MILTONSBURG GENERAL STORE -- probably before 1918

(This picture was in sepia tone.)


Left to Right                  


Herman Zerger

Lewis Claus

Charles Buckio

Clem Kirsch

Lawrence Haren

“Freddie” Schraeder

Arthur? Miller

Bill Rausch


It is believed that Freddie Schraeder died during WWI so this photograph was probably taken prior to 1918.


This store, which is located on Lot # 10 in the center of Miltonsburg, was owned and/or operated by the following individuals. The chronological order of the owners is about right although, except as shown, dates are not available.


(first name?) Eberly

Vance Slusher

Louis Claus

Edward Young (about 1915)

Charles Hinderlong

Homer Landefeld

Herman Burkhart

Roman and Hazel Reischman

Alfred Kahrig (June 4, 1954 - Feb of 1958)

Homer Landefeld (second time)

Roy Moore


This store still stands but has been significantly altered.  For two additional views of the store click here for an early 1900s photo preserved on silk, and click here for a view of the building in the year 2002.


Photograph provided by Paul E. Young, Jr. -- e-mail:


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