847, Tolomes Mexico, wounded.
p.108 HARNEY, George, Lt Col 147 NY Inf
p.108 HARNEY, Selby, Col 34 KY Inf
p.219 HARNEY, George S, 2 Lt 158 IND Inf

ADJUTANT GENERAL'S OFFICE (1890-1917) INDEX to General Correspondence - from John D. Bowen.

HARNEY, Benjamin M, Captain, Company A, 9th Regiment, KY Cavalry. From the Auditor for the War Department, recognition, 8 Sep 1909. Ref. 1563658.  National Archives microfilm M698.

HARNEY, Berry, Company K, 9th Cavalry, discharge veteran, PRD 1893, Ref. 16002. National Archives microfilm M698.

Harney, C.H. Transfer of Walter C. Harney, Company M, 15th Infantry from China "to the other side of the world." Ref. 2273769, Mar 31, 1915.

HARNEY, Charles. Sgt, Company A, 10th Infantry, Comsy Sgt. Abstract: May 1, 1891, appointed Comsy Sgt & proceed to Jackson Barracks for duty. 1893, change of station. 1894, change of station. Jan 5 1895, change of station from Cp Pilot Butte to Ft. Sill.  Announcement of his death at Pilot Butte. Receipt of effects belonging to his estate. National Archives microfilm M698.

HARNEY, Charles, Alias George A Wilkerson. General Prisoner US Disciplinary Barracks, Ft Leavenworth, Knasas, late private, Troop D, 14th Cavalry. Return of same to Indiana Boys School, Plain Field, Indiana, Feb 28 1915 (or 1916). Ref. 2374073.   National Archives microfilm M698.

HARNEY, Charles R, Private, Company C, 6th Calvary. From CO Alpine Texas, desterted. Ref. 2412584, June 13 1916. Apprehension 23 Sep 1916, AG2412584.   National Archives microfilm M698.

HARNEY, Clarence R. Applicant for Enlistment, telegram from Recruiting Office Lexington, KY. Purpose: Enlistment for Infantry, Ref. 2180976, 30 Jun  1914.

HARNEY, Claude. from Recruiting Office Nashville, TN. Enlistment for Inf. Ref. 2490545, 13 Nov 1916.

HARNEY, D. J. Mrs. from Marshfield WI. Purpose: Record of Parkinson's & Woodward's Revolutionary War. Ref. 2490545, 13 Nov 1916. Ref. 1880040, 14 Feb 1912. Ref. 2085839, Oct 1913.

HARNEY, David. Comapny E, 3rd Regiment, RI Cavalry. From Self, Soldiers Home, Bristol, RI. Purpose: Certificate in lieu of lost discharge. Ref. 999650, 10 Apr 1905. Ref. 999709, 10 Apr 1905. Ref. 1002795, 18 Apr 1905. From Thomas W. Manchester, Adjutant, RI Soldier's Home, Bristol, RI. Purpose: States this man desires the age he gave at time of enlistment. Ref. 1006266, 16 Apr 1905.

HARNEY, David. from Surgeon, Ft. Warren, MA. Purpose: Report of birth of male child to same. Ref. 2251365, 25 Jan 1915.

WORLD WAR I  (1917-1919)   Click here.


Harney, Edward F. (1883-1944), California, Sgt Gen Serv Inf. buried Evergreen-Washelli Memorial Park, Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Belleau Woods Section, Seattle, King County, Washington state.

Harney, Emmett D., Served in Germany during WWII. Died 1944.  MDTEG5L2.SOU.

Harney, Ormond F,  Navy Veteran of WWII. Died 02 Aug 1992, Henry, IL. Chart: ILWCF.EAS.

Harney, James Dale, served in Army during WWII and Korea.  Died at age 83, Phoenix, AZ, 25 Aug 2000. - from the Arizona Republic newspaper, published 2 Sept.2000.

Harney, James F., US Army, E-2, Residence: Fairhaven VT. Entered on Active Duty 08 Feb 1943, Separated Medical 06 Oct 1943. Info from JDB.

Harney, James Morey, served with the 82nd Airborne and landed the day before D-Day in Normandy, France, as one of the advance teams.  It is thought he was a corporal at that time.  Within less than 24 hours James was the highest ranking officer left alive.  His name is in the book you can buy in Normandy, France, about that battle.  He left the Army as a Major.  He worked for 22 years with the Boy Scouts of America, and died on 8 March 1986. (Info provided by his daughter, Janet).

Harney, John James, USNR 184597, D-V(G).  Lieut Harney was killed in action at Leyte Island, Philippine Island on 14 Oct 1944 during enemy bombardment in the line of duty.  Instantaneous Death Caused By: Shrapnel entering back and puncturing left lung and heart. Buried 22 Oct 1944 on Leyte Island.  Next of kin: Mother, Mrs. John Matthew Harney.  Lieut Harney took cover in beach revetment and was struck by mortar shell.  Beach Load master for LST 483.  From Lynn, MA.  Chart: ESMAR.MAS.  Information from Larry Brudnicki, Sept 2007.

Harney, John Joseph, US Army, E-2. Born 15 Jun 1920, Poultney VT. Residence: Poultney VT. Entered Active Duty 28 Jan 1941. Separated Medical 04 Aug 1943, Foreign Service Asiatic Pacific Theater. Info from JDB.

Harney, John William, served in the Marines in World War II, per his family.   They were living in Pueblo, CO, or surrounding area at the time he enlisted.   He was born 3 Oct 1922, Colorado, the eldest son of Edward Leslie Harney and Thelma Lillian Johnson.  John William died 6 Apr 1984.  He married Hilda Proctor and they had 4 children.  Chart: COWMM.WES.

Harney, Joseph F Jr., pvt 1st class, from Wisconsin. Served in the Air Corps, died 27 Nov 1943, North Africa.  From Table of Missing in Action, at North Africa American Cemetery, Carthage, Tunisia.   Awarded Purple Heart Medal.

Harney, Kenneth, served with the U.S. Navy (dates unknown), buried 8 Aug 1947, Highland Park cemetery, Cleveland, Cuyahoga co. Born 25 July 1921. - from Soldiers Buried in Ohio.

Harney, Raymond Earl Sr, born 16 March 1920, died 28 Sept 1944 after a successful bombing mission for the 349th squadron. He was the pilot.  Eyewitness account:  "A/C #306 was hit in #2 engine by flak at 1210 hours in the target area. The engine caught fire, but was quickly put out when it pulled away from the formation. It then pulled under our group and followed our formation 28 to 30 minutes before going down into the undercast near 5051N and 1057E with P-51s escorting."  (This account provided by Rebecca Harney Thompson, his granddaughter, July 2004 email).  Chart: MDTEG3J3.SOU.

Harney, Reynolds Stewart (1914-1978), served in the U.S. Navy with the SeaBees in the South Pacific.  He was wounded, receiving the Purple Heart.  He returned home on a hospital ship, and married his nurse Mary Ann Kireta. They lived in Paris, KY. - from his daughter-in-law. Chart MDTEG5P.SOU.

Did your Harney relation serve in WWII?  If so, let me know, so his/her name can be added here.


Register of Insane Soldiers 1853-1919 - from John D. Bowen
Harney, John H, pvt, Troop C, 7th Cavalry. Enlisted 26 Aug 1883. Admitted to hospital 23 Dec 1884. Discharged for disability, 22 Jul 1885 anf from hospital 28 Jul 1885. Recovered. Ref: visi 5284 AGO '85. Lettermark 4050-AGO 1885.

Other Harneys who died while in Military Service:
Harney, Henry L
., died 12 Feb 1909, Columbus Barracks, Columbus, Franklin co. OH. Cause: pneumonia and measles. Description: male, white, age 20, born Jan 1889, South Carolina, single, son of J.D. Harney. Occ: Soldier.

NEBRASKA Resident Military Roster, 1891
Harney, J.M., private, Co. H, 106 Infantry, from Friend, IL
Harney, Robert D, Sergeant, Co. F, 101 Infantry, from Paul, IL
Harney, Milton M., private, Co. B, 2 Cavalry, from Tekamah, NE

Please help locate Harneys who served in this conflict.

Harney, James F, Pvt Pfc. Hq. Co 75 Inf. b. 5April 1934. d.26 April 1956. Buried St. Mary's Cemetery, Fair Haven, VT.

Harney, Thomas Joseph, known to his family as "Brud", a veteran of the Korean War, he served two tours of duty as a Surgical Technician with the U.S. Army Medical Corps, 6th Medical Battalion, Co. D, at Taegu, Korea.  After graduating from Northeastern University, in 1957, Mr. Harney worked for the U.S. Navy for more than 30 years as a mechanical engineer performing upgrades and modifications to the U.S. nuclear submarine fleet at the Pearl Harbor Naval Base in Honolulu, Hawaii.  He died at age 74, on 18 May 2003, in Boston, MA.  From his obituary, submitted by his brother-in-law, Robert Gallagher, Chelmsford, MA. (Also see HU67).


I know that lots of Harneys served in this War.  I don't have access to records. Please help by providing information about your relations who served in Vietnam.

Lafayette Harney, Jr. was in the United States Air Force, and served two tours in Vietnam, the first being from October 1967 to October 1968. At this time he was assigned to the 377th USAF Dispensary, Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam. The second tour being with Detachment 11, 1131st Special Acvtivities Squadron, Saigon, Vietnam, from 1969 to 1970. The dates may not be exact.

Harney, Marvin D., served with the Air Force during the mid-1960's in Vietnam. Chart MDTEG5L2.SOU.

IRAQ WAR, 2003 - 

Unfortunately we will be starting new lists here.



There are many, many Harneys in this category, but it is hard to find records of them.   Please help.  If any of your Harney relations served in the military, please notify me.

Gerald Joseph Harney, b.1937, Galena, IL, served in the Marine Corps from 1954 to 1958, per his obituary. Died 1 Aug 2003, Galena, IL.  Chart: ROMCG3.IRE.

Gregory G. Harney Jr., designed lighting for theatrical shows that entertained troops stationed in Europe, while in the Army. After the Army worked for CBS and WGBH public broadcasting. becoming executive producer of WGBH in Massachusetts.  Born in Yonkers, New York, died age 78, August 2005, Lincoln, MA.  Chart: NYFAO.EAS.

James H Harney, b. Aug 1898, Springfield, IL.  Branch of service not known.  He later worked for the Post Office in Springfield. Chart:ILMCM.EAS.

Joseph Edward Harney, b. 1943, Pueblo, CO, joined the Marines at age 17, retiring as a Sgt. Major -E9.  He likely served in Vietnam.   Chart: COWMM.WES.

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