St. JOHN'S CATHOLIC CHURCH near Miltonsburg, Ohio



St. John's Catholic Church about a mile northwest of Miltonsburg -- View 1



This photo of the St. John's Catholic Church of Miltonsburg, Ohio was taken in November 13, 2002.  The church is located about a mile northwest of Miltonsburg on one of the highest hills in the area.  The stone construction suggests the design of the old churches of Europe.  From its position atop the hill it commands an excellent view of the surrounding countryside.  This stone structure was almost certainly designed by someone who was young because its location high on the hill makes access very difficult for people who would have trouble climbing stairs.  There is a lane up the hill at the rear of the church to a point near the front door but there is practically no parking around the church.  A new concrete ramp has been installed that may help the situation.  The hillside around the church serves as a cemetery.  The building pictured above is at an altitude of 1425 feet and is located at latitude N 39o 50.263' and longitude W 081o 10.525'.


Photo taken November 13, 2002 by R.E. Harrington  e-mail:



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St. John's Catholic Church -- view 2

St. John's Catholic Church -- view 3


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