CDs of important Monroe County record books are now available.  Each page of dozens of Monroe County record books have been photographed and made into CDs.  For a current list of available CDs click here.


Monroe County Cemeteries

There are over 225 public and private cemeteries in Monroe County (MC), Ohio.  Many of the private or family cemeteries are passing into oblivion.  The MC Genealogy and MC Historical Societies are attempting to locate as many of the County cemeteries as possible and to document their location and where possible to prepare an inventory of the graves.  A list of the known cemeteries has been placed on this site and can be accessed by clicking on Cemeteries.  Several books have been prepared inventorying the graves in many of these cemeteries.  A list of the available books can be accessed by clicking on Cemetery Books.


In a few cases, charts have been prepared showing the location of specific graves.  These cemeteries are listed below.  The available data for these cemeteries can be accessed on this website by clicking on the cemetery name.


In addition to the information for specific cemeteries below, several cemeteries have been precisely located using a Global Positioning System unit.  These cemeteries and their locations are listed alphabetically in the database of Latitudes and Longitudes.


Cemeteries for which charts, photos and other information have been collected are as follows:


Atkinson Cemetery

Buchanan Presbyterian Cemetery

Chapel Hill Cemetery – Catholic Church Cemetery

Cox-Gray-Myers Cemetery

Free Cemetery

Fairview Methodist Cemetery

Farnsworth Cemetery

Gillespie Cemetery

Hamilton Cemetery

Hope Cemetery

Morris-Latta Cemetery  (in progress)

Potts Cemetery  (in progress)

Schell Cemetery

Steed Cemetery

St. Joseph Catholic Church Cemetery – near church

St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery in Lewisville, Ohio – Old Section

St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery in Lewisville, Ohio – Newer Section

Un-named #1

Wise Cemetery

Zesiger Cemetery

Zonker Cemetery on Pumpkin Ridge




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