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CDs of important Monroe County record books are now available.  Each page of dozens of Monroe County record books have been photographed and made into CDs.  For a current list of available CDs click here.





From time to time an event or place, or even an ancestor may result in a mystery that captures our individual and collective attentions. Many times such mysteries have solutions if we can only get the mystery and solution together. Our challenge, then, is to make the mystery known to our members and visitors in hopes that someone may have an answer or explanation. We will list mysteries of a general nature here in this section.

  • Identification of a lost cemetery that has been recently found. (Solved)
  • A vain of lead?
  • Queries (mysteries or questions of an individual nature)
  • Who was "Spicer?" ----- Mystery solved??  Click Spicer for solution. Click Spicer2 for alternate story.  Click Spicer3 for another alternate story.
  • People killed in the 1926 mine explosion near Powhatan, Monroe County, Ohio
  • Who was William H. Dunn who perished on the famous first expedition down the Colorado River in 1869
  • Where were the Annual Belmont-Monroe County Reunions held?  For several clues to the location, click here.



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