The following biographical sketches of early settlers in Monroe County as reproduced from a book titled, the "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio." The material for this book was taken from two nineteenth century books: (1) 'History of Monroe County Ohio,' a product of the H.H. Hardesty & Co., publishers, Chicago and Toledo, 1882 and (2) 'Caldwell's Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio,' a product of Atlas Publishing Company, Mount Vernon, Ohio, 1898. The "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio" was reprinted and is available from the Monroe County Historical Society.

















ARCHIBALD J. BARKIS – son of Cornelius & Catharine MOBLEY BARKIS, the latter dead, was born in 1855, was married at Cameron, Apr 28 1881, to Charlotte T. ZIMMERLIE, daughter of Samuel & Margaret HORTY ZIMMERLIE, settlers in Monroe county in 1828, when it was a complete wilderness.  Mr. BARKIS is a blacksmith & carriage builder.  Address, Cameron, Monroe county, OH.  He was born in Newcastle, Monroe county, OH, and his wife was also born in this county, at Cameron, in 1842.


THOMAS G. CULBERTSON – is a resident of Adams township, where he located in 1859.  He is a native of Guernsey county, OH, born Mar 20 1839, and married in Adams township, Monroe county, Feb 21 1872, Isabella FULTON, born in the same county, Dec 4 1845.  Three children have been the result of this union: David C., born Feb 7 1873; Andrew G., Aug 8 1875; William A., Jan 26 1880.  Mrs. CULBERTSON is the daughter of Andrew & Margaret MYERS FULTON.  Mr. CULBERTSON is a son of Thomas CULBERTSON, deceased, and Margaret GILLESPIE CULBERTSON.  His grandfather, Robert CULBERTSON, was one of the very early settlers in southeastern Ohio, Harrison county, near the present site of New Athens, when this whole portion of the country was a wilderness.  Mrs. CULBERTSON’s parents were also among the early settlers, coming when the country was new and wild.  William FULTON, brother of Mrs. CULBERTSON, took part in the late civil war, a member of Company E., 116th OVI; was in all the battles his regiment was engaged in, served three years and was honorably discharged at the close of the war.  Mr. CULBERTSON’s business is farming.  Address, Irish Ridge, Monroe Co., OH.


PETER KING – was born in Greene county, PA, Oct 2 1807 and came to OH when he was a young man in 1830, settled in Greene township, this county, where he married, and entered a farm of 120 acres, cleared his farm, built up a home, where he remained until the year 1866, when he removed to Adams township, his present home.  His wife, Sarah HICKMAN, was born in Monroe county, Jan 27 1812, and married Oct 24 1830.  Her parents, William & Mary GREENE HICKMAN, both deceased, were also among the earliest settlers of the county; came in 1825.  Mr. KING’s parents are also deceased.  They were John & Christene YAGER KING.  The children of Peter KING are all living, namely: William, born Oct 18 1831, resides in this township; Christina CONLEY, Dec 17 1834, resides in Wetzel county, WV; Mary STEWART, May 16 1837, resides in Adams township; John H., Aug 18 1840; resides in Jackson township; Henry, Jun 22 1844, resides at home.  Mr. KING served as justice of the peace in Greene township from 1846 to 1858, inclusive.  Mr. & Mrs. KING have been members of the Christian church for 30 years.  Business, farming.  Address, Ozard, Monroe county, OH.


THOMAS MORROW – was born in Belmont county, OH, Jul 4 1828, and settled in Monroe county in 1860.  His wife, Sarah HARRISON MORROW, daughter of William & Elizabeth HARRISON, deceased, was born in England, Feb 28 1832; their marriage took place at St. Clairsville, OH, Sep 26 1850, and they have the following children: Lizzie E., born Mar 18 1855, attending school at Valparaiso, IN; Maggie A. MORROW TRACY, Jun 6 1856, resides in Tyler Co., WV; William J., Mar 18 1857, is in NE; Harry T., Dec 6 1858, is a graduate of Valparaiso, residence, St. Louis, MO; Mollie M., May 14 1863, Valparaiso, attending school.  Mr. MORROW’s parents, John & Ellen WHITE MORROW, both deceased, settled in Adams township, when it was very thinly populated, took up government land in the woods, and built up a home.  They went through all the hardships incident to the settlement of a new country.  Mrs. MORROW, Sr., departed this life Jun 2 1844, at the age of 44 years.  Mr. MORROW died Oct 9 1874, at the ripe age of 90 years.  He was universally respected and honored.  Mr. MORROW’s brother, John, was a participant in the late war, a member of Co. E, 116th OVI; he was wounded at the battle of Winchester, and taken prisoner; was in all the battles of the regiment and honorably discharged at the close of the war.  Mr. MORROW is a farmer, and may be addressed at Irish Ridge, Monroe Co., OH.


STEPHEN H. MORRIS – son of Thomas C. & Jane V. MORRIS, was born in Monroe county, OH, Jun 25 1850.  He was married in Asbury Chapel, by Rev. A. G. ROBB, Sep 6 1876, to Emma B. HOBBS, born at Wheeling, WV, Feb 26 1858, and daughter of Richard & Ellen F. HOBBS; their children are: Martha E., born May 30 1877; Gertrude V., Dec 23 1878; Mary B., Sep 5 1880; Arthur S., Dec 23 1881, and all reside in Monroe county.  Mr. MORRIS had two brothers in the war, Wm. J. & Theodore MORRIS.  George HOBBS & family left Liverpool, England, in May 1833, and landed at Baltimore, MD in Aug, after being on the water 11 weeks, seven weeks out of sight of land.  They then came to Wheeling, WV, remained there over six years, thence to Ohio, and settled in Monroe county.  They were among the pioneers of the county.  Mr. MORRIS’ first wife was Caroline A. MORRIS, daughter of Richard & Martha J. HOBBS.  She was born Sep 17 1845, died Nov 3 1874; they were married Oct 21 1873.  Richard & Martha MORRIS were married in Monroe county, Feb 6 1844.  Mr. MORRIS’ parents were Joshua & Charity MORRIS.  Martha J.’s parents were George & Martha HOBBS.  Richard MORRIS was born Sep 4 1815, died Aug 29 1864.  Martha was born Apr 23 1823, and is now living in Adams township.  Her son-in-law is a school teacher and farmer.  Address, Beallsville, Monroe county.


JAMES T. NUSS – was born in Greene county, PA, Feb 19 1828, is a son of Jacob & Jane RAIL NUSS, deceased.  He was married in Moundsville, WV, Nov 8 1858, to Elizabeth BURRIS, born in Belmont county, OH, Jan 28 1824, and daughter of Thomas & Persosha PEARSON BURRIS, settlers in Monroe county, 1836: the latter died in Oct 1881.  In 1836 the county was almost a wilderness; they settled in the woods upon government land, cleared up a farm and endured all the hardships and inconveniences of a new country.  They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church for 30 years.  Mrs. NUSS was first married to Thomas LEWIS, in PA, on Nov 18 1845; he died Jun 5 1853.  The result of this union was one child, Josephine, born Jun 4 1846; she is now the wife of William BAILEY, and resides in Shawnee, Perry county, OH.  Mr. NUSS is a farmer.  Postoffice address, Ozark, Monroe county, OH.


CHARLES POUTINS – was born in Germany, Mar 6 1826, and settled in Monroe county in 1867.  He is the son of Karl & Elizabeth HARTWICH POUTINS.  He was married in Pittsburgh, PA to Christina FUCHS, born in Germany, Mar 2 1828.  Her parents, John & Mary REICHLE FUCHS, settled in the country in 1846.  Her children were as follows: Mary, born Feb 2 1850, died Aug 1865; Elizabeth, Aug 28 1851, died Aug 1865; Charles, Dec 26 1853, died Aug 1865; Caroline, Apr 5 1856, resides at Cameron; Edward, Mar 4 1858, died Aug 1865; Fredrika, Jun 20 1860, died Aug 1865; Paulina, Oct 29 1862, died Aug 1865; John, Jun 18 1865; Emma, Mar 2 1868; William, Apr 2 1870; Clara, Oct 19 1873 – these last four reside at Cameron.  Mr. POUTINS is a merchant at Cameron, Adams township, where he is also postmaster, which office he has held since 1869.  The deaths of the children all occurred within 10 days, diphtheria being the disease.


ROBERT PREWETT – a native of Hofford [Typist note – may be Harford] county, MD, located in Monroe county, OH in 1859.  His parents are both deceased.  He was married in Adams township, Monroe county, May 4 1864, the native home of his wife, Elizabeth McCOY (died Apr 3 1881), daughter of Mitchell & Keziah ATKINSON McCOY.  Mr. PREWETT’s first marriage was with Catherine RAGEN, in PA.  The children by this union are: John T., now residing in Marietta OH; Susan E., deceased; William W., resides in MO; Braziel, in Owen county, IN; Ann C. PHILLIPS, in Owen county, IN; Daniel N., in Watzel [Typist note – probably Wetzel] county, WV.  Business, farming, Address, Cameron, Monroe county, OH.


LEVI SNIDER – son of George & Barbara SNIDER, deceased, was born in Belmont county, OH, Sep 1 1822, and died Jul 1 1865.  His parents were among the very early settlers of Belmont county, coming there when it was a wilderness and abounded with wild animals.  Mr. SNIDER grew to years of manhood in that county.  He then migrated to Sunsbury township, Monroe county, where he met and married the 2nd daughter of William & Rachael MARSHALL, deceased, and built up a home, where he was a respected and honored citizen by all who knew him.  His wife, Mary, was born in Washington county, PA, Nov 10 1824; their marriage occurred Feb 22 1844, and they had eight children, all of whom are living but three; Hulda E. SNIDER HOBBS, born Aug 25 1845, died Jun 20 1871; Rachael L., Nov 3 1847, died Aug 5 1849; William M., Mar 10 1850, resides in Adams township; Oswald, Jan 1 1853, in Belmont county; Wilber J., Oct 2 1855, at home; Amanda J. HARMON, Mar 23 1858, in Greene township; John L., Dec 7 1860, at home; Sarah L., Oct 17 1864, died Jun 16 1866.  Mrs. SNIDER’s parents settled in Monroe county in 1830; she had one brother, John MARSHALL, in the late war.  Mr. SNIDER was a farmer.  Address Mrs. SNIDER at Ozark, Monroe county, OH.


JOHN STUKEY – a resident of Cameron, is a hotel-keeper and United States mail agent – carries the mail from Clarington to Woodsfield.  He was born in Belmont county, OH, Aug 8 1821, and settled in this county in 1831, with his parents, Joseph STUKEY, deceased, and Hannah BREWER STUKEY.  He was married in Monroe county, Jan 28 1845, to Mary A. MELOTT, also a native of Belmont county, born Dec 16 1826, and their two children are: Kate WARD, born Aug 28 1848; Dollie, Nov 2 1868 – both residents of Cameron.  Mrs. STUKEY’s parents, Theodore W. & Catherine FREYMAN MELOTT, settled in this county in 1845.  Mr. STUKEY served as constable in Adams township for about eight years.  He had two brothers in the late war – Daniel was in the one hundred days’ service, and was honorably discharged; Joseph was a member of the 77th OVI, was wounded at the battle of Pittsburg Landing, was taken prisoner and held ten months; served four years and was honorably discharged at the close of the war.  Mr. STUKEY’s grandfather was one of the very early settlers on Captina creek, Belmont county, OH.  Address, Cameron, Monroe county, OH.


GEORGE SUPPES – and Mary J. WILEY were united in the holy bonds of matrimony in Monroe county, Jan 1 1852, and eight children have been added to their family as follows: Rebecca A., born Sep 24 1852, died Jan 21 1855; Margaret S., Feb 6 1854, married David ABERSOLD, resides at Cameron; Theodore, Jun 11 1856, resides at Buffalo, IL; John, Dec 11 1858; Susannah, Feb 10 1861; Emma A., Sep 15 1865; Elizabeth J., May 9 1868; Charles C., Mar 11 1870 – the last five reside at Cameron.  Mr. SUPPES’ parents, Theodore, born Jan 2 1798, and Elizabeth GLITCH SUPPES, born Jan 24 1798, settled in Monroe county in 1848, the former died Sep 4 1877, the latter died Oct 19 1851.  John & Rebecca POLK WILEY, parents of Mrs. SUPPES, also came to this county in 1848.  Her brother, George W. WILEY, enlisted on Sep 18 1862, in Co. E, 116th OVI; was taken prisoner at Cedar, VA, Oct 13 1864.  Mrs. SUPPES was born Nov 8 1830 at Warnacks, Belmont county, OH, and Mr. SUPPES was born Dec 26 1830, in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany.  He is a merchant and tobacco-dealer, and may be addressed at Cameron, Monroe county, OH.


LEONARD TWINEM – is a resident of Adams township, Monroe county, where he settled in 1850.  He was born in Belmont county, Nov 30 1822, where he was married Dec 21 1848, to Martha HENDERSON DYSART, born in the same county, Oct 6 1820.  Their family consists of Martha FEISLEY, born May 3 1850, married Nov 16 1870, resides in Salem township; Esabelle BONAR, Jul 14 1854, married Sep 2 1875; Sarah BARBER, Aug 31 1856, married Feb 11 1882; Agnes FANKHAUSER; Mar 4 1858, married Nov 9 1876; Leonard, Sep 4 1860; James, Mar 22 1863.  Mrs. TWINEM’s parents, Andrew HENDERSON, deceased & Jeanette NICHOL HENDERSON lost one son in the late war.  Mr. TWINEM’s parents, Leonard TWINEM and Mary McCULLUM, both deceased, came to this country from Ireland, and settled in Belmont county, Goshen township, in 1818, which was then a wilderness.  They endured all the hardships and privations of early squatters in a new country.  Their nearest postoffice was St. Clairsville, which was two miles away.  Mr. TWINEM lived in Belmont county, until he was about 34 years of age, when he moved to Adams township, his present residence.  He is one of the enterprising men of the township, and takes great interest and uses his influence in the educational matters of the county.  He served as justice of the peace one term; he is now one of the trustees of the township.  Business, farming.  Address, Round Bottom, Monroe county, OH.


AMOS WORKMAN – deceased, was a native of Belmont county, OH, born Apr 15 1825, and settled in Monroe county in 1854, died Apr 27 1860.  Hannah T. ERNSHAW became his wife on Feb 23 1848, in Belmont county.  They remained there about six years, when they removed to the present residence of Mrs. WORKMAN in Adams township, Monroe county.  Mrs. WORKMAN was left with a large family of children to rear and care for, which, undergoing all the trials and inconveniences pertaining thereto, she has successfully done.  Her third son, David R., is a clergyman of the Presbyterian church at New Loudon, PA.  Her father, Joseph ERNSHAW, was born Aug 10 1793, died Dec 21 1867.  Her mother, Mary LEE ERNSHAW, was born Dec 10 1798, died Dec 4 1826.  Her father’s second wife was Elizabeth DEVENPORT; married Feb 14 1828.  Mrs. WORKMAN was born in Philadelphia county, PA, May 1 1824.  Her children were born as follows: Joseph M., born Dec 6 1848, resides at home; William B., Mar 9 1850, died Sep 27 1875; David R., Sep 13 1851, resides at New Loudon, PA; James L., Jun 22 1853, resides at home; Robert A., Apr 31 1855, resides in Adams township; George W., Jan 21 1857, died Aug 31 1865; Mary I., Mar 4 1859, died Aug 27 1865.  Mr. WORKMAN held the office of trustee for several years in Adams township.  Address Mrs. WORKMAN at Ozark, Monroe county, OH.


WILLIAM G. WEBB – has been a resident of Adams township since 1860.  He was born in Wheeling, WV, Aug 31 1836.  Louisa ATKINSON, daughter of Stephen & Elizabeth ROSS ATKINSON, born Feb 10 1836, at Cameron, Monroe county, OH, became his wife, Oct 22 1861.  Their children are: Francis L., born Aug 13 1862; Charles C., Feb 12 1864; Martha E., Oct 7 1865; Clara L., Jun 2 1867; William S., Jan 1 1879, and all reside in Cameron.  Mr. WEBB was elected to the office of township treasurer in 1867, and reelected in 1868.  Business, physician and surgeon.  Mr. WEBB’s father, John A., born in VA, died at Beallsville, this county, Aug 1863; and his mother, Sarah LEWIS, born in England, died in 1854.  Address Mr. WEBB at Cameron, Monroe county, OH.



Transcribed by Dr. Shirley A. Harmon, e-mail:  Shirley Harmon




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