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Monroe County, Ohio, Court of Common Pleas

(Complete Record Book Indices)


Photographs and Index prepared by

Richard Harrington


One of the most useful sources of information for historical and genealogical research is the collection of legal records maintained in the office of the Clerk of Courts.  Many citizens required the services of the court system sometime in their lifetime.  Each interaction was duly recorded by the system and provides insight into some aspect of the life of that person.  The challenge for the researcher is to find the needed material within the volumes in the archives.

There are over 80 Complete Record Books that provide complete details of each case.  These Complete Record Books are found in the record room of the Monroe County, Ohio Clerk of Courts.  Many of the Complete Record Books have been photographed and put on CDs.  Copies of each of the Complete Record Books that are on CDs can be purchased from the Monroe County Historical Society.  A list of the available CDs and an order form can be found at:  But first check the indices of the Complete Record Books to discover which book contains the case(s) that you are interested in.

Beginning in the late 1860s each Complete Record Book has its own index in the front of each book.  But prior to 1866 only two of the books included an index.  There are, however, two separate books of indices for these Complete Record Books.  The first is the “Direct Index” which is organized by the surname of the plaintiff, the person(s) or organization(s) initiating the suit.  The second index is the “Reverse Index to Judgments – Court of Common Pleas.” The Reverse Index to Judgments is an index of legal cases in Monroe County which is organized by the surname of the defendant, the person being sued.  The Reverse Index to Judgments covers the period 1815 through 1877.

To access the Reverse Index to Judgments on this website, click here or go to  To purchase a CD of the Reverse Index to Judgments, go to and print out the order form listed at the end of the page and follow the instructions on the order form.

The Direct Index of cases found in the Complete Record Books is in the process of being prepared and will appear on this website soon.

Below is a list of the available indices found in the first 37 volumes of the Complete Record Books.  By clicking on the title of Complete Record Books that are hyperlinked (these appear as blue or maroon hyperlinks) you are taken to the index of that book.

Happy hunting!


Monroe County Court of Common Pleas

Complete Record Book Indices

1822 - 1906



Name of Complete Record Book

Years Included in

this Book






Record Book #1

This book is missing

1815 – 1822


Record Book #2*

1822 – 1833


Record Book #3*

1832 – 1837


Record Book #4*

1838 – 1840


Record Book #5

1840 – 1842


Record Book #6

1842 – 1844


Record Book #7*

1844 – 1846


Record Book #8*

1846 – 1848


Record Book #9*

1848 – 1850


Record Book #10*

1850 – 1853


Record Book #11*

1853 – 1854


Record Book #12*

1854 – 1856


Record Book #13*

1857 – 1858


Record Book #14*

1859 – 1860


Record Book #15*

1861 – 1866


Record Book #16

1866 – 1868


Record Book #17

1868 – 1870


Record Book #18

1870 – 1872


Record Book #19

1872 – 1874


Record Book #20

1874 – 1876


Record Book #21

1876 – 1877


Record Book #22

1877 – 1878


Record Book #23

1879 – 1880


Record Book #24

1880 – 1882


Record Book #25

1882 – 1884


Record Book #26

1884 – 1886


Record Book #27A

1886 – 1887


Record Book #27B

1887 – 1888


Record Book #28

1889 – 1890


Record Book #29

1890 – 1892


Record Book #30

1892 – 1894


Record Book #31

1894 – 1896


Record Book #32

1895 – 1897


Record Book #33

1897 – 1899


Record Book #34

1899 – 1900


Record Book #35

1900 – 1902


Record Book #36

1902 – 1904


Record Book #37

1904 – 1906


*  There are no indices within these books.  Consult the “Direct Index” when it becomes available on this site, soon.


CDs of the Complete Record Books #2 through #21 can be purchased from the Monroe County Historical Society. 

Go to the following website for more information and a printable CD order form.



The author of CDs found on this website can be contacted at:  Richard Harrington, 9517 Mount Vernon Landing, Alexandria, VA, 22309; telephone 703/780-9109; e-mail [email protected]

The address of the Monroe County Probate Court is: Monroe County Probate Court, Court House, 101 North Main St., Woodsfield, Ohio  43793; Telephone 740/472-1654; There is no e-mail address

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