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roane co genealogy ~ harriman, roane county, tennessee ~

records, census listings, cemetery transcriptions, military information, family history, etc,
for many area families not well-documented elsewhere


GILES, MAJORS and allied families, including, among others, ELLIS, PHILLIPS, HAGGARD, MONTGOMERY, McPHERSON , NEWPORT, & GILLILAND

    Emory River at Harriman, TN


GILES - Family of William Morgan Giles & Cora Picken Ellis

MAJORS - Family of Mack Majors & Clara Phillips

ELLISFamily of Charles David Ellis & Mary Haggard

PHILLIPSFamily of William Abraham Phillips & Jimmie L. "Lula" Sarratt

HAGGARDFamily of Robert Gilliland Haggard & Mary "Polly" McPherson

MONTGOMERY - Family of David Washington Montgomery & Mary "Polly" Brandon

McPHERSONFamily of Andrew Barton McPherson & Parthenia Hale

NEWPORTFamily of Asa Newport & Elizabeth Rogers

GILLILAND - Family of Robert Gilliland & Mary "Polly" Brashear


CEMETERIES  -  in and around Roane County.
for a complete listing of Roane County, TN area cemeteries in my webpages, see | here | (opens new window). photographs of many local cemeteries and grave markers - individuals from the above families and others, too.

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