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New – Obituaries of Monroe County Residents, Ex-residents and Progeny of Residents –

Now available on CD – over 23,000 obituaries are now available on CD – Click here


As of February 2016, there were 110 family trees on this website that were prepared by residents,

friends, and relatives of Monroe County families. If you would like to add your family tree to this website,

contact the webmaster at [email protected]


All you ever wanted to know about the Monroe County Courthouse, and more!

Click here, then select “Courthouse”


Free – The Indexes of all Monroe County, Ohio Will Books between 1867 through 1992

 (Will Books #1 thru #38) are now available online and Free.  Click here to go to an

index where you can select and examine each Will Book Index.


Also Free – The Indexes of the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas 1815 through 1906

(CofCP Record Books #2 thru #37) are now available online and Free.  Click here to go to an

index where you can select and examine each Court of Common Pleas Record Book Index (more info)


Also Free – The Reverse Indexes of the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas 1815 through 1877.

Click here for Free access to the Reverse Index!  (more info)



Researchers !!  What you have been waiting for!!

Monroe County, OH, Birth, Death, Marriage Consent,

Marriage, Tax Records, Court Records, Newspapers,

Church Records and more are now available on CDs!!

Click here for more details!!

Click here for a current list of available CDs

Dozens of Monroe County Will Book are now available – click here




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CDs of important Monroe County record books are now available.  Each page of dozens of Monroe County record books have been photographed and made into CDs.  For a current list of available CDs click here.