Early Settlers in Monroe County, Ohio Townships


The Greenville Treaty of 1795 was a major turning point in the hostilities between the Settlers and Indians in Ohio. Settlers had made major inroads into the territory that would become the new state of Ohio eight years later. The southeastern corner of what would become Ohio had been largely bypassed by settlers in favor of more desirable farming land along the Scioto River and into the central part of the future State. It would be another 18 years before Monroe County would be created but with the Treaty and the weakened Indian forces, settlers began claiming the land north and west of the Ohio River. Prior to this time such claims and attempts to settle Monroe County was almost certain death at the hands of Indians traveling through the area on their way to and from forays across the Ohio River into Virginia.

In the first decade of the 1800s, however, several brave souls dared to make settlements in the Monroe County area. The movement began with men, then families searching for acceptable land to farm and homestead. These were the very first ancestors of many of the families that still live in Monroe County, Ohio.

For the convenience of the reader, the information on Early Settlers in Monroe County, Ohio is presented three ways. Below are listed the names of many of these first settlers. To better summarize where they settled, the names of the townships that were subsequently formed around them and the year of the formation of the township are included with the names of these pioneers. For a listing of Early Settlers by Township arranged by the year of entry of the Township into the County click on highlighted link in this sentence. If you need the information presented alphabetically by Township, click here. This is all the same data and information just different ways of presenting it.







James Atkinson, Gilbert McCoy, Mitchell McCoy, Elias Conger, Christian Hartline, Philip Noland, Robert Norris, Samuel Bracey, Mellott, Powell



John Cline, Joseph Cline, William Brown, Solomon Tice, Isaac Cline, William Knight, Henry Bower



Jacob Miller, Robert Martin, Adam Davis, Jacob Lindemood, Thomas Masters, Jonathan Conner, Stephen Conner, Seth Adams, Henry Hall, Thomas Hall, Thomas Martin Jr.



John Baker, John Winland, Peter Palmer, Levin Okey, Cornelius Okey, Arthur Okey, Woodman Okey, James Okey, Henry Okey, Elias Jeffries, Joseph Jeffries, Jesse Jackson, Abram Jackson, William Griffith, Martin Baker



Martin Crow, Frederick Crow, David Sutherland, Forshey, Carmichael, Hines, McVay, Holden, Hale, Dearth, Wells, William Wilson, Thomas Martin, William Bonar



Ephraim, Samuel and Abraham Jones, John, William and Stephen Knight, Andrew Sprowls, Isaac Mitchell Sr., Baldwin Cox, John Dunn, Zadock West, Barnet Adamson, John Bowie, William Hurd, John and Edward Reed, Isaac Cowley, William Hickman, JamesSeals, Conrad Duval, William Bailey, Jacob and Henry Dennis,Bennett Coen, Frederick and Adam Myers and, David Honnell



Philip Witten, Ramsay, John McBride, Jonah and Christopher Steel



Major Earl Sprout, Philander B. Stewart, Dr. Miles, Stephen Scott, James Johnson



John Hendershot, Stillwell Truex, Matthew Rogers, Martin Fogle, Frederick Hayes, William Kennard, Peter Mann, David Upton, David Mann, James Graham



Robert McEldowney, Jacob Bare, Samuel McBride



Jesse Fleming, Daniel Dye Sr., Jesse Brown, Thomas Mitchell Sr., Jacob and Abraham Huffman, Michael Stine, Samuel Bottenfield, Darlan Long, Patrick Hamilton, Evander Burch, Richard Conner, Robert Miller, Ephraim Headlee, Thomas Rhinehart, Samuel Swartwood, Jacob Drum Sr., Peter and Tobias Haught, Samuel Kincaid, James Okey, Israel Lentz and Joseph Morris



James Henthorn, Charles Atkinson, William Powell, Jonathan Rutter



Andrew Dilley, John Dailey, Robert Carpenter, Mitchell and Isaac Atkinson, William Dement, Christopher Haines, Barnabus Crosbay, Samuel Danford, Rufus Hall, Vincent Dailey, Joseph Baker, Samuel Pryor, Elijah and Samuel Stephen, David Miller, Daniel and Jesse Bean, William Kent and William Cousins, Lemuel Rucker



Ephraim Rucker, Mollie McGuire, James Benson, Michael Crow, William Craig, Philip Cline, Edward Coulter, John Hamilton, Jacob Wise, David Ayres, Ephraim Dearth, Thomas Scott, James Allen, Robert Smith, Thomas Allen, Henry Benson, Barak Fisher, Alexander Ferrel, Robert Stewart, John McBride, Robert Hannahs, Hugh Henderson



Abner Barrett, Citizen Beall, George Decker, Casper Hendershot, Calib Linn, John Linn, Samuel Mellott, Jesse Morris, Elias Pittman, Henry Smith, Samuel Starr, George Stewart, Noah Stewart, Benjamin Truax, Jacob Truax, Robert Wilson, John Wink



Daniel Mallet, Jacob Tschappat Sr., Jacob Nisperly



Joseph Cline, Philip, David and Joseph Allen, James Scott, Abner Powell, Ezekiel Blair, James and Isaac Rinard, Jacob Flint, William Knowlton, Peter Beaver



Daniel Dougherty, Michael Cronin

The above table was constructed using data that was, in part, extracted from a book titled, the "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio." The material for this book was taken from two nineteenth century books: (1) 'History of Monroe County Ohio,' a product of the H.H. Hardesty & Co., publishers, Chicago and Toledo, 1882 and (2) 'Caldwell's Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio,' a product of Atlas Publishing Company, Mount Vernon, Ohio, 1898. The "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio" was reprinted and is available from the Monroe County Historical Society. 

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