Do Exciting Research and Get Paid for It

(Payment is in the form of credit toward the purchase of CDs)


Most of you know about the project to put Monroe County, Ohio records onto CDs.This is a way to preserve history and valuable historical and genealogical information.It is also an easy way to make such information available to researchers; particularly, researchers who do not have convenient access to these records.For a complete list of available CDs, click on:


Did you know that there is a way that you can get your own Monroe County historical and genealogical CDs without buying them?Here is how!


Join the team of volunteers who research selected records on CDs and extract and type valuable information for themselves and other researchers.†† Here is an example:Identify a year in Monroe County history that is of particular interest to you.It might be a year in which you grandparents or great-grandparents were born or died.A CD of all the newspapers for that year will be sent to you absolutely free.(Note:The year you select may not be available if it has already been completed.)All you need do is go through the newspaper issues on the CD and type the obituaries that appear in that year.This is only an example.There are other interesting research jobs that need to be done, also.


The results of your research are sent to me by e-mail where they are added to the website and collected to produce a CD of obituaries.


In addition to receiving your free CD, you can also be paid for your work.You can receive credit at a rate of $.50 per obituary toward the purchase of additional CDs of your choosing.This is particularly attractive to serious researchers who want to collect several of these valuable Monroe County CDs.And, you will be making a valuable contribution to yourself and the Monroe County research community.


[Note:An earlier option in which participants could elect to be paid in cash at the rate of $.25 per obituary is no longer available.]


If you are interested in exploring this opportunity further, please e-mail me at†† I will send you additional information on this exciting program.


The number of positions for this exciting research may be limited.So, donít wait.E-mail today!


R.E. Harrington,

†† Webmaster


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