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Q. Who was the personal lawyer of Andrew Jackson, and handled the affairs at "The Hermitage" while Jackson was President and living in the White House?
A. James Thompson Harney (1790-1874), who was an older brother of General William Selby Harney.  James Thompson Harney was with Jackson when he fought Dickenson in a duel, for slandering Jackson's wife.  Dickenson was wounded and died shortly thereafter.    HU26. Chart MDTEG4.SOU.

Q. What Harney is connected to Australia's famous Ayers Rock?
A. Bill Harney, son of the famous Australian radio commentator (BBS) and author of the same name, provides Aboriginal cultural tours of Ayers Rock and the Katherine region. Bookings: Travel North Katherine, Phone 008 089 103.  HU16, HU29 & HU34. Chart QUWCN.AUS.

Q. Who is the Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland?
A. Mary Harney. HU30. Chart GA001.IRE.

Q. Who was ordered to blow up the White House, as part of a Confederate conspiracy to kidnap President Lincoln? The botched kidnapping attempt resulted in Lincoln's assassination.
A. Thomas F. "Frank" Harney, an explosives expert in the Confederate army.   Reference: Tidwell, William.  Come Retribution: The Confederate Secret Service and the Assassination of Lincoln.    HU9. Chart unknown.

Q. What Harney spent nearly 28 years in the White House?
A. Kathleen (Dinneen) Harney, spent 28 years in Government service, most of it in the White House as an executive secretary and office supervisor. She was the daughter of Dennis J. Dineen and Catherine A. Connor.  She married Michael Joseph Harney on 9 Nov 1919, in Lynn, MA, before moving to Washington D.C.  HU8. Chart ESMAR.MAS.

Q.  Who was the Treasury Agent responsible for the capture of gangster Al Capone?
A.  Malachi L. Harney, Chief Coordinator of the Treasury Enforcement Agencies, and Technical Assistant to the Secretary for Enforcement.  In addition to directing the training of Treasury agents, agencies under his control included the Narcotics Bureau, the Alcohol Tax Unit, Customs and the Secret Service.  After his retirement from government service in Washington D.C.,, he was named head of the Illinois Division of Narcotic Control.  HU21. Chart MNJKL.WES. col.gif (8782 bytes)

Q. During the American Revolution, what Harney was wounded in the Battle of Long Island on 27 August 1776, and captured by the British?
A. Jenethan Harney. HU24. Chart ref: MDTEG3.SOU.

Q. Who lived in the house referred to in "My Old Kentucky Home?"
A. Eliza Cooper (Rowan) Harney, wife of the poet John Milton Harney, and daughter of Judge John Rowan of Bardstown, KY. Her cousin, Stephen Foster wrote "My Old Kentucky Home" about her family home. Chart MDTEG4.SOU.

Q. Who almost started a war between the U.S. and Great Britain, over ownership of a pig?
A. General William Selby Harney (1800-1889) who was then recalled to Washington. HU27. Chart MDTEG4.SOU.

Q. The terms "Ragtime's Father" and "Jazz Originator" refer to which highly paid headliner in vaudeville?
A. Benjamin Robertson Harney (1871-1938) HU20. Chart MDTEG3G.SOU.

Q. Who was Superior General of the Paulist Fathers (1929-40)?
A. Very Rev. John Bernard Harney. HU18. Chart ROHCL.IRE.

Q. In the first Australian Federal Parliament, who served as Senator for Western Australia (1901)?
A. Edward "Ned" Augustine St. Aubyn Harney. HU9. Chart AUJAT.AUS.

Q. Black inventor of the shoe lasting machine, Jan E. Matzeliger,  was employed by what shoe company in Lynn, MA?
A. P.J. Harney Shoe Company, Lynn, Massachusetts. HU20. Chart ESMAR.MAS.

Q. What was the "Harney Massacre?"
A. On 18 July 1839, William Selby Harney, with 28 men from the dragoons and two civilians, were camped at a trading post on the Caloosahatchee River, east of Fort Meyers, Florida. They were attacked, while sleeping, by a raiding band of Muspa, led by Chief Holatamico (Billy Bowlegs), and 250 Seminole warriors. Harney was one of the few to escape into the river. Trade beads from this post have now been found and can be purchased from Larry Garvin, South Zanesville, Ohio. Phone (614) 454-0874. HU40. Chart MDTEG4.SOU.

Q. What was the "Harney Treaty?"
A. In 1868, General William Selby Harney returned from retirement to meet with the Sioux and Mountain Crow tribes at Fort Laramie, Wyoming. The peace-pipe used to seal the "Harney Treaty" is now in possession of Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) in Washington D.C. The pipe is 2-feet long, made of Minnesota red stone, and is decorated with brass tacks. It has been appraised at $40,000 (1992). HU23, HU28. Chart MDTEG4.SOU.

Q. Where is the "Harney Mansion" in the U.S.?
A. Sullivan, Missouri. This was the summer home of General William Selby Harney, and is now a City Park (since 1993). HU17 (photo), HU25, HU26. Chart MDTEG4.SOU.

Q. What is the Harney connection to Candlestick Park in San Francisco?
A. The land owner and contractor for Candlestick Park was Charles L. Harney, a hard-minded businessman, and sports enthusiast. The Harney Science Center of the University of San Francisco is named in his honor. He is reported to have been a major builder of the Golden Gate and Oakland Bay bridges. HU25 & HU26. Chart CAMDC.WES.

Q. This friend of Amelia Earhart's was one of the first women aviators, and a member of the Ninety-Nines.
A. Laura Frances (Brooks) Harney. She is author of The Skycraft Book, 1932. HU25. Chart NYJHB.EAS.

Q. Who discovered the "Homestake" Gold Mine, the richest mine in U.S. history?
A. While a Harney was involved, there is disagreement on which Harney.  One history book says it was John Henry "Hank" Harney, whose ancestors remained in the Wyoming, South Dakota area. It says he sold his shares to California's Governor Hearst for two barrels of flour and two kegs of whiskey!  Another branch of the Harney family says it was their ancestor, Henry Clay Harney (also spelled Horney), and that he received much more money from the Hearst family for his share of the mine.  For more on this subject see Issue 54 of the Harney Update newsletter (reproduced on-line).

Q. What Harney was instrumental in bringing the Irish to America?
A. Owen Harney, Drum parish, Roscommon, Ireland, and his descendants, were part of a network of people bringing Irish refugees to America during the mid-1800s. HU44 & HU45. Chart ROHCL.IRE.  

Q.  What Harney won an All Ireland Hurling Final in 1930?
A.  James Harney won an all Ireland in 1930 with Tipperary.  That year Tipperary did the triple and won the senior, the minor, and the under 21 finals.  The senior team also went to New York to play in the "Hurling World Series", an old tradition where the All Ireland Champions played the New York GAA Club.  - from (another) James Harney. Chart:

Chart references noted refer to family charts in the possession of the author.  HU refers to the family newsletter 'Harney Update.'

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