FORMER St. PETER'S CHURCH in Miltonsburg, Ohio, 2002



St. Peter's Church in Miltonsburg



This photo of the St. Peter's German Evangelical Protestant Church of Miltonsburg, Ohio was taken in November 12, 2002.  The church replaced a wooden church of the same name that was located at the site of the present Miltonsburg Cemetery located about a quarter mile south of Miltonsburg.  During much of its service-life the sermons were delivered in the German language.  It ceased to function because the aging congregation was unable to support it.  St. Peters of Miltonsburg joined two other churches in similar circumstances and consolidated to form the Trinity United Church of Christ.  The other two churches were St. Peters of Lewisville and St. John's (Middle Church) located between Lewisville and Miltonsburg. The consolidation occurred in September of 1962. The building pictured above is located at latitude N 39o 50.005' and longitude W 081o 09.926'.


Photo taken November 12, 2002 by R.E. Harrington  e-mail:



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St. Peter's German Church in 1979

Inside view # 1

Inside view # 2


St. John's German Church -- Middle Church


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