The following biographical sketches of early settlers in Monroe County as reproduced from a book titled, the "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio." The material for this book was taken from two nineteenth century books: (1) 'History of Monroe County Ohio,' a product of the H.H. Hardesty & Co., publishers, Chicago and Toledo, 1882 and (2) 'Caldwell's Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio,' a product of Atlas Publishing Company, Mount Vernon, Ohio, 1898. The "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio" was reprinted and is available from the Monroe County Historical Society.






























DAVID ALLEN – born in Pennsylvania, Apr 30 1810, and came to this county with his parents, Philip & Nancy WILCOX ALLEN, in 1817.  Parents both dead.  Married in Woodsfield, April 1856, Sarah HUFF who was born in Noble county, March 22, 1826, daughter of Emanuel & Polly DAVIS HUFF.  Their children, all at home, are: Henry, born April 4, 18--; Louisa BLAZER, April 11, 18--; Elijah, Jan 24, 18--; Aaron, August 14, 18--.  By a former marriage the following children were born: Paulina HILL, Gideon, Annie KNOWLTON, Elias, Avery, Lewis, Mary HUFF, Philip, Ezekiel, Sarah FISHER, Paulina WATSON, and David.  Gideon served in the army, and Ezekiel in the 92nd Regiment VA Volunteer Infantry, Avery, Lewis, and Philip served in the 8th VA Volunteer Infantry.  Mr. ALLEN is a farmer.  Post office address, Graysville.


JOHN NELSON BAKER – farmer, post office Graysville.  Born in this county, March 8, 1823, son of Isaac BAKER, who died in 1865, and Ruth BROCK, who died in 1844.  Married, the second time, October 24, 1869, to Sarah A. POWELL, born Mar 19 1833, daughter of Hiram H. POWELL (died in 1857) and Mary SILL, who settled here in 1822.  Their child, Samuel F., was born Aug 16 1870.  Mr. BAKER’s first wife, Nancy PRINGLE, was born Mar 10, 1825, and died Jun 14, 1869.  Children of first marriage:  Isaac, born Mar 1, 1845, resides in WV; Martin V., Jan 5 1849, in MO; Sarah O. (GATCHELL), Mar 10, 1851; David, Aug 16, 1854; in MO; Ruth A. (DANFORD), Feb 24, 1856, lives in Montana Territory.  Abner POWELL, grandfather of Sarah POWELL BAKER, had a 99 years lease on the land where Graysville now stands.  He was 93 years older than his youngest child.  He died in the winter of 1860 at the age of 96.  He served in the war of 1812.


JAMES G. BAKER – was born in this county, May 27 1840.  Parents, John A. & Susan FARLEY BAKER.  Wife, Elizabeth HARMAN, born in Carroll county, Sep 2 1830, daughter of Andrew & Jane WILSON HARMAN, who came here in 1836, the latter dying Feb 11, 1872.  They were married Feb 11, 1880.  Mr. Baker’s first wife, Mary J. POWELL, was born Nov 11, 1846, and died Jun 19, 1879.  Children by first wife:  William T., born Jul 17, 1867; Christopher E., Apr 20, 1869, died Sep 21, 1870; Sarah R. A., Jul 13, 1872; George N. F., Jun 2, 1875.  Elizabeth BAKER’s children by David ALLEN:  Elias, Nancy J., Andrew J., Isaiah, Jemima.  Army experience:  Enlisted Dec 19, 1861, in Co. I, 77th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, came out in Apr 1866.  Was in battles of Shiloh, Pea Ridge, Corinth.  From Corinth went to Memphis, thence to Alton IL, then to Little Rock, AR, thence into winter quarters.  Veteranized in same regiment and company, and went through to TX, were defeated near Red river, and nearly all taken prisoners; reorganized at Little Rock, and he transferred to Company C.; thence to Algiers, to Mobile AL, where they were in the siege; thence up the Tombigbee river, and was present when the rebel fleet surrendered; thence to quarters at Mobile; thence on board the ship “Brazos” to Santiago, TX; then to Brownsville, where they were on border duty, and where they were mustered out of service.  Mr. Baker’s postoffice is Graysville.


JOHN D. BELL – lives in Washington township, where he is engaged in farming.  He was born in Bethel township, Monroe county, OH, Mar 23, 1844; his father’s name was Alexander BELL; his mother’s was Christina DETER, who was born Jun 5 1813 and died May 3 1873.  They came into Monroe county at an early date.  Mr. BELL’s wife was Miranda E. BARNES, who was born in Guernsey county, OH, Nov 26, 1846.  They were married in Brownsville, OH, Apr 15, 1869.  Their children are as follows: Charles D., born Apr 12, 1870; Clarence E., Sep 29 1873; Frank E., Sep 25, 1875; Edward C., Jan 27, 1881.  All of the children live at home.  Address, Rinard’s Mill, Monroe Co., OH.


EZEKIEL BLAIR Jr. – was born in this county Jan 31 1831, son of Ezekiel BLAIR, Sr., who was born Jun 21 1794, died Dec 20, 1878, and Sarah E. ALLEN, born Mar 16, 1792.  Married here on Sep 2, 1856, Arthela A. MORELAND, who was born in WV, Feb 10, 1838, daughter of Elias MORELAND, who was born Feb 29, 1804, and Mary TRICKET, who was born Jan 11, 1814, and died in 1851, they settling in this county in 1848.  Children:  Mary L., born Mar 8, 1858, died Aug 15, same year; James W., Mar 27, 1860; Dorcas A., Nov 18, 1862; George B., Oct 3, 1864; Geneva A., Mar 16, 1867; Sarah E., born in Pleasant county, VA, Jul 31, 1869; Brice, Jul 1, 1875; Elias N. J., Jan 23, 1878.  Mr. BLAIR’s father cleared one of the first farms in this township at a very early period, the farm now owned by W. S. WAY.  He also made a clearing at Woodsfield among the first.  He helped organize the first school at Low Gap.  Elias N. J. MORELAND was in the war, 2nd VA Cavalry; went into service in 1864, was a prisoner at Libby, and died of smallpox at Nashville TN in May 1865.  William C. MORELAND has been for 2 ½ years in the regular army.  Dorcas H. MORELAND lives in WV.  Mr. BLAIR’s occupation is farming.  Portoffice, Graysville.


ISAAC CLINE – son of William and Mary LINN CLINE, who settled here in 1780, was born in Benton township, Oct 14, 1806.  He married in his native township, Aug 7 1828, Elizabeth BEAVER, whose parents, John & Nancy GILL BEAVER, came into the county in 1821.  Mrs. CLINE was born on the Ohio river, Apr 8 1810; Ten children have been the fruit of their union: Nelson, born Feb 27 1831, of Perry township; Andrew, Sep 28, 1832, Graysville; W., Jun 18 1835; Lewis, Jun 30 1837; David, May 10 1839; Hannah J. LAWRENCE, Mar 20 1841; Peter, Mar 2 1843 (last 5 and Nancy deceased); Charlotte J. KELLER, Nov 17 1844, at home; Sarah A., Jun 4 1850, lives in Benton township.  Nelson entered the service in the late war, Company A., 116th OVI, and reenlisted in a Massachusetts regiment.  He was wounded in the left side.  Mr. CLINE’s father was in the war of 1812.  Mr. CLINE was a pioneer in his township; settled in the unbroken forest; no public schools; his farm one of the first cleared here.  He helped to organize the first church, Methodist Episcopal; was appointed class-leader; his family are members of the same.  Occupation farmer.  Postoffice, Graysville OH.


JAMES F. CHRISTY – settled in the county in the spring of 1855.  Is a son of Thomas & Mary REYNOLDS CHRISTY, both deceased, the former Jul 1859, the latter Nov 1879.  Mr. CHRISTY was born in Harrison county, Jul 11, 1835; married here Nov 20 1859, Mary A. CECIL, who was also born in Harrison county, Apr 5 1839, daughter of Hazael & Sarah HEVLIN CECIL, both deceased.  Their nine children are: John E., born Jun 7 1860; James W., May 1 1862; Thomas G., Aug 24 1864; Arminda J., Sep 13 1866; died Sep 10 1867; Clement, Jun 7 1868; Mary E., Mar 30 1872; Emma A., Aug 27 1874; Annie J., Oct 22 1877; Albert C., Sep 8 1880.  Mr. CHRISTY helped to drive John Morgan out of OH.  Two brothers of Mrs. CHRISTY served in the late war.  Amon CECIL from 1861 to the close of the war.  Stephen CECIL enlisted in 1865, and on the road home died of a fever contracted in the service.  Occupation, farming. Postoffice, Grayville.


BENJAMIN COSS – a farmer of this township.  Postoffice, Graysville.  Born in Monongahela county, WV, Jan 2 1817; settled in this county in the spring of 1838; son of John & Elizabeth RIDENOWR COSS (both deceased), who came into the county in 1827.  Married in his native county and state, Dec 28 1837 to Elizabeth A. RICE, who was born in MD, Jul 25 1806, and is daughter of William & Eva VALENTINE RICE, both deceased.  Children:  William, born Oct 30 1842, resides in this township; John, Jul 12 1843, died in the army Sep 17 1862; Henry, Oct 23 1849, lives in Washington township; Mary M. C. HAYES, Jun 14 1852, lives in Perry township.  Mr. COSS was one of the heroes of the late war of the Rebellion.  He served in Company D, 7th VA Volunteer Infantry, entered in Aug 1861, came out in Dec 1862; discharged Nov 28 1862, was in the battles of Romney and Antietam; in the latter he was wounded, losing the two middle fingers of his right hand.  William served in Company F, 196th OVI, from Mar 7 to the close of the war.  John was in Company D, 7th VA Volunteer Infantry.  Enlisted in 1861, fought at Romney, and in the battle of Antietam was shot in the head and instantly killed.  Mr. COSS cleared the farm on which he lives, helped build the first school-house and first church on the ridge; and helped to organize the first church here, Methodist Episcopal, of which himself and his wife were and are members.


EDWARD DOUGHERTY – is a son of Daniel DOUGHERTY and Sarah MALOY, who came to Monroe county in 1817.  He was born in Ireland, Donegal county, Aug 29 1809, and came here in 1833.  He married here, Jul 18 1833, Sarah DRUM, whose parents, Jacob & Sarah NOFSINGER DRUM, settled in this county in 1818.  They have had ten children: Simon, born Mar 6 1834; Eliza POULTON, Apr 9 1836; John, Apr 30 1838; Margaret HILL, Aug 12 1840; Mary ALLEN of Colorado, Dec 25 1842; Sarah HILL, Apr 17 1845; Martha J. HILL, Apr 21 1848; Cornelius, May 16 1851; Catharine CRONIN, Feb 25 1854; Emily, Feb 14 1857.  Margaret and Cornelius are deceased.  Mr. DOUGHERTY once served as treasurer of Wayne township.  He came here when there were but few settlers, mostly hunters.  He helped build the first school-house, on the Gray farm; also the first church, of logs, on the creek, named St. Paul and St. Peter.  Baldwin built a saw and grist mill opposite his house in 1830.  Occupation, farming. Postoffice, Graysville.


HENRY DURBIN – the subject of this sketch was born in MD, Sep 22 1827, settling here with his parents in 1846; was a son of James DURBIN who was born Dec 20 1796, and Rachel DELL, born Dec 25, 1805, and who reside in Adams county, IL.  He married here, Apr 16 1857, Sarah HANEY, whose father, Evan HANEY, was born May 28 1809, and died Sep 7 1879; and her mother, Nancy A. DRAKE, was born Aug 5 1810, and died Oct 31 1849.  The eldest child of Mr. & Mrs. DURBIN, Zephalynda, of WV, was born Jan 28 1858; James, of IL, Oct 18, 1859; Nancy A., Sep 7 1861; Lydia J., Jan 10 1863; Lewis L., Jan 2 1865; Evan H., Nov 7 1867; William H., Jul 20 1870.  Mr. DURBIN had three brothers in the late war: Cornelius, Jesse and James D., all yet living.  Jesse served through the war.  The children of his father’s family were: Cornelius, Henry, A. J., Jesse, Beal, John A. (deceased), James, Mary R., Elizabeth A., Lydia, Francina, Sarah (deceased), Zephalynda and Thomas.  Business, farming.  Postoffice, Lebanon.


ABSALOM D. EWING – a farmer.  Postoffice, Flint’s Mills.  Settled here in 1853.  Was born in Washington county, Feb 23 1817; son of James & Elizabeth SUTON EWING, both deceased.  Married here in 18--, Comfort SNODGRASS, who was born Nov 5 1813, in VA, and whose parents, William & Nancy KING SNODGRASS, are also deceased.  Children: Sarah E., born Aug 20 18--; Nancy R. WEAVER; Jan 13 18--, lives in Bethel township; James B., Mar 25 18--; Martha J., Dec 4 1851, died in Mar 1857; Mary M. FLANIGAN, Nov 15 1853, resides in Bethel township.  Mr. EWING’s brother, Marquis EWING, was in the war of 1861, in Company D, 77th OVI; was in the battle of Pittsburg Landing.  Went out in 1862.


JOSEPH P. FLINT – a farmer, born in this county Nov 9 1845.  His father, Jacob FLINT, was born Aug 10 1804.  His mother, Eliza APLIN, was born Mar 2 1803.  They settled here in the spring of 1838, the country being then new and the hills covered with unbroken forests.  They settled on Little Muskingum river, and his farm was one of the first cleared there.  Jacob & Eliza FLINT helped to organize on of the first church societies in the township, that of the Methodist Episcopal Church, with which they have been connected for 50 years.  Mordecai BISHOP preached the first sermon for the new society.  Flint’s mill was formerly built on the east side of Muskingum river, but was moved across by Isaac RINARD.  Postoffice of Joseph P. FLINT, Rinard’s Mills.


JOHN D. GATCHELL – born in this county Feb 5 1842.  His father, Nathan GATCHELL, came to the county in 1840.  Mr. GATCHELL married here, Aug 16 1806, Margaret J., daughter of David S. & Rebecca CUMMINS DEVORE.  Their two children are: George A., who was born Sep 19 1867, and Minnie E., Jul 22 1869.  Mr. GATCHELL served in the war, enlisting in 1862; was first corporal in Company C, 92nd OVI, and was wounded in the battle of Chickamauga, from which he lost the sight of one eye, and afterward lost the sight of the other from the same cause.


HENRY HARMON – a farmer of this township, and Graysville postoffice, is the son of Peter H. HARMON, who died in Sep 1856, and Elizabeth LITTLE, who died Feb 13 1875.  He was born in Carroll county, Nov 29 1835, and came to this county with his parents in 1836.  He was married to Nancy CLINE, Dec 21 1859.  Her birth took place Mar 5 1840, being a daughter of David & Jane McVEY CLINE, the former of whom died in Nov 1876, the latter in Mar 1877.  Their children, all at home, are: David, born Oct 6 1860; Huldah J. DRUM, Jun 2 1862; Rachel E., Jul 19 1866; William P., Dec 21 1867; Lola A., Nov 17 1869; Elmer, Jul 14 1874; Mary M., Aug 7 1878.  Mr. HARMON was in the late war, serving in Company A., 116th OVI, which he entered in Aug 1862, and came out in 1865; was in the battles of Winchester, Lynchburg, and Piedmont.  He had a lively experience in the army – was wounded at Lynchburg, on Jun 15 1864, in the groin, and went into hospital at Gallipolis; recovered and returned to his regiment at Deep Bottom, near Richmond VA; was taken prisoner at Bunker Hill & kept in Libby prison a week, thence to Belle Isle for a week, thence to City Point, then to Annapolis MD, to parole camp about a week, and soon into service again, commencing with Appomattox Court-house.


JAMES HALL – born in Jefferson county, Aug 24 1841, is a son of Thomas & Mary KELLY HALL, who settled in this county in 1849.  Married here, Jan 7 1868, Susan A. SMITH, who was born in Noble county, Feb 2 1838, daughter of Jesse & Sallie SMITH (the latter deceased), who came here in 1853.  Children: Nelson C., born Nov 7 1869; Mattie F., Sep 8 1872; William E., Sep 8 1875; Howard, Jul 27 1878; Nellie, Sep 19 1879.  Mr. HALL served in the late war, in Company G, 36th OVI; enlisted Sep 1861, mustered out Sep 1864; was in the battles of Chattanooga, Mission Ridge, South Mountain, Antietam, second fight at Bull Run, Winchester, Fisher’s Hill, and Murfreesboro.  Reenlisted, Oct 14 in Company G, 2nd VA Cavalry, was in engagement of Petersburg, Stanton, Warren Junction, Richmond, Appomattox Court-house, and mustered out at close of the war.  Business, farmer.  Postoffice, Quarry.


JOHN KNOWLTON – was born in Washington county in 1803, came into this county in 1836, and was married to Elizabeth LUCKEY in 1830.  His father, William KNOWLTON, was born in 1777, and his mother, Eunice McVEY, Mar 3 1783.  His wife was born in WV in 1805; her parents, Joseph & Tabitha PHILLIPS LUCKEY, are now deceased.  Children: C.B., born Sep 7 1832; Phoebe B. EDINGTON, Nov 17 1834; Elizabeth WALLACE, Nov 21 1845; Dorcas CHRISTY, Jan 17 1838; Maria SCOTT, May 11 1840; John, Feb 25 1849, died Aug 29 1850.  All these living reside in this township.  Mr. KNOWLTON is a thrifty, well-to-do farmer.  He settled here when the county was comparatively new, and by economy and strict attention to business has amassed considerable property.  He has been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for 61 years, and his wife for 58 years; has held the offices of steward, class-leader, and trustee, and all of his children are Christians.  His grandfather, Robert KNOWLTON, served in the Revolutionary war under General Washington, and his father was in the war of 1812.  Postoffice, Graysville.


ABRAM MANN – a farmer; born in Malaga township, Jun 26 1817; son of Peter & Elizabeth BARNHARD MANN.  Married in this county, Dec 30 1841 to Julia A. LECK, who was born in MD, Aug 14 1823, daughter of Elisha & Margaret GARWOOD LECK.  Children: Henry, born Mar 21 1844, deceased; Clarkson, May 8 1845; Clarissa J., Oct 10 1847, resides in Woodsfield; Thomas F., Feb 21 1850; Oliver P., Sep 21 1852, died Nov 6 1856; Harriet E., died Dec 2 1856; Vachael H., Sep 9 1858; Makel M., May 4 1861; Ross L., Jan 15 1865.  Mr. MANN has served as trustee and treasurer of the township, each three terms.  Postoffice, Graysville.


JOHN PARIS – a farmer of this township, born in VA, Oct 6 1812, and came here in 1820 with his parents, Peter & Mary A. HALL PARIS.  Mrs. PARIS, whose maiden name was Phebe LUCKEY, daughter of Joseph and Tabitha PHILLIPS LUCKEY, was born in PA, Jan 1 1809.  They were married here Sep 4 1834, and have had eight children born to them; McDowen, born Jun 26 1835; Joseph, Feb 8 1837; Tabitha, Dec 26, 1840; Mary A., Apr 8 1843; William, Jun 28 1845; Lewis, Feb 8 1847; Cornelius, Aug 10 1849; Eliza PRIOR, Aug 13 1852.  The five last named are deceased.  Mr. PARIS has served two terms as trustee of Washington township.  His father served seven years in the wars against the English, under Napoleon Bonaparte.  Postoffice, Graysville.


THOMAS H. POWELL – son of Hiram H. & Mary SILL POWELL, was born in this county, Sep 30 1844; married here, also, Feb 18 1869, to Sarah I. McVEY, who was born here Jan 25 1852, being a daughter of John & Louisa HUPP McVEY.  Mr. POWELL’s father died Mar 16 1867, and Mrs. POWELL’s mother died in Nov 1866.  Children: William E., born Dec 12 1869, died Aug 21 1870; Abner E., Mar 11 1871; Mary L., Dec 6 1872; Dora V., Aug 26 1877; Johnnie, Oct 28 1881.  Thomas H. POWELL was in the Morgan raid in our late war.  His brother, Christopher T., served in the 77th OVI, was wounded in the face at the battle of Shiloh, from which he died at Louisville KY.  Otty was wounded in the same battle, was moved home, and died from the wound.  Mrs. POWELL had three uncles in the war.  Mr. POWELL was twice married, his first wife, Eliza CROW, dying with her first child.  His grandfather cleared the land where Graysville now stands, and help to build one of the first school houses in the township, and was a wide-awake, energetic settler.  Postoffice address, Graysville.


J. M. RIDGWAY – son of Elzy RIDGWAY (who was born Apr 7 1802, died Feb 13 1877), and Jane C. McMUNN, born Jan 3 1801.  They settled in this county in 1820.  He was born Apr 4 1827; married in Washington county, May 27 1848, Elizabeth HALL, who was born in Belmont county, Aug 8 1828, daughter of Henry HALL, born Jan 7 1803, and Mary MORE, born Sep 12 1802, they coming into the county in 1848.  This union has been blessed with a numerous progeny:  Ebenezer H., born May 17 1849, died Mar 16 1852; Andrew W., Aug 8 1850; S. M., Mar 26 1852; C. M., Dec 11 1853; Elizabeth L., Sep 2 1855, died May 7 1857; C. J. McCAULEY, Jul 16 1857; lives in Bethel township; Marian, Sep 8 1859; John, Jan 15 1862; Temperance, Oct 30 1864; Eniza, Sep 15 1865; Margaret B., Jun 20 1868; Russell, Jun 7 1871; Frank, Jun 16 1873, died Feb 7 1874.  Mr. RIDGWAY is by occupation a farmer and tobacco packer.  Postoffice, Quarry.


ALEXANDER P. SCOTT – is a farmer and tobacco packer of this township.  Postoffice, Graysville.  He was born in this county, Jul 1 1843; married here, Jul 1 1865, Elizabeth HILL, also a native of the county, and born Sep 7 1847.  His father, James SCOTT, was born in Greenbrier county, WV in 1805, and died May 4 1879.  His mother, Mary MINNEY, was born in 1807, and they settled here in 1826.  Mrs. SCOTT’s father, Avery HILL was born in 1798, died 1874; and her mother, Lavina McVEY, born Jul 6 1805, died in 1880.  Children: George S., born Apr 11 1866; Calvin P., Aug 12 1867; Oliver F., Apr 12 1869; William E., Sep 9 1871; Louisa B., Aug 10 1873; Thomas H., Jan 8 1876; Homer, Jul 11 1877; Virgil A., Aug 5 1879; Camsydel, Aug 22 1881.  James SCOTT, father of the subject of this sketch, was one of the early settlers here, coming from Belmont county in 1826.  He cleared one of the first farms in the township, and lived on it at the same time.  He built a frame saw mill, one of the first water mills in the country.  He was noted all his life for his love of peace and justice, and served as justice of the peace for 33 years.  He lived a firm believer in the doctrine of universal salvation, and died in the triumphs of a living faith at the age of 75 years.


WILLIAM SHUTTS – a farmer.  Postoffice, Graysville.  Born in Pennsylvania, Jan 29 1812, son of Daniel & Elizabeth HAGAN SHUTTS, both deceased, who came into this county in 1837; married in Washington township, Aug 24 1840, Catharine HARMON, born in Pennsylvania, Feb 4 1822, daughter of Peter & Elizabeth LITTLE HARMON, both deceased, who settled here in 1836.  Mr. SHUTTS has held the office of trustee of this township for four terms.  Children have been born to them as follows: Peter, Mar 22 1841, lives in Belmont county; George, Jul 22 1842; James, Mar 17 1844, Wood county VA; Elizabeth POWELL, Jul 4 1846, Jackson county; Mary A. MALLEY, Nov 1848; Sarah A. HALL, Esther E. SMITH, Wayne township; Margaret, Hetty E., Nancy J., the latter born Aug 1 1867.  Peter served in the late war, Company D., 116th OVI; out three years, and in the battles of Winchester and Richmond, and was wounded on the shin by a piece of a shell.  John, a son by Mr. SHUTTS’s first wife, born Oct 22 1836, now in KS, was also in the army.


THOMAS SCOTT – a farmer of Washington township, was born there Jun 29 1839.  His father, James SCOTT, Sr., was born in 1805, and died May 4 1879.  His mother, Mary MINNEY, was born in 1807.  They settled in this county in 1826.  Mr. SCOTT’s wife was Margaret Jane WEEKLEY, born Feb 26 1861.  Her parents are William & Rebecka WAILES WEEKLEY, residents of this county.  Postoffice, Flint Mills.


JOHN A. WATSON – son of James A. WATSON & Maria J. SMITH, deceased, was born here Apr 28 1848; married Jan 1 1868, Paulina ALLEN, daughter of David & Paulina HILL ALLEN.  Have had four children born to them:  Mary E., born Nov 7 1869; Nora M., Feb 27 1873; Evart H., Jan 28 1876, died Dec 27 1877; Frank E., Jun 22 1878.  Mr. WATSON is a merchant and hotel keeper at Graysville, OH; is also treasurer of his township.  He served in the war in the 186th OVI.  His brother, James A., also served in the army, and his father was wounded at Fredericksburg, being a member of the 7th VA Volunteer Infantry.


WILLIAM W. YOUNG – a farmer and stock-raiser, son of George YOUNG & Mary HEDGE (both deceased), was born in Brook county, VA, May 8 1814, and settled here in 1843.  He was married at Wellsburg, VA, May 28 1837, to Margaret, daughter of Joseph & Rebecca HICKENBOTTOM WALKER.  Children: the eldest, George, and two youngest, Laura and Adda, are both deceased; Manverva, of this township; Rebecca, in Franklin; Mary, at Carlisle; Joseph, in Marcetta.  The son George was a member of the 27th OVI, entered the service as an orderly, was promoted up to brigadier, and died at Natchez.  Mr. YOUNG and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church of 30 years’ standing; he is a class-leader, and has been one of the trustees of Hopewell Church since its organization.  Their children are all professors of Christianity.  His grandfather, Philip YOUNG, was a soldier of the war of 1776, and Mrs. YOUNG’s father served in the war of 1812.  Mr. YOUNG is intimately connected with the settlement and history of Monroe county.  Postoffice, Rinard’s Mill.



Transcribed by Dr. Shirley A. Harmon, e-mail:  Shirley Harmon




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