Searching for a Surname? Given name? Place? Address? E-mail address? A word? A combination of words?


You can search this file or any other file on this web site by following the steps below:


1.                Go to the file you wish to search -- for example, Home Page, Directions, Database, Wills, or any other file or page on this website.


2.                You can place your cursor anywhere on the web page you like (it doesn’t matter where as long as it is on the page you want to search) -- then press "Control" and "F" and release. (That is, press "Ctrl-F")  Be sure to press the "CTRL" key first and hold it down while you press the "F" key (without the quote marks).  A window will open with a blank box in which you can type the name, word or words, number or any combination thereof, for which you wish to search.  [Hint:  It is best to keep the number of words or numbers as short/small as possible.  But select what you type to be as unique as possible.  For example, if you want to search for Mary Uniqua Jones, use the middle name, Uniqua, since there is likely to be only one such name on the page you are searching.  If you use Mary or Jones, there may be many since they are common names.  If you use the full name, Mary Uniqua Jones, it will certainly find the person for whom you are searching, but you are likely to miss her if her name appears as Mary Jones or Uniqua Jones.]


3.                Type the name, number or word or combinations of words or names into the blank box and click on "Find Next."


4.                Click again on the "Find Next" button to find the second and subsequent occurrences of the name or word or combinations of words typed into the blank box.


Remember that the computer program will search for exactly what you type into the blank box so be sure that you spell the name or word correctly.  Also, if you are searching for a name that might be listed in different ways (for example, Mary Elizabeth Jones may be listed, Mary Jones or Mary E. Jones, Elizabeth Jones, or M. Elizabeth Jones or Eliz Jones or Liz Jones or M.L. Jones or some other way) you may want to repeat your search using several different combinations.  Also, you may wish to look for just "Jones" and look at each occurrence of the “Jones” name to find your specific name (or word combination).



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