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  Descendants of Pieter Klein


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          The Cline family tree is one of the largest family trees on the Monroe County, Ohio History and Genealogy websites.  As a single family tree it includes 17 generations and numbers about 18,950 entries.  Because of its size it is difficult to present the entire family tree as a single file on the website.

     A large part of this Cline family tree, provided by Alan Berry, is made up of the lineage of three 7th generation ancestors.  The three ancestors are sons of the 6th generation ancestor, Hans George Cline who was born 21 July 1740.  These three 7th generation Cline ancestors are: Joseph G. Cline born 7 June 1771; John C. Cline born 27 October 1772; and George Buck Cline born 10 April 1787.  (Hans George Cline born 21 July 1740 had 9 children.  The above three sons are presented in the greatest detail in Alan Berry’s Cline tree.)  

     To make the presentation of the Cline family tree more manageable, it has been divided into 3-parts.  Each part begins with the same ancestor, Pieter Klein, and includes the subsequent 6-generations.  That is, each of the 3-parts are identical through the first 7 generations.  Beginning with the 7th generation, however, each part of the tree follows one of the above three sons of Hans George Cline born 21 July 1740.  The detailed lineage of the other two brothers are omitted from the tree of the son being emphasized.   For details of the lineage for the other two brothers, see their respective trees.

     The identification of each of the three parts in the Family Trees index is as follows:

                             Cline 3a - Joseph G. Cline born 7 June 1771

                             Cline 3b - John C. Cline born 27 October 1772    

                             Cline 3c – George Buck Cline born 10 April 1787

     For completeness, all of the siblings from the 7th generation of all of the branches are given in each tree.  Also, the complete available lineages of all other 7th generation branches are included on each of the three trees for completeness and clarity for the reader.


                                      [Click here to go to Cline 3a, the complete Joseph G. Cline, Sr.  b: 07 Jun 1771 tree.]

                                      [Click here to go to Cline 3b, the complete John C. Cline  b: 27 Oct 1772 tree.]

                                      [Click here to go to Cline 3c, the complete George Buck Cline  b: 10 Apr 1787 tree.]



  Provided by Alan R. Berry


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