The following biographical sketches of early settlers in Monroe County as reproduced from a book titled, the "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio." The material for this book was taken from two nineteenth century books: (1) 'History of Monroe County Ohio,' a product of the H.H. Hardesty & Co., publishers, Chicago and Toledo, 1882 and (2) 'Caldwell's Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio,' a product of Atlas Publishing Company, Mount Vernon, Ohio, 1898. The "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio" was reprinted and is available from the Monroe County Historical Society.

















































FRITZ BUCKIO – is a native of Lewisville, Summit township, Monroe county, OH, and the date of his birth is Aug 5 1855.  His parents, George & Charlotte SNIDER BUCKIO, settled in this county in 1855; the former is deceased.  Fritz was married to Freeda LAUENSTEIN, in Woodsfield, OH, Nov 28 1877.  She was born in New York State, Apr 24 1858; they have one child, Charles R., born Jan 13 1879.  Her parents, Charles & Wilhelmina SABANENG LAUENSTEIN, settled in Monroe county, in 1870.  Mr. BUCKIO is proprietor of the only barber shop in Woodsfield, in connection with which he keeps a fine assortment of tobaccos, fancy goods, notions, etc.  His postoffice address is Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


NELSON H. BURKHEAD – is a native of this township, having been born here Jan 26 1828.  His father was raised on Middle Island, WV; when he was a young man he moved to Belmont county, where he married Patience, a daughter of Notley and Sarah HAYS; from there he came to Monroe county, settling on section 2 in this township; there were no schools, churches, public highways, or other improvements in the township at that date (1825); they endured many hardships.  His father, John BURKHEAD, died Feb 14 1829; his mother, Apr 19 1864.  Nelson married his first wife in Malaga township, Monroe county, OH, Feb 9 1850.  Her name was Elizabeth, daughter of John & Catherine PAITH EGGER; she was born Jan 11 1828, and is the mother of the following children: John William, born Jan 23 1851, died Sep 16 1877; Lydia Ann, born Nov 11 1852, died Jan 23 1855; Forest, Aug 18 1856, resides in Centre township; Catherine, Mar 28 1860, resides at home; Aurie EGGER, Aug 13 1863; Emma, Jul 29 1871, resides at home.  Elizabeth, the mother of these children, died Nov 30 1875.  Mr. BURKHEAD was married to Juletta D. MORRIS, daughter of William & Elizabeth WALTON MORRIS, both deceased; she was born in this county, Mar 7 1853; their marriage took place Nov 4 1877, in Centre township; the children by this union are: Nelson Henry, born Aug 24 1879, died Sep 30 1880; James H., Jan 16 1881.  Mr. BURKHEAD recollects when school was held in his mother’s kitchen, Theopholis MINER being the teacher, and church service every two weeks in the same house.  Mr. BURKHEAD is a farmer, with Woodsfield as his postoffice address.


GEO. W. CARROTHERS – is a native of Woodsfield, his birth having taken place there Apr 19 1817.  He was married at Woodsfield, May 17 1838, to Mary DYE, whose birth-place was Washington county, OH, and the date May 7 1816.  The ceremony was performed by Henry JOHNSON, of Indian fame.  He was one of the boys who killed the two Indians that kidnapped them.  Their children are: Anna, born Aug 12 1839, resides at home; Susanna, May 22 1842, resides in Monroe county; James H., Jan 30 1847, died Jul 26 1847; Mary P., Mar 17 1857; Abbie, Sep 22 1859 – the two last reside in Monroe county.  Mr. CARROTHERS has served as sheriff of this county two terms; he has also served as deputy.  The following history of Mr. CARROTHERS antecedents will prove of interest: In the year 1774 George CARROTHERS, who his wife Isabella and little infant James, embarked on board the Mary, bound to Philadelphia, where they arrived the same year.  He had seen for the last time his only brother and the shores of his native country, even then as now, poor, troubled Ireland.  Soon after their arrival Isabella died, leaving her husband and little babe strangers in a strange land.  He found a home in Washington county, PA, and some years afterward married his second wife.  Young James learned to be a careful farmer, and at the age of 30 married Susanna DYE, daughter of Enoch DYE, of Washington county, PA.  In 1814 James CARROTHERS purchased of government a tract of land in Monroe county, OH, one mile west of Woodsfield, and soon after moved his family to this village until he could build a log cabin on his land.  Woodsfield containing then only a few log houses.  He planted an orchard in the woods, and then built his log house.  While they lived in Woodsfield, on Apr 19 1817, George W. CARROTHERS was born (the first child born in Woodsfield).  They had now five daughters living and one son.  When they moved into their new house the tall forest trees were standing within a few feet of the door, and at night the hungry wolves kept up a most disagreeable howling.  Long after this James CARROTHERS would often rise in the morning to find his sheep all torn and bleeding by these prowling pests.  G. W. CARROTHERS helped to catch the last wolf in Centre township, and he remembers that a herd of deer came over the hill before the door daily, to go to drink at a spring that old hunters called the Lick.  Owing to the failing health of the old pioneer, Enoch D. CARROTHERS, his youngest child and George W., at 10 and 12 years of age, had to perform men’s work, and had to undergo many privations.  They remember going over the snow covered ground to the pens they built to catch the wild turkey, and of stopping for a few moments in the running stream to soothe their aching bare feet.  In 1846 James CARROTHERS died, and was buried in the cemetery at Woodsfield.  Though he was not a member of any church, yet he was strictly moral and would often severely reprimand the swearer or Sabbath breaker.  In 1853 his faithful wife was laid by his side.  Four of their daughters sleep there too, and of these daughters’ children some have sought for homes far away, and have traveled from Lake Erie’s shore to Panama bay; from the most distant Atlantic State to the far away Golden Gate.  At the age of 21, G. W. CARROTHERS married Mary DYE, daughter of John R. DYE, a Baptist minister.  He, too, was an old pioneer and came from NJ to this county at an early date.  When riding to his appointments there were no roads, not even a path, to lead him through the wilderness.  The marked trees were his only guide.  G. W. CARROTHERS is now 64 years old, and claims no good deeds for himself, but we know that he has wept with those that have wept, and hopes in the kindness of Him who hath the words of eternal life, who would lead our thoughts from earth’s bitter strife to happy scenes of peace above, where all is illumined by Jesus’ love.


ROBERT CLINGAN – is engaged in milling in Centre township.  He was born in Belmont county, OH, of Pipe Creek, Apr 8 1817.  His father, John CLINGAN, died Dec 1 1858.  His mother, Mary ARMSTRONG CLINGAN, came from Ireland with her parents at a very early date; they removed to Belmont county, OH, in 1806, and to this township in 1819.  Robert was married in Malaga township, Monroe county, OH, May 7 1840, to Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Nathaniel & Margaret RINEDOLLAR VANHORN, who settled in this county in Nov 1821; they are both deceased.  The following children have blessed the union of Mr. & Mrs. CLINGAN: George B., born Apr 2 1841, resides at home; Louisa A. POWELL, Feb 12 1842, resides in IL; Sarah H. KERR, Feb 7 1845, died Nov 19 1876; Mary E. FOULKE, Nov 10 1847, resides in Raymore, Cass county, MO; Lorett J., Jan 28 1849, died Sep 21 1852; Margaret V. JONES, Dec 19 1854, resides in Centre township.  Mrs. CLINGAN was born in Philadelphia, PA, Sep 4 1820.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


SAMUEL N. COVERT – is a resident of Centre township, was born in Antioch, this county, in 1845, and married Lydia A., daughter of Thomas & Sarah PENNINGTON.  She was born May 14 1843, in this county.  They were united in marriage, Aug 23 1870, in Centre township, and have the following children: Alice G., born Aug 8 1871; Charles A., Jan 1 1873; Oliver W., Apr 14 1875.  Mr. COVERT’s parents are Morris A. & Pheby M. COVERT, settlers of this county in 1844.  Thomas PENNINGTON & wife settled in this county in the fall of 1842.  Mr. COVERT’s mother’s grandfather was a soldier in the revolutionary war.  When Morris A. COVERT settled in the county, there were but three or four houses at Antioch.  Address S. N. COVERT, at Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


JOHN Q. DENT – is a farmer of Centre township.  He was born near Jacobsburg, Belmont county, OH, May 3 1829.  He came with his father to this township in 1841, settling in the southern portion; he took out letters-patent for his land; there were no roads or public improvements of any kind.  George and Henry DENT, two brothers of John, were in the war of the rebellion, both in the Second VA Volunteer Infantry, enlisted at Woodsfield in the Spring of 1861, going directly to the front, and engaging in the battles of Cheat Mountain, Chancellorsville and others.  George was wounded at the battle of Drake Mountain.  Henry was severely wounded at the second battle of Bull Run, laying on the field of battle seven days before being taken to the hospital.  Zilia MOFFITT became the wife of Mr. DENT, Mar 20 1854, in this township, where she was born Feb 13 1831.  Their children are: Maria L. BROWN, born Feb 28 1855, resides in Centre township; John M., Mar 16 1859, at home.  Mrs. DENT’s parents, John & Sarah RIDINGER MOFFITT, came to this township when it was simply a howling wilderness in 1830; they are deceased.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


WILLIAM DIEHL – and Catherine NEWHART were married in this county.  He was born in Germany, Oct 17 1832, while she was born in this county, Sep 21 1838; her parents, Lenard & Salome SULSBERGER NEWHART, were among the early settlers of Summit township, enduring hardships incident to the settlement of a new country; her mother died Jul 7 1881.  William’s parents, Henry & Elizabeth WALTER DIEHL, came from Germany in 1843, and settled in Pittsburgh, PA, where they resided four years; from there they came to Wayne township, this county, which was at that time very thinly populated; from there they removed to the present residence of William, on section 11, Centre township.  The children of Mr. & Mrs. DIEHL are: Henry C., born Jun 9 1856, resides in Centre township; John William, Nov 30 1857, resides in Wayne township; George C., Mar 29 1859, resides at home; Sophia S. BERTRAM, Aug 15 1860, resides in Centre township; Henrietta M., Sep 21 1862, resides at home; Laura L., Mar 8 1865, died Jan 5 1875; Frederick M., May 22 1867, resides at home; Anna M., Jun 13 1870, died Jan 4 1875; Louis L., Nov 3 1872, died Jan 18 1875; Louise C., Aug 18 1875, resides at home; Forest E., Mar 27 1878; Jacob A., born Nov 12 1881.  A brother of Mr. DIEHL, John Conrad, was in the war of 1861, a member of the 77th OVI; served nine months and was honorably discharged.  Mr. DIEHL is a farmer and stock raiser.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


WILLIAM R. DRUM – was born on Muskingum creek, in Perry township, Monroe county, OH, Dec 1 1824.  His father came from PA and settled on Captina creek, Belmont county, the country being a wilderness.  From there he removed to Muskingum creek, this county, and from there to William’s present residence, in 1833.  He took letters-patent for his land, and William still holds the original title deed.  Jacob DRUM, William’s grandfather, served under General St. Clair in the war of 1812; he was at St. Clair’s defeat on the Wabash, serving until the close of the war, suffering many hardships.  Phillip DRUM, William’s father, was born in Westmoreland county, PA, Oct 7 1799; he is deceased.  His mother was Mary KIRKBRIDE DRUM; they came to this county in 1808.  Rebecca STEPHENS became Mr. DRUM’s wife, Mar 12 1865, in Monroe county.  She was born in this county, Dec 22 1843; her parents are Jesse & Nancy JEFFERS STEPHENS.  Mr. DRUM was in the war of 1861, enlisting at Woodsfield, Apr 29 1861, in the 25th OVI; was in the battles of Cheat Mountain, Chancellorsville, Bull Run, Slaughter Mountain, Cow Pasture Mountain, and others.  He was disabled at Camp Chase by striking his ankle against a piece of timber when they were building the barracks, Jun 12 1861.  Served three years and three months, and was discharged at Camp Chase, Jul 26 1864.  At Gettysburg he was driving an ambulance, and, with others, got between the fire of the contesting armies, and he was for some time in a very precarious position.  He is a farmer, carpenter and shoemaker.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


JOHN B. DRIGGS – is an attorney at law in Woodsfield.  He is a native of what is now Noble county, his birth having occurred at Carlisle, which was at that time in Monroe county, Mar 22 1843.  Sophia W. READ became his wife Feb 5 1873, at Woodsfield.  Her birth-place is Miltonsburg, this county, and the date Dec 9 1852.  The following are their children: Lucy M., born Nov 27 1874; Mary A., Jul 14 1877; John W., Jun 25 1880.  Mr. DRIGGS’ father, William, came to Centre township in the spring of 1817, when he was only five years of age.  He resided here until 1867, when he removed to Henry county, MO, where he still resides.  His mother, Jane OKEY DRIGGS, is deceased.  Her grand-father was among the first settlers of this county, and the Act organizing the county designated his house as the place of holding the first term of the Court of Common Pleas for this county.  William & Harriet MANN READ are the parents of Mrs. DRIGGS.  Mr. DRIGGS is at present prosecuting attorney of Monroe county, his term having commenced Jan 2 1882.  He enlisted in Co. B, 25th Regiment OVI, Apr 29 1861, and was discharged at the expiration of his term of enlistment, Jul 10 1864.  His brother, James E., was killed at Mark’s Mills, AR, in 1863; he was a member of Co. A, 77th OVI.  Mr. DRIGGS’ postoffice address is Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


JOHN DYER – was one of the pioneers of Ohio, having settled in Belmont with his parents when quite young, locating near Morristown, where he resided until he was a middle-aged man, when he removed to Monroe county, settling on the farm which his widow now owns.  His birth occurred Sep 17 1804, in the District of Columbia, and on Jul 17 1880, he breathed his last on his farm, respected by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.  He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church for 50 years.  His parents were James & Sarah WEBSTER DYER, both deceased.  On Jan 9 1827, in Belmont county, OH, he was married to Amelia DYER, who is a native of Fairfax county, VA, Mar 21 1803, being the date.  Their family comprises: Amelia A. RUTTER, born Oct 27 1827, deceased; John, Dec 22 1828, deceased; Phillip, Jul 5 1830, deceased; Mary, Jul 7 1832, deceased; William, Oct 4 1833, resides in Centre township; Mary W. WHITE, Feb 27 1836, deceased; John W., Aug 26 1838, deceased; Wesley B., Oct 27 1840, deceased; Sarah E. CRAIG, Sep 29 1842, resides in Centre township; Robert H. H., Aug 18 1845, deceased.  Phillip, the 2nd son, deceased, was married to Delia A. CRAIG, daughter of William & Elizabeth DRIGGS CRAIG.  The following are his children: William C., John G., Ezra W., Amelia and Sarah C.  Two of John DYER’s sons were in the war of the rebellion.  John W. enlisted at Woodsfield, OH, in the fall of 1862, in the 77th OVI.  At Camp Dennison he was taken sick with typhoid fever, brought home, and died May 1 1863.  Robert H. H. was a member of the 116th OVI.  He enlisted at Woodsfield, and was killed at the battle of Piedmont, VA, Jun 5 1865.  He was buried on the battle field.  Mrs. DYER’s parents, Philip G. & Sarah DAVIS DYER, are deceased.  Address, Mrs. DYER, at Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


Dr. CHARLES H. GOODRICH – was born in Sharon, Noble county, OH, Jan 20 1844.  He settled in this county Dec 13 1873.  At Columbus, OH, on Jul 20 1865, he was married to Catherine C. KNISELEY, who was born in Franklin county, OH, Apr 18 1842.  They have the following children: Harry, Feb 19 1868; Freddie, Mar 22 1870; Louis, May 7 1872; Walter, Nov 27 1875.  Dr. GOODRICH enlisted in Co. D, First Ohio Cavalry, Aug 5 1861, as private.  He reenlisted in 1864, and was discharged as first lieutenant, Jul 12 1865, at the close of the war.  He is publisher of the Monroe Gazette.  His wife’s parents are Jacob & Jane KNISELEY.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


JACKSON GRIFFITH – is a native of this township, having been born in the southern portion of it Aug 13 1818.  His father, William, was a native of Bucks county, PA, from whence he removed to Fayette county, PA, at the age of 14.  He was married there, where he resided several years, and then, in 1816, removed to this township, settling on section 15.  There were very few settlers in the township at that time, his children attending the first school taught in the township; both himself and wife were devout Christians.  His death took place Apr 26 1854; his wife living to the ripe old age of 90 years.  They endured many hardships in their early settlement.  Jackson has a vest in his possession, a vest made from the wedding pants of his father, which is treasured as a family relic.  The first marriage of Jackson GRIFFITH was to Catherine, daughter of Lebin and Hulda BEARD MOBBERLY, on Apr 16 1844; one child, Mary, born Feb 28 1845, was the fruit of this marriage, which is deceased.  His second wife, Elizabeth, was the daughter of Joseph & Julia EISMINGER FOREMAN; the date of this marriage was Apr 1 1847.  By this marriage two children were born: Margaret A., born Feb 18 1848, deceased; Nancy J., Apr 5 1849, deceased.  At Antioch, OH, Jan 9 1851, Mr. GRIFFITH married Mary, daughter of Enos & Drusilla BARNES BROWNFIELD, settlers of this county in 1846, both deceased.  His wife was born in Fayette county, PA, Jan 23 1815.  Hannah S. GRIFFITH, their daughter, was born Feb 20 1852; she resides in Centre township.  Mrs. GRIFFITH died Mar 24 1882.  Mr. GRIFFITH has served three years as trustee in this township.  Two of his nephews, Brison & Wilson S. JACKSON, served in the war of 1861, the former serving three years and being honorably discharged; the latter dying in the service.  As an incident of the wildness of the country at the time of Mr. GRIFFITH’s settlement, the following fact is related: Mr. GRIFFITH’s brothers, Abram, Benjamin and Lewis heard the noise of some animal among their chickens, they armed themselves with a butcher’s knife and a hand-mill pole, and taking their watchdog they proceeded to the coop, where they discovered a large wolf, which they killed; they were greatly praised for their bravery.  Mr. GRIFFITH is a general farmer.  Postoffice address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


JOHN HAMILTON – was born in Westmoreland county, PA, Sep 21 1811.  He came with his parents from there and located in Wheeling, WV, where they lived about three years, coming from there to Belmont county, OH, where they resided 10 years, and then removed into what is now Perry township, in 1824, and to his present farm in 1833.  He attended the first school taught in Perry township, it being taught by Zachariah LOOMIS.  He took out letters-parent for his land, and the title deeds are yet in the family.  Mr. HAMILTON was married in Centre township, Nov 16 1832, to Rachel AGIN, who was born in Belmont county, Sep 1 1812.  The family embrace: Elizabeth J., born Apr 22 1834, died Jun 9 1840; David, May 4 1837, resides in Centre township; William, Jan 18 1841, resides in Centre township; John D., Oct 22 1844, deceased; Sinclair, Apr 1 1852, resides in Centre township.  William was in the war of 1861; he enlisted at Woodsfield, in the spring of 1861, and was engaged in the Second Bull Run, Cheat Mountain, Cross Keys, and other engagements in which the regiment took part.  He was taken prisoner at the battle of Gettysburg; he was honorably discharged after serving three years and three months.  Mr. HAMILTON has been justice of the peace in Centre township for 12 years; he also filled the recorder’s office in place of D. O’CONNOR, deceased.  Mr. HAMILTON’s parents were Thomas & Margaret DRUM HAMILTON, both deceased.  Mrs. HAMILTON’s parents were Asher & Elizabeth KIDWILER  AGIN, both deceased.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


JARED HAWKINS – came to this township from Virginia when he was a young man, settling in the southern portion, which was sparsely settled at that date, 1834.  He cleared up his farm and endured many hardships.  His father held many religious meetings in the township, he was universally respected and died at the age of 75 years.  His name was Joshua HAWKINS and his wife Cassa TRACY HAWKINS; the latter is also deceased.  Jared was married to Isabella SNODGRASS, in Virginia, Mar 30 1848.  She was born in that state, Oct 28 1826, while he is a native of MD, born Sep 24 1818.  Their children are: Barbara H. WRIGHT, resides in Perry township; Martha C. ALEXANDER, resides in same township; John W., Nancy J., Comfort R., J. Will, Mary E., Francis L., Nicholas E., Paren U., and Charles E., all reside at home.  Mr. HAWKINS has held the office of justice of the peace from 1874 to 1880, inclusive.  He is also a notary public.  William HAWKINS, a brother of Jared, was a member of the 36th OVI in the late war, he served three years and was honorably discharged.  Mrs. HAWKINS’ parents, William & Nancy KING SNODGRASS, are deceased.  Mr. HAWKINS is a farmer.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


LOUIS HOEFFLER – is a son of Michael & Louisa GROSS HOEFFLER.  He was born in Bavaria, Germany, Oct 7 1848.  He was admitted to the bar of Monroe county, at St. Clairsville, in 1872.  He was master commissioner of the court for two years; he practiced his profession for three years, when he entered the mercantile business in Woodsfield.  He is now a member of the firm of Ketterer & Hoeffler, the leading dry goods, clothing, and general merchandise house in the county.  He was married at Miltonsburg, Monroe county, OH, Apr 22 1873, to Mary V. OBLINGER, who was born in this county, Sep 27 1849.  They have the following children: Julius A., born Jun 21 1874; Clement L., born Jun 23 1876; John B., born Aug 3 1878; Orletia A., born Nov 27 1880.  The parents of Mrs. HOEFFLER are John B. and Fenandina BIDENHORN OBLINGER; the former died Dec 24 1865, and the latter Feb 21 1880.  B. F. OBLINGER, a brother of Mrs. HOEFFLER, was in the war of 1861, in an Ohio battery of artillery.  Mr. HOEFFLER’s address is Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


JACOB HUBER – and Barbara SENETRA were married in Seneca township, Monroe county, OH, in 1841.  He was born in Whetlenberg State, Germany, in 1812, and his wife in Darmstat, Germany, in 1811.  They had four children: Samuel, born Apr 27 1843, died Jul 26 1844; George J., Jun 5 1845, resides in Centre township; Jacob, Nov 11 1847, died Dec 1 1862; John, Feb 19 1854, resides in West Virginia.  Mr. HUBER was married the 2nd time to Elizabeth, daughter of Marks & Elizabeth HALFLER BUTT.  The date of the marriage was Mar 19 1867.  Their children are: Frederick, born Dec 11 1867, died Mar 13 1868; Pauline Matilda, born Apr 27 1870, resides at home; William, Apr 1 1872, died Dec 12 1878.  Mr. HUBER is a farmer and stock raiser.  His postoffice address is Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


ROBERT JACKSON – is a farmer and blacksmith in Centre township.  He was born in Fayette county, PA, Aug 16 1816; the same year he came with his parents from there and settled on Crane’s Nest creek, Monroe county, OH.  At that time there was only a bridle-path between Sisterville and Woodsfield; the country was full of every variety of wild animals.  Mr. JACKSON’s father and father’s brother, Jesse, made the first settlement between Woodsfield and Antioch, there being but one family between there and the Ohio river.  Mr. JACKSON possesses one of the wheels used in the first wind-mill erected in Monroe county.  His marriage to Mary HAWKINS took place in Centre township, Oct 29 1835, Phillip DARBY officiating.  She was born in MD, Sep 4 1810.  Their children are: Cassa AGIN, born Oct 2 1836, died Apr 19 1879; Isaac, Mar 8 1838, died Jul 25 1867; Sylvester, May 29 1840, died Jan 15 1872; James M., Nov 9 1842, died Oct 26 1847; William P., Apr 22 1845; Mary, Nov 17 1846, died Dec 27 1868; Martha GRAY, Nov 7 1849, resides in Woodsfield; Albert R., Jan 21 1854, resides in Centre township.  Mr. JACKSON’s parents were Abraham & Mary LEONARD JACKSON; the former died Sep 10 1862; the latter is also deceased.  His wife’s parents are also deceased; they were Joshua and Cassa TRACY HAWKINS, settlers of Monroe county in 1834.  William HAWKINS, a brother of Mrs. JACKSON, served in the 62nd OVI in the war of the rebellion; he was honorably discharged after three years’ service.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


J. T. JUDKINS – is a druggist of Woodsfield, and he is also the present incumbent (and has held the office for the past five years) of county clerk.  He has made this county his home since Jan 1 1859.  His parents are Thomas & Sarah JONES JUDKINS, both of whom are deceased.  His wife is E. J., a daughter of Thomas J. & Margaret HAMILTON HALL.  They have the following children: W. T., Mattie, C. N.  Mr. JUDKINS’ postoffice address is Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


ANDREW KNOCK Sr. – and Theresa KELLEN, both natives of Germany, the former born in Baden, Nov 22 1818, the latter in the same place, May 20 1838, were married at Pittsburgh, PA, Jan 10 1854.  Their children are: Andrew, born Nov 21 1854, resides at home; M. Magdelen, Jan 22 1857, died Nov 12 1862; Emma NAUER, Jan 2 1862, resides in Malaga township; Joseph, Oct 8 1864, at home; Margaret, Jan 17 1867, at home; Susan, Feb 28 1869, at home; Martin, Jan 11 1872, at home.  Andrew’s parents, Martin & Helena REINECK KNOCK, are deceased.  John & Theresa SAEFAR KELLEN are Mrs. KNOCK’s parents, the former deceased.  Mr. KNOCK is a farmer, settling in this county in 1859.  His address is Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


JOHN KERR – was born in county Sanquher, Dumfriece, Scotland, Feb 15 1808, where he was married Oct 28 1829 to Jenette DAVIDSON, who was born in the county of Hedington, Scotland, Nov 15 1805.  Their family are: Mary, resides at home; Andrew, deceased; Elizabeth, deceased; Jenette, deceased; John, deceased; Elizabeth, deceased, Isabella, deceased; William, resides in Andrew county, MO; John, deceased; George resides in Centre township; Jenette and Andrew.  John’s (the subject of this sketch) parents are both deceased.  Their names were Andrew & Grace MORRIS KERR.  His wife’s parents were John DAVIDSON and Mary McFARLAND, the latter of Highland extract.  They are both deceased.  Two of Mr. KERR’s sons, William & John, were in the war of 1861, both being members of the 116th OVI, enlisting at Woodsfield, Aug 16 1862.  William was lieutenant of Co. A; served until Nov 1864, when he resigned on account of his health.  John served one year, and died at Sharpsburg, MD, of disease contracted in the army, Aug 11 1863.  Mr. KERR was appointed to fill the office of treasurer of this county in the stead of Judge LINN, deceased, and was elected the two following terms.  When he entered the office county orders were worth 50 cents; when his time expired they brought 100 cents.  He is a farmer and stock raiser, having resided here since 1835.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


MICHAEL LANG – is one of the leading farmers of Centre township, and an extensive raiser of stock; he is also engaged in brewing.  He was born in Alsace, Germany, Apr 11 1818.  He was married in Pittsburgh, PA, Oct 18 1841, to Elizabeth YOCKEY, who is a native of Rumbach, Germany, born Apr 5 1821.  Their children are: Margaret E. ROSE, born in Pittsburgh, Apr 28 1842, resides in Riverside, IA; John H., born in Pittsburgh, PA, Sep 6 1843, resides at home; Anna M. SCHUMACHER, born in Fayette, Allegheny county, Jul 13 1847, resides in Woodsfield; William L., Jul 10 1849, resides in Woodsfield; Louis P., Oct 26 1851, resides in Centre township; Charlotte F., Aug 26 1855, resides at home; Catherine L., May 10 1859, resides at home; John H., Mr. LANG’s eldest son, was in the late war; he enlisted in Woodsfield.  Mr. LANG’s parents, Michael & Margaret PAUL LANG, are both deceased.  Laurence & Elizabeth BRUMBACH YOCKEY are the parents of Mrs. LANG; the formed died Nov 13 1874, the latter Nov 22 1877.  Mr. LANG is at present trustee of Centre township, and has held the same office at intervals for eight years.  His address is Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


CHARLES F. LAUENSTEIN – and Wilhelmina SABENENG were married in New York city, Jun 1 1855.  He is a native of Germany, having been born in Hanover, May 14 1827.  His wife is also a native of that country; her birth-place is Bekebork, and the date, May 18 1827.  Her parents are Gotleib and Caroline MATTHEWS SABENENG, both deceased.  His parents are also deceased; their names were Earnest & Louise LAUENSTEIN.  The children of Mr. & Mrs. LAUENSTEIN are: Freda, born Apr 24 1862; Louise M., born Feb 1 18--; Pauline, born Dec 22 1866; and Anna M., Sep 22 1869.  Mr. LAUENSTEIN is a merchant tailor in Woodsfield, where he should be addressed.


JAMES MYERS – and Rachel A. TIMMONS were married in Perry township, Monroe county, OH, Dec 6 1867.  He is a native of Belmont county, OH, and the date of his birth Nov 24 1814.  His parents, both of whom are deceased, were George & Hannah DIXON MYERS, settlers of this county in 1848.  His wife’s parents are Samuel & Susanna McMULLEN TIMMONS, the former deceased.  Mrs. MYERS was born in Seneca township, Monroe county, Nov 28 1836; she was formerly married to Theodore FLOWERS, by whom she had one child, William S. FLOWERS, born Apr 4 1859, died Sep 12 1881.  When Mr. MYERS settled in Jackson township, there was still some government land; he entered 120 acres in Marietta land district.  He was elected recorder of Monroe county, in Oct 1878; this term will expire on the first Monday in Jan 1884.  His brother, William, enlisted at New Martinsville, WV, in Oct 1861; he lost his health and was discharged for disability in Jul 1862 at West Alexandria.  Mr. MYERS’ postoffice address is Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


JOHN McARDLE – was in the mercantile business in Woodsfield.  He was born in Wigtonshire, Scotland, Dec 15 1834; he died very suddenly of heart disease, Dec 8 1872.  His parents, Henry & Ann ROSS McARDLE, are both deceased.  Agnes MOORE, daughter of James & Elizabeth ROSS MOORE, was married to John McARDLE at Woodsfield, Feb 25 1867.  She is the mother of three children: Elizabeth M., born May 30 1869; Mary Ann, May 30 1869; Agnes V., Jul 31 1872.  Mrs. McARDLE’s father died in Nov 1857.  Her mother is living at the age of 82.  Mrs. MOORE settled here in 1865.  William McARDLE, a brother of John, was in the war of 1861, in a PA regiment; he was captured and died in Andersonville prison.  Mrs. McARDLE’s brother, John MOORE, was prominently identified with the educational interests of this county for ten years, being principal of the high school; he was a graduate of Glasgow (Scotland) College.  He died Oct 31 1867, respected by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.  Mrs. McARDLE was born in Wigtonshire, Scotland, May 30 1837.  Her postoffice address is Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


HENRY RUSSELL MASON – was born in Woodsfield, Jul 21 1834, on the lot on which he is now located.  He is the oldest living native of Woodsfield, with one exception.  His first wife was Mary W., daughter of Alexander and Mary AMOS FRANKLIN, residing near Summerfield, Noble county, OH.  Their marriage took place Oct 25 1855.  The following are their children: Belle V., born Nov 19 1856; Olive C., Jul 17 1859; Mary W., Nov 19 1862.  Mrs. MASON died Dec 3 1862.  His second wife was Catherine, daughter of Simon & Ellen McCANNON DOOR.  She was born in Monroe county, Jun 9 1839.  The date of their marriage is 1866.  They have two children: Leslie Vanlieu, born 1867, and Laura, in 1872.  Mr. MASON’s parents, Henry & Deborah VANLIEU MASON, settled in this county in 1818.  Mr. MASON was mayor of Woodsfield from 1876 to 1878, and town marshal from 1879 and 1882.  His trade is butchering.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


JOHN MOORE’s – parents came from Ireland to Centre township, this county, in 1832, when it was all a wilderness.  His father, William MOORE, took out letters-patent for his land.  He assisted in building the first school house in Summit township, and helped organize the first Presbyterian church in the county, known as the Buchanan church.  He was also instrumental in pushing forward the public schools, building highways, etc.  He is still a resident of the county, age 84 years.  John’s mother, Elizabeth McKEOWN MOORE, died in 1874.  Mr. MOORE was married to Margaret T. SMITH in this township, Sep 1 1870.  She is a native of Centre township, born May 1 1850, while he was born in Summit township, Jun 5 1833.  Their children are: (1) Robert S., Sep 17 1871; (2) Mary May, May 16 1873; (3) William C., Dec 25 1874; (4) Sarah Trissilla, Apr 16 1876; (5) Bessie J., Sep 17 1878; (6) Kate Pearl, May 16 1881.  Mr. MOORE has held the office of trustee for three years in Centre township.  Joseph SMITH, a brother of Mrs. MOORE, was in the war of 1861, enlisting at Woodsfield in the 116th OVI, serving till honorably discharged at the close of the war.  Mrs. MOORE’s parents are John & Mahala GREENE SMITH, both deceased, the former in Aug 1881, the latter in 1852.  Mr. MOORE is a farmer.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


CHRISTIAN LUDE – is a native of Switzerland township, Monroe county, OH, where his birth took place, Mar 3 1850.  His father, John G. LUDE, came to this county in 1848, and his mother, Mary LUDE, when she was only 11 years of age.  Christian LUDE was married to Emma Amanda HEADLEY, in this county, Cameron township, Jul 20 1872; she was born in Adams township, Monroe county, OH, in Oct 1853.  The parents of Mrs. LUDE are Eliel and Rebecca McCOY HEADLEY; they were both born in this county.  The following are the children of Mr. & Mrs. LUDE: Charles A., born in Bellaire, Jul 7 1874, resides at home; Freada R., born in Beallsville, Aug 29 1877, resides at home.  To show the respect in which Mr. LUDE is held, it is only necessary for us to say that he held the office of justice of the peace in Sunsbury township for five years.  He was also elected sheriff of the county in 1881, which office he still holds.  He is by trade a harness-maker, and he is excelled by none.  He is a resident of Centre township.  His postoffice address is Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


JACOB NORRIS – may rightfully be considered one of the pioneers of this county, having settled here in 1816.  His father emigrated from Ireland when he was a young man, locating at Hagerstown, MD, where Jacob was born Dec 27 1811.  Mr. NORRIS Sr. was married to Elizabeth, daughter of William HOSHMAN, at Hagerstown; from there he moved to the western part of Adams township, this county, in 1816; this part of the country was then a perfect wilderness, wild animals and Indians roaming through the woods at their will.  The title deed to Mr. NORRIS’s land was signed by President Jackson.  He has voted for every Democratic candidate for president since 1816.  Mrs. NORRIS’s grandmother had to flee to the fort at Wheeling a great many times to escape massacre by the Indians.  Mrs. NORRIS’s maternal grandparents were among the first settlers on the Ohio river.  Jacob NORRIS and Nancy STEED were married in Salem township, Monroe county, Sep 27 1831.  She was born in that township, Sep 27 1812.  Their family are: Elizabeth, deceased; John, resides in Centre township; Susana, deceased; James, deceased; William, resides in Centre township; Abby ANDERSON, resides in Antioch, OH; Lucina KALEBAUGH, resides in Perry township; Amon, resides in Centre township; David, resides in Centre township.  Mrs. NORRIS’s parents were George & Elizabeth JOHNSON STEED, both deceased.  Nr. NORRIS has held the office of school director for 24 successive years.  Jacob’s oldest son, John, was in the war of 1861, a member of the 92nd OVI, serving nine months, and was discharged for disability.  Mr. NORRIS is a farmer.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


DANIEL NEUHART – was born in Ruppertsweiler, by Pirmasens, Rheinpfalz, Germany, Oct 28 1828.  He was married in Der Burgermeisterei Münchweiler, Kirchenbezirk Hinterveidenthal, Germany, Aug 1 1850, to Catherine KESTNER, who was born in Lemberg, by Pirmasens, Pheinpfalz, Germany, Nov 25 1830.  Mr. NEUHART located in Monroe county, in 1852, when it was comparatively new.  He followed contracting in the early part of his life in Woodsfield, building many of the churches, the infirmary buildings, and a number of the fine residences of the county.  He afterward was in the marble-cutting business.  He was elected treasurer of the county in 1865, and re-elected in 1867, since which he has been in the insurance and collection business.  He has been a notary public for 15 years.  His children are: Daniel, born Jun 24 1851, resides in Caldwell, OH; Mary, May 17 1853, died Mar 10 1854; Louis Phillip, Jan 24 1855, resides in Woodsfield; Elizabeth FRANKENFELD, Jan 26 1857, resides in Woodsfield; Emelia, Mar 9 1859, resides in Woodsfield, OH; Lawrence A., Dec 14 1861, resides in Philadelphia; George H. P., Dec 21 1867, at home; Katie, Dec 10 1869, at home.  Mr. NEUHART’s father, Lawrence, died Nov 15 1863; his mother, Maria Elizabeth EHRZOTT died in Germany, Nov 10 1850.  Mrs. NEUHART’s parents were: Louis KESTNER, died Nov 1 1850, and Catherine E. WEBER KESTNER, also deceased.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


ARTHUR OKEY – is a native of Monroe county, OH, having been born in Woodsfield, Nov 3 1822.  His parents were Cornelius & Hannah OKEY.  His wife, whom he married at Woodsfield, Apr 26 1849, was Nancy McLELLAND.  She was born in Baltimore, MD, May 30 1830, and is a daughter of Robert & Elizabeth ULER McLELLAND.  Children: Franklin, born Mar 14 1850, died Aug 19 1852; Robert C., born Jun 17 1852; Sophronia, Sep 24 1854, died Dec 24 1857; Hattie R., Apr 29 1859; Bell, Dec 26 1861; Lou, Jan 24 1866; Maggie F., Oct 28 1872.  All living reside in Woodsfield.  Mr. OKEY was elected to the office of county surveyor in 1880, which office he now fills.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


A.J. PEARSON – was born in Centerville, Belmont county, OH, on the 20th day May 1846; removed with his parents, William L. & Mary A. PEARSON, to Monroe county, OH, at an early age, where he has since resided; was a private soldier in Co. I, 186th OVI.  He commenced the study of law in 1866, with Amos & Spriggs, at Woodsfield, OH, and was admitted to practice Sep 10 1868, by the District Court, then in session at Caldwell, Noble county, OH.  He was married to Miss Elizabeth A. ALFORD, daughter of Charles & Mary Jane ALFORD, Jul 9 1869; was prosecuting attorney of Monroe county from Jan 1872 to Jan 1878.  In 1881 he was elected to the State Senate from the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Senatorial districts, composed of the counties of Tuscarawas, Cochocton, Guernsey, Monroe, and part of Noble.  He has resided at Woodsfield since Apr 1 1872, where he has been engaged in the practice of his profession.


THOMAS PENNINGTON – is a native of Newcastle county, Delaware, where he was born Jan 10 1803.  He was married in Athens, Harrison county, OH, to Sarah RANDOLPH, who was born in Fayette county, PA, Nov 18 1802; they lived in Harrison county about 11 years, removing to Centre township, Monroe county, and settling on section 14; the deed to his land was signed by President Andrew Jackson.  He cleared his farm of all the wood and endured many hardships.  He still survives at the age of 79 years.  His wife died Jul 1 1874.  Their children are: John R., born Mar 17 1827, resides in Perry township; Elizabeth, Apr 13 1830, resides at home; Richard, Sep 29 1832, resides in Green township; Amanda, May 16 1836, resides at home; Maria J. AGIN, May 13 1839, resides in Green township; Lydia A. COVERT, May 6 1842, resides at home.  Mr. PENNINGTON’s parents both died in Delaware, their names were Richard & Elizabeth RYLAND PENNINGTON.  His wife’s parents were Richard & Lydia MACKEY RANDOLPH, both deceased.  James AGIN, Mr. PENNINGTON’s son-in-law, was in the late war, a member of the 116th OVI; he was wounded near Petersburg, VA, Apr 1 1865; he had previously been taken prisoner at Winchester, in 1863, taken to Richmond, held about four weeks, was paroled for four months and then exchanged and returned to his regiment, after being gone five months; he served about three years and was honorably discharged.  Mr. PENNINGTON is a farmer.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


FRITZ REEF – is a native of Switzerland, where he was born Jul 2 1841; he settled in this county in 1866, and he has been prominently identified with the educational interests of the county for several years, having been a working member of the board of education; he has also been treasurer of Centre township for the years 1878, 1879, 1880 and 1881.  His business is a jeweler.  He was married in this native country to Mary LEUENBERGER, whose parents are both deceased.  She was born in Switzerland, Mar 19 1839.  The date of their marriage was Mar 26 1865.  They have two children: Adele M. and Arnold F.  John & Mary ALLEMANN REEF are the parents of Fritz.  Mr. REEF’s postoffice address is Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


WILLIAM READ – is a resident of Woodsfield, and is a carpenter and wagon-maker by trade.  He settled in this county in the year 1831, and has held several offices in the county and has been re-elected to all, to-wit: Constable of Malaga township in 1841 and 1842; was elected justice of the peace of same township in 1848 and re-elected 1851; sheriff in 1853 and re-elected in 1855, serving four years; elected treasurer in 1861 and re-elected in 1863 and in 1869, by a large majority, was re-elected treasurer again, and re-elected in 1871; also elected sheriff again in 1877 and re-elected in 1879.  He can successfully say he never was defeated for any office he announced his name, and is the only sheriff that built the scaffold, and, on the 28th of May 1880, hanged the only man ever hung in this county.  The victim was sentenced for the murder of David TRIMLEY.  Mr. READ was born in England, Oct 5 1818, and is the son of John & Mary READ, settlers of this county in 1831.  He married Harriet, daughter of Peter & Elizabeth MANN; they settled in this county in 1814.  Mrs. READ was born in Monroe county, Dec 20 1820.  Their children are: Louisa, born Sep 15 1841; Lucetta, Oct 13 1843; Nancy, Jan 12 1845; Elizabeth, Dec 15 1847; John H., Nov 11 1849; Sophia, Nov 15 1852; Susan S., May 10 1854; Harriet E., Jun 20 1856; Charles W., Aug 9 1860; Lucy, Sep 12 1862; Lotty, Feb 28 1864; Josephine, Mar 1868, all reside in Monroe county, OH, but Harriet E., who resides in Belmont county.  Mr. READ lived in Belmont county, OH, about eight years before settling in Monroe.  Bear, deed, wolves, and all kinds of wild animals, abounded in great numbers at that date, 1838.  The school house in which Mr. READ used to go to school was an old log cabin with paper windows, a pane of glass would have been a curiosity.  Two half brothers of Mr. READ were in the Mexican war.  William returned and is now living in IA, Henry was killed.  Mr. READ’s postoffice address is Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


SIMON A. ROSE – emigrated from Germany, where he was born, Apr 23 1830; his parents fir resided at Wheeling WV, afterward removing to Seneca township, this county, in 1816, where they remained three years, and then came to Centreville, Belmont county, which was their home until 1850, when Mr. ROSE again removed to Monroe county, Wayne township, and from there to the present residence of Simon, in Centre township.  Both of his parents are deceased; their names were Reinhart & Catherine ROSE.  Simon was married to Sarah E. SMITH, in this county, Feb 9 1850, where she was born Apr 10 1829.  Their family comprise: William R., born Nov 15 1850, resides in Franklin township; Sarah C. DENBORO, Sep 14 1853, resides in Centre township; Simon F., Aug 6 1856, resides in Summit township; George W., Oct 26 1859, resides at home; Mary E. YOHO, Mar 30 1862, resides in Centre township; Flora J., Nov 16 1864, resides at home; Flora J., Nov 16 1864, resides at home; Lana E., Jun 6 1867, resides at home.  Mrs. ROSE’s father, William SMITH, is living at the age of 72, and her mother, Sarah EMMONS at 68 years.  Mr. ROSE has held the office of trustee in Wayne township for two years, 1866 and 1867.  Two brothers of Mrs. ROSE, Robert & James SMITH, were in the late war.  Robert served three years in the 116th OVI; James was in the 7th WV Volunteer Infantry, serving three years; both were honorably discharged.  Mr. ROSE is a farmer and stock-raiser.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


HENRY SMITH – came to this county with his parents from Germany, in 1832, settling on Milles Creek, in Malaga township; it was simply a wilderness at that date, and they endured many privations.  Henry attended the first school taught in the township.  He was born in Bavaria, May 28 1829, and was married in this county, Oct 27 1850, to Harriet  BAKER, born in Bavaria in 1841.  Their family record is as follows: Catherine MOORE, born Sep 6 1851, resides in Barnesville; Jacob, Aug 14 1853, at home; Elizabeth, Jul 11 1855, resides in Malaga township; Caroline, May 27 1857, resides at St. Clairsville; Mary, Dec 25 1859, at home; George, Oct 14 1862, at home; John, Sep 30 1864, at home; Henry, Jan 12 1866, at home; Louisa, Mar 17 1868, at home; Christena, Feb 2 1870; William, Apr 4 1872; Reuben, Sep 5 1874.  George SMITH, Henry’s father, was born Jan 8 1804, and died May 30 1881; his mother, Christena FYOCK SMITH, was born Jan 4 1804, and is still living, aged 78 years.  Mrs. SMITH’s parents are John & Caroline SCHROETER BAKER, who settled here in 1844; both are deceased.  Mr. SMITH has held the office of infirmary director since 1874, his term will expire in 1883.  He is a farmer.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


JOHN P. SPRIGGS – is a lawyer of Woodsfield, practicing in this and adjoining counties.  He was born at Centreville, Belmont county, OH, Mar 17 1833.  He was married near Calais, Monroe county, Sep 16 1855, to Lucinda WINDHAM, who was born near Barnesville, OH, Mar 12 18--.  Their children are: Rosalia J., born at Calais, May 11 1859, deceased; George B. McClellan, born at Calais, Oct 22 1861; Alice V., born at Calais, May 11 1864; A. G. Thurman, born at Woodsfield, Dec 8 1866; Florence, born at Woodsfield, Mar 29 1869.  Morris D. SPRIGGS & Catherine POOL SPRIGGS are the parents of the subject of this sketch.  They live in Wayne county, IL.  Mrs. SPRIGGS’ parents are George & Elizabeth RITTS WINDHAM, settlers of this county in 1845; they died in 1880.  Mr. SPRIGGS has been justice of the peace for six years, and prosecuting attorney from 1866 to 1872, and from 1878 to 1882.  He was admitted to the bar in Jan 1860, at Columbus, OH, and has ever since been engaged in the practice of law.  He has resided in Woodsfield since 1865.  His address is Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


W. H. SIMMONS – a resident of Woodsfield, is a son of James N. & Lucretia SIMMONS, settlers of this county in 1836.  His wife, S. F. is a daughter of Samuel G. & Ruth SMITH.  Mr. SIMMONS was born in Woodsfield, Sep 1840.  His wife at the same place, Apr 15 1837.  They were married at Woodsfield, Apr 26 1866.  The children that bless this happy union are: Lulu R., born Feb 2 1867, and Frank F., born Nov 10 1869, both reside at Woodsfield.  Address, Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


SAMUEL G. SMITH – is a carpenter and farmer of Centre township.  He was born in Lewisburry, York county, PA, Jan 12 1814.  He first settled in Harrison county, coming from there to this township in 1839.  His first wife was Ruth, daughter of Henry & Nancy HALE FORD, by whom he had the following children: John H., born Jul 8 1839, resides in El Paso, TX; Susan F. SIMMONS, Apr 15 1843, resides in Woodsfield; Thomas W., Jan 18 1846, resides in MO; Henrietta J., May 25 1848, resides at home.  His second wife is Nancy FORD, born in Harrison county, OH, Aug 10 1827.  The date of their marriage was Nov 10 1850, in Monroe county.  Their children comprise: Charles W., born Sep 12 1851, resides in Springfield, MO; Milton D., Dec 26 1853, resides at home; Harvey G., Nov 7 1856, resides in Richmond IN; Elmer F., Jul 22 1861, resides at home; Lorena A., Sep 21 1865, resides at home.  Henry & Aberilla ROUSE FORD are the parents of Mrs. SMITH; they settled in this county in 1839; both are deceased.  Mr. SMITH’s parents are John & Barbara GRIESINGER SMITH, deceased.  Two of the sons of Mr. SMITH, John & Thomas, were in the late war.  John was in a Virginia regiment; was honorably discharged.  Thomas enlisted at Woodsfield, in the 36th OVI, in the fall of 1863; was in the battles of Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Wythville, Cloa Mountain, and others; was wounded in a skirmish at Berryville, Sep 3 1864; was discharged at Wheeling, Jul 27 1865.  Mr. SMITH’s postoffice address is Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


THOMAS TWADDLE – and Levina TRUEX were married in Monroe county, OH, Dec 9 1858.  His birth-place was Jefferson county, OH, and the date Aug 10 1830.  They have a family of six, all residing at home; as follows: Florence T., born Nov 19 1859; Violet A., Nov 19 1861; Alice R., Apr 7 1864; Eveline A., Nov 16 1866; Lulu E., Jul 12 1869; Olive G., Jun 30 1872.  Mrs. TWADDLE was born in Monroe county, OH, Jul 8 1837, and her death occurred Jun 19 1875.  Her parents were Benjamin & Elizabeth SYPE TRUEX, both deceased.  Mr. TWADDLE’s parents, Phillip & Mary BRUCE TWADDLE, both of whom are deceased, settled in Monroe county in 1833.  Thomas was for three years in the war of 1861.  He served one year in the 77th OVI, and then enlisted in the 116th OVI.  He was in the battles of Winchester, Cedar Creek, and several others in which the regiment took part.  He was wounded May 28 1863, while on a scouting expedition.  He was transferred to the 62nd OVI, and from that regiment to the 67th, in which he served until the close of the war, seeing some very hard service.  He is engaged in farming.  Address, Antioch, Monroe county, OH.


CHARLES TWINEM – is a native of Ireland, his birth having occurred in Armagh county, Jan 7 1831.  His father, Thomas TWINEM, was born in Ireland, Aug 15 1796, and died in Monroe county (where he settled in 1841), Nov 1 1881, respected by all who knew him, and his mother, Mary A. TWINEM, died Nov 28 1880; they came to Monroe county in 1841.  At Newcastle, this county, Mar 19 1868, Charles TWINEM was married to Hannah M. DALLEY, who was born in Armstrong county, PA, Aug 17 1838.  Her parents were Abram DALLEY, who died Mar 12 1842, and Mary GUTHRIE, who came to this county in 1862, and is still living at the age of 75 years, and has been an invalid of Paley for the past eight years.  Mr. TWINEM’s family are: Mary B., born Nov 9 1869; Thomas E., Feb 11 1872; Oscar D., Mar 18 1875; William C., Jun 16 1878.  Mr. TWINEM was a member of Co. B, 25th OVI, having enlisted at Woodsfield, OH, Apr 29 1861, going right from Camp Dennison to the front, and participating in the battles of Cheat Mountain, Green Brier, and others.  He was wounded at McDowell, VA, May 8 1862, and after returning to his regiment, in Dec 1862, was transferred to the Veteran Reserves on account of his wound and sickness.  Mr. TWINEM is a farmer and stock-raiser.  Address, Antioch, Monroe county, OH.


HENRY R. WEST – was born in Jefferson county, OH, Sep 15 1839.  Removed with his parents, Thomas & Sophia J. WEST to Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH, in 1842.  Purchased a half interest in The Spirit of Democracy, Oct 1 1858; entered the army as second lieutenant, Oct 3 1861; promoted to first lieutenant, Dec 18 1861; to captain, Sep 18 1862; to lieutenant-colonel, Dec 13 1864; to colonel, Dec 20 1864; breveted colonel by President Andrew Johnson, to date Apr 2 1865, for gallant conduct in the assault on Fort Gregg, VA; breveted brigadier-general, by President Johnson, to date from Apr 2 1865, for gallant and meritorious services during the war.  Both brevets were confirmed by the United States Senate.  Mustered out of service, Dec 15 1865, at City Point, VA.  Became owner of The Spirit of Democracy, Jan 1 1867, by purchase of half interest controlled by Jere. Williams; married to Mary C. OKEY, daughter of William & Lucinda OKEY, May 13 1868.  Has since resided in Woodsfield, and been engaged exclusively as editor and publisher of The Spirit of Democracy.


NATHANIEL WILEY Jr. – is a farmer of Centre township, and was born in Hartford county, MD, Oct 4 1826.  He settled in Monroe county in 1836.  His parents were John WILEY, who died Apr 18 1880, and Sarah MOORE WILEY, who died Oct 20 1874.  They both came to Monroe county in 1836.  Mr. Nathaniel WILEY Jr. was married in Greene county PA, Jan 3 1850, by the Reverend E. Hood Fordice to Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, a native of that county, where she was born Mar 2 1826.  Her parents were John MONTGOMERY, who died Dec 28 1843, in PA, and Sarah WHITLOCH, who died in OH, Aug 4 1853.  The children of Nathaniel & Elizabeth WILEY are: John L., born Mar 10 1851, lives in Centre township; Sarah Ann, born May 15 1853, lives in Belmont county, OH; William Franklin, born Nov 29 1855, lives in Malaga township; Mary C., born Feb 24 1857, lives in Woodsfield; Flavious J., born May 26 1859; Joseph, born Mar 23 1861; Nancy M., born Mar 10 1863, died Oct 31 1865; Benjamin R., born Mar 21 1866; (no name) infant, born Mar 21 1866, died Apr 13, same year; Clement A., born Sep 15 1868.  The four younger children who are living are at home.  Mr. WILEY is the owner of 60 acres of land situated in Centre township, town 5, section 20, range 5.  Postoffice address, Jerusalem, Monroe county, OH.


JAMES WATSON – is an attorney-at-law, farmer and merchant, of Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.  He is a native of Scotland, having been born in Glasgow, Apr 28 1825.  His parents, John & Margaret ADAMS WATSON, came to this county in 1848, where they both died.  To show the respect in which Mr. WATSON is held in this county, it is only necessary to enumerate the offices he has filled, viz: justice of peace, captain of State militia, captain Co. I, 7th Regiment WV Volunteer Infantry, postmaster at Graysville 16 years, representative in General Assembly of Ohio for two terms, from Monroe county, from Jan 1 1874 to Jan 1 1878, master commissioner and president Monroe County Agricultural Society.  He was in the late war, first as first lieutenant of Co. D, and afterwards captain of Co. I, 7th Regiment WV Volunteer Infantry.  An ounce ball entered his shoulder at Fredericksburg, in the slaughterpen there, under General Burnside, which wound was the cause of his resignation.  His son, John A., was in the 196th OVI.  Mr. WATSON’s first marriage was to Maria J. SMITH, to whom the following children were born: Maria Jane, Mar 12 1859, deceased; John A., born Apr 28 1848, resides in Graysville; Smith H., Nov 7 1849, died Dec 3 1863; James Allen, May 10 1851, resides in Woodsfield; Mary H., Dec 28 1852, resides in Graysville; Archibald Jefferson, Oct 30 1854, resides in Bloomfield, Washington county, OH; Maggie, Mar 3 1857, resides in Graysville.  The second wife of Mr. WATSON was Mary S. DEVORE, and her children were: Devore, born Feb 6 1865, died Feb 24 1865; Katie, Jun 28 1863, resides at Graysville.  The third marriage of Mr. WATSON occurred at Graysville, Nov 22 1865, his choice being Esther Ann, daughter of John & Lucinda COOK LATSTRAW, both of whom were natives of this county, and are deceased.  The children of this union are Henry Knox, born Oct 18 1867; Olive L., Sep 22 1869; Roy Heber, Aug 2 1871; David Okey, Apr 1 1873; G. W. W., Feb 22 1875; Columbus Monroe, Apr 17 1877.  The WATSON family and their relatives seem to have a military leaning.  One brother-in-law, Robert SMITH, was killed at Mission Ridge; a brother, William WATSON, contracted consumption in the service, and gave his life for the Union; another brother-in-law was in the 116th OVI; another, Isaac B. SMITH, was in the 7th WV Infantry; and their cousins, the GIVENS, and other families, sent unprecedented numbers into the great rebellion, every one, without exception, on the Union side.  James Allen WATSON, at the age of 17, ran away from home and went to KS, where he joined the 19th KS Cavalry, Co. K, doing service in the Indian campaign under General Custer, being nearly starved on the plains.  When mustered out he returned and entered college at Mt. Union, graduating in the scientific course, and is now principal of the Woodsfield schools.  Mr. WATSON’s address is Woodsfield, Monroe county, OH.


HENRY WINLAND – is son of John & Catherine SNYDER WINLAND, who settled in this county in 1812; they came from PA, on the Susquehanna, settling on section 13, Centre township.  About a dozen families comprised the residents of the township at that date, their nearest neighbor being three miles away; the site of Woodsfield was a dense forest.  Barnesville, Belmont county, was the nearest trading point.  His father helped to organize the township, and he also built the first mill on Sunfish creek in the Fall of 1821, it being the second mill in this part of the county.  Buffalo, elk, and all kinds of wild animals were very plentiful.  His father died Apr 14 1867, and his mother, Mar 9 1871.  Henry’s first wife was Anna, daughter of William & Rebecca SIMPSON HUTCHESON.  Their marriage took place in Centre township, Oct 1 1840.  Their children are: John H., born Jul 12 1841; Catherine M. FLORENCE, Apr 17 1843, resides in Wood county, WV; William D., Mar 12 1845, resides in Mitchel county, KS; James M., Dec 25 1846, resides in CO; Rebecca E., Nov 15 1848, died Oct 17 1869; Eliza J. MORRIS, Oct 17 1850, resides in Wood county, WV; Robert C., Sep 15 1853, died Dec 19 1862; Elizabeth A. SHEAR, Nov 19 1855, resides in Vermillion county, IL.  John H., the oldest son, was in the late war, in Co. D, 116th OVI, enlisting in Woodsfield in Aug 1863.  He was in the battle of Winchester and all in which his regiment took part; he died of typhoid fever at Claryville, MD, Dec 6 1864.  Mr. WINLAND’s second wife was Catherine HANSELL, who was born in this county, Mar 8 1833; the date of the ceremony was Jul 25 1857.  Their family are: Samuel J., born Aug 18 1858, resides at home; Phillip H., Dec 31 1859, resides at home; George C., Feb 17 1863, resides at home; Ruey A., May 2 1866, at home; Martha, Jun 18 1870, died Apr 19 1872; Harvey, May 5 1873, at home.  Samuel & Ruey Ann KECK HENSELL, were the parents of Mrs. WINLAND, the latter deceased, Sep 1 1877.  Mr. WINLAND is a farmer and stock-raiser.  Address, Ozark, Monroe county, OH.


RUBEN P. YOHO – is a resident of Centre township, is engaged in farming.  Resided in Marshall county, VA, in the year 1810, and is the son of Peter & Sarah YOHO.  His wife, whom he married in Monroe county, OH, in 1835, was Emiline MILLS; her parents were Thomas & Margaret MILLS.  Mr. YOHO settled in this county, in 1813.  Their children are: Elizabeth E., born 1837; Sarah F., 1840; R. P., 1851.  Mrs. YOHO was born in Frederick county, MD in 1814.  Address, Woodsfield, OH.



Transcribed by Dr. Shirley A. Harmon, e-mail:  Shirley Harmon




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