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Becky Bass Bonner
This database reflects a compilation of numerous HARRISON lines and is a result of our efforts to study the HARRISON surname. We don't guarantee that all the data is accurate though we continually strive to correct and add information. When conflicts are found, they are recorded in the notes so that you are aware of the discrepancies. I have worked hard to try to determine a Residence field for each HARRISON in our records and have customized the output to appear on the index for easier navigaton. However, please note that the residence displayed may not be accurate as it may reflect where their parents were from due to sketchy records available to us. Sources and submitters are displayed with each individual. We urge you to contact those individuals if you connect to that particular line. And PLEASE do drop me a note if you find errors or can add information. See About Us for more information.

You can try this search engine that is not a complete index to our database, but who knows, you might get lucky! This is text search of about 5000 pages, all words you enter should be present on the pages it finds. Would LOVE to get our WHOLE database indexed with this search engine!


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© 1995-2001. Becky Bonner and Josephine Lindsay Bass.   All rights reserved.

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