The following biographical sketches of early settlers in Monroe County as reproduced from a book titled, the "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio." The material for this book was taken from two nineteenth century books: (1) 'History of Monroe County Ohio,' a product of the H.H. Hardesty & Co., publishers, Chicago and Toledo, 1882 and (2) 'Caldwell's Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio,' a product of Atlas Publishing Company, Mount Vernon, Ohio, 1898. The "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio" was reprinted and is available from the Monroe County Historical Society.












Dr. A. C. ARMSTRONG – resides in Summit township, Lewisville postoffice, and is a physician, surgeon and druggist.  He was born in Belmont county, Dec 27 1839.  His parents, Henry & Margaret ADAMS ARMSTRONG, came to this county in 1845, and in the spring of 1864 removed to Iowa.  He married at Beallsville, in this county, Sep 16 1864, Louisa WOOLENWEBER, a native of West Virginia, and whose parents, Louis & Wilhelmina WOOLENWEBER, came into this county in 1840.  Their child, Charlie L. was born Sep 16 1865.  Dr. ARMSTRONG has held the office of township clerk for ten years.  His brother, Franklin, served during the war in the 25th OVI, enlisting at Woodsfield, served three years and was honorably discharged.  He was severely wounded in the battle of Chancellorsville, from the effects of which he is crippled for life.  The ARMSTRONGs are of Irish descent, and were residents of Washington county, PA, where they remained about seven years, and then came to Monroe county, settling in Sunsbury township.  Dr. ARMSTRONG, at the age of 20 years, began the study of medicine with Dr. G. C. McCULLOCK, of Beallsville.  After finishing his studies he commenced the practice of medicine in the village of Lewisville, where he has remained ever since.  By close attention to business, Dr. ARMSTRONG has acquired a very large practice, and is one of the prominent physicians of the county.


ALEXANDER BUCHANAN – is a retired farmer and justice of the peace of Summit township, Lewisville postoffice.  He was born in Washington county, PA, Feb 25 1822, and came with his parents into Monroe county in 1823.  His father, William BUCHANAN, died Apr 2 1879, and his mother, Mary A. STEWART, Oct 15 1852.  He married at Lewisville, Dec 23 1852, Sarah, daughter of Jacob & Mary RUEKER [or RUCKER] WISE, the ceremony being performed by Rev. ATHY.  She was born in Seneca (now Summit) township, Oct 25 1832; her father died Feb 3 1855, and her mother Apr 10 1846.  Children: James M., born Jan 11 1856, died Feb 5 1861; Jacob M., Dec 23 1857, died Feb 15 1861; Harriet O., Nov 24 1859, died Feb 21 1861; Samuel P., Nov 8 1861, died Mar 9 1863; Louisa E., Feb 11 1865; Sadie A., Jan 20 1875.  The two last are at home.  The three who died in 1861 were taken away with diphtheria.  Mr. BUCHANAN was elected justice in 1861 and has held that office ever since, and he has also held the office of township treasurer.  His brother-in-law, Jacob SMITH, served in the late war.  Mrs. BUCHANAN’s only brother, Samuel D. WISE, served in the 136th OVI until honorably discharged at the close of the war.  William BUCHANAN was an enterprising, early settler, helping to make the country what it is today.  He held the office of trustee for many years, raised a family of nine children, and lived over 57 years on the farm he entered and cleared.  He helped to organize and build the first church in the township, known as Buchanan church, on his farm, lived a Christian life, and died respected by all who knew him at the ripe age of 89.  Mrs. BUCHANAN’s grandfather, Jacob WISE, senior, was one of the very earliest settlers in this part of Monroe county, a native of Greene county, PA.  He located near where the present town of Calais stands.  About 1833 they moved on Will’s creek and into Franklin (now Summit) township.  Settlers were few, living in cabins here and there in the woods.  He and his wife were members of, and helped to organize, the first Methodist Church in the township, known as the Wise church, which is still standing, located about two miles west of Lewisville.  He died at a very old age, and his wife lived to be 98 years old.  Jacob WISE, Jr., Mrs. BUCHANAN’s father, was the fourth son of a family of eight children, and he raised a family of six children, of whom Mrs. BUCHANAN was the oldest.  William BUCHANAN, father of Alexander, was a native of VA, of Scotch origin.  In 1803, when he was 13 years old, he came with his parents and settled in Washington county, PA, which was then a wilderness.  In 1818 he married Mary, daughter of James STEWART and wife, who were native of Ireland, came to America at an early day, being 18 weeks on the sea.  About five years after marriage William BUCHANAN settled in the western part of this county, now in the eastern part of this township.  He entered his land from the government, and settled and cleared his farm when there were not over six families in the township, not a school-house or church for miles around, no roads but blazed paths through the woods, plenty of wild animals and game.  Mr. BUCHANAN was formerly married, Dec 25 1844, to Ann, daughter of William COCHRANE and wife, by Rev. Mr. COLLEGE.  Born by this marriage: Cleland R., May 30 1846; Mary A., Aug 24 1848, died Nov 18 1852; John W., Aug 31 1850, died Jun 9 1851.  The first wife died Sep 6 1850.


RICHARD GREENBANK – is a native of this township, born Apr 13 1836.  His father was William GREENBANK, born Dec 11 1782, died Mar 12 1866, and his mother, Rebecca FISHER, was born Jan 31 1807.  Richard GREENBANK was married May 16 1865, to Mary KENNEDY, who was born in Franklin township Jan 19 1840.  Her parents were William KENNEDY, born Nov 27 1805, died May 23 1869, and Martha TODD, born Aug 11 1818, died Aug 9 1863.  Children: Martha J., born Sep 25 1866; Willie K., May 8 1869; Minnie R., Oct 4 1870, died Jun 1 1880; Rebecca I., Apr 4 1874, died Sep 1 1874; Mary S., Sep 16 1875; Ida M., Oct 20 1877; Charles A., Jan 10 1880.  Mr. GREENBANK has held the office of trustee in his township for the last six years.  Three of his brothers, William, John and George were in the war, the latter serving three years in Co. C, 116th OVI.  His father came from Yorkshire, England, when a young man, and located at Wheeling, WV for six years.  About 1828 he settled in what is now the central part of this township.  The country was then new, only here and there a cabin; plenty of game and wild animals, but no highways, churches or schools.  He assisted in organizing the township, and voted at its first election.  He was married Apr 11 1835, to a daughter of John & Sarah FAUCETT FISHER, natives of Virginia, who settled here about 1805.  The father of Mrs. Richard GREENBANK came from Ireland in 1827, and settled in this county in 1832, and was married Jan 3 1839.  Business of Richard GREENBANK, farming.  Postoffice, Lewisville, Monroe county, OH.


FREDERICK GELDMACHER – a native of Waldack, Germany, where he was born Dec 20 1831.  His parents (deceased) were Henry & Elizabeth GERMER GELDMACHER.  He came to America in 1852, landing at Baltimore, MD, and afterward went to Wheeling WV, where he remained seven years.  Here he married, Aug 22 1858, Catharine ROSE, who was born in Summit township, Dec 28 1840, being a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. ROSE, who settled in Monroe county in 1836.  Their children are: Lusetta, born Aug 30 1859, Anna, Feb 5 1861; Matilda, Sep 26 1863; William, Apr 23 1870; Clara, Nov 9 1872; Mary, Oct 15 1877, deceased.  Mr. GELDMACHER has held the office of trustee of this township for three years, also been school director for 12 years in district No. 4.  He is one of the enterprising citizens of his township.  Follows farming.  Postoffice, Lewisville.  Mrs. GELDMACHER’s parents were among the early settlers of the township, locating here when it was all woods, and raised a large family, who are now scattered into many parts of the United States.  Mr. ROSE is still living, and quite hale, though 86 years old; attends his vineyard, and makes wine which is noted far and near for its fine quality.


JACOB H. HAMILTON – has held commission as postmaster of Lecompton postoffice, Monroe county, for the last 30 years.  Is a farmer and stock-raiser of Summit township.  He was born in Greene county, PA, Apr 11 1818, and came to this county with his parents, John & Margaret WISE HAMILTON, in 1822.  He was married here Dec 28 1840, to Maria ROBISON, who was born in Ireland Dec 17 1816, daughter of John & Margaret CUMMINS ROBISON, who settled in this county in 1842.  Their children are: Margaret WAGENFIELD, resides at home; Elizabeth COLEMAN, resides in Washington county; Adaline, resides in Indiana; Marinda, resides at home; John C., resides in Darke county; G. Wire, resides in Woodsfield; Aoevella HINSON, resides in Franklin township; Oliver, died Aug 15 1864; Forrester, died Aug 18 1864.  Mr. HAMILTON has held other offices besides that of postmaster, as trustee, assessor and land appraiser.  His brother, John, was a lieutenant in the 116th OVI, served about two years and resigned because of ill health.  His brother, Joseph, was also in the 116th, served about a year and died of camp disease.  Mr. HAMILTON’s grandfather, Hugh HAMILTON, was a native of Ireland, settled very early in Greene county, PA, enlisted as a soldier in the Revolutionary war, and served seven years, and was a captain in the army.  When he settled in Greene county, Pittsburgh was not thought of.  He raised four sons and four daughters, of whom John, the father of Jacob H. was the oldest.  About 1816 he married a daughter of Jacob & Mary WISE.  In 1821 he settled in Belmont county, where he remained a year and then came to Monroe county, settling in what is now Summit township.  The nearest grist mill was at the mouth of Captina creek, 35 miles away, no road but a “blazed” one, plenty of wolves, bears, panthers, and not a school-house or church in the county.  Mr. HAMILTON’s father died in Aug 1851.


JOHN M. NEUHART – the subject of this sketch was born in Germany, Aug 28 1820, son of Valentin NEUHART & Catherine BINTZ, both deceased.  His wife, Catherine SHAUB, daughter of John & Mary NETZ SHAUB, was also born in Germany.  They were married in this township, and have ten children, all living, namely: Elizabeth, Philip, Henry, John, Mary, Ernestine, Jane, Katie, George, Amelia, and an adopted child, Mary YOCKY.  Katie, Ernestine and Mary reside at Wheeling, WV, Henry in Woodsfield, John in Tennessee; the others in this township.  Mr. NEUHART resides in Summit township, follows farming.  Postoffice, Miltonsburg.


WILLIAM SMITH – a farmer of Summit township, whose address is Lewisville, Monroe county, OH, was born in Washington county, PA, Aug 22 1801; settled here in 1816.  His parents (deceased) were Robert, born on Muddy creek, three miles about Peach Bottom Ferry, and Elizabeth HANLEY SMITH, born in County Armagh, Ireland.  His wife, Sarah EMMONS, born in Fayette county, PA, Jun 20 1811, was daughter of Lewis & Sarah WHEATLEY EMMONS, both deceased, who also settled here in 1816.  Their children are: Rachel A. WISE, born Sep 11 1831, deceased; Sarah ROSE, Apr 6 1834; Hester A. CASHNER, of Pittsburgh, PA, born Aug 10 1836; Robert H., Jan 11 1842; Margaret, Dec 15 1843; James, Mar 7 1846; Catharine PRYOR, Jun 1 1848; William, Aug 11 1850; and Louis, Feb 11 1855.  Two of the sons, Robert & James, served in the late war.  Robert was a member of Co. F, 116th OVI; enlisted in the fall of 1862, was taken prisoner at the battle of Winchester and held a short time; was in all the battles of the regiment, and was discharged after serving three years.  James was in the 7th VA Volunteer Infantry; enlisted in 1862 and served three years.  When Mr. SMITH’s father settled here, Monroe county had only been organized a year.  The country was a wilderness with no more than six families in the bounds of Summit township.  They were members of the first church in the county.  Their nearest school was at Woodsfield, four miles away.  Mrs. SMITH’s older brother, Thomas, attended this school.  The teacher was Elijah ANDREWS.  Mrs. SMITH’s family settled very early in this county, at Woodsfield, coming from PA.


PHILIP WEBER – is a native of Germany, born there Mar 6 1825, and settled in Monroe county in 1850.  His parents, Leonard & Margaret WEBER, both died in Germany.  He married in Wayne township, Aug 5 1850, Christina STOFFEL, born in Germany Aug 24 1831, daughter of John & Elizabeth STOFFEL.  Children: Lena K. GRAFF, born Sep 29 1851, resides in Belmont county; Elizabeth, Aug 18 1853, lives in Baden, PA; Albert W., Dec 18 1855; George W., May 9 1858, was drowned Jul 8 1880; Fred L., Aug 17 1860; Henry J., Mar 30 1863, resides at Steubenville, Jefferson county, OH, is a barber; Louisa, Jan 18 1866; Mary Matilda, May 7 1869; Charles E., Feb 15 1874.  All those not otherwise mentioned live at Lewisville.  Mr. WEBER resides in Summit township; occupation, tailoring.  Address, Lewisville.  [webmaster’s note:  The “Marriage Records of Monroe County Ohio – 1867-1877” lists Lena K. Weber married Jacob Jr. Graff on Setp. 23, 1877]


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